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ChristiansstackOver the holidays, I received quite a few new photos from readers sharing their “stacks” of Bibles, so they’ll be appearing over the next couple of days. This one is from Christian, a reader in Sweden, and it includes some interesting-looking Swedish language editions.
From top to bottom, here’s what they are:
NASB pocket with flapsnap
KJV Personal Concord Reference
KJV Concord reference
Swedish Study Bible FB
Newberry Study Bible
Swedish Bible FB
Swedish Bible 1917
KJV Concord Wide Margin
Thanks for sharing, Christian!

4 Comments on “Christian’s Stack

  1. What a surprise
    Being from Sweden myself I could not imagine that there were others from this part of the world, that would have this interest in good Bible bindings

  2. Thanks Christian. Being the descendent of Swedish immigrants to California I enjoyed your stack of Swedish Bibles. When I visited Sweden in 1986 I brought back a Swedish Bible for my grandmother. I only wish I could actually read it. I had never heard of the Newberry Study Bible so I googled it an it looks like a worthy purchase. Blessings and thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello Mats, nice to see a fellow country man with the same “problem” 😀
    You may mail me at and we could speak some. The Newberry bible is a very interesting bible, It will grow with you the more you learn from the original languages Greek, hebrew. It takes some time to get used to the strange and numerus markings in th text. But it is more of a study then reading bible, but it is a very wonderful and original bible, if someone is intrested here is a scanned picture.
    It is in single colum format with little dots and lines to indicate things from the Greek and Hebrew grammar that cant be translated or that gets lost in translation. And points out important things. In the left margin you have the heb and greek words, and in the right English translation and alternate translation.
    I think the Newberry is a very good one for anyone who is learning Greek or knows Greek. And as i said, it is a bible that grows the more you learn, the calfskin leaves more to wish for tho… but all the re-binding projects here has got my imagination going 🙂

  4. Hi Mark,
    I’m considering the Newberry wide margin edition by Penfold. Have you seen this edition? It is supposed to have special paper that was made just for this edition so that notes can be taken and not bleed through. Do you have any further thoughts on this Bible? I’ve read that the Penfold edition has more extensive information in it than other editions. Do you know anything about that? Do you have any further comments on its construction–you seem a bit hesitant about the calfskin binding. Also, how would you compare the Newberry to other type bibles like the Key Word Study Bible (AMG)? Thanks.

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