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ScottkaybibiesI had the pleasure of hanging out with Scott Kay while I was in Georgia back in July, and now he’s sent in a photo of his stack of Bibles. It turns out we have the same two Nelson Signatures — a black KJV and a tan NKJV. This inspires me to dig them out and write a piece about them. Here’s an annotated run-down of what’s in Scott’s photo:
ESV Compact Thinline in burgundy bonded leather – for various pastoral duties
NKJV Pocket Bible in burgundy bonded leather – for various pastoral duties (retired – it got rained on on a hiking trip)
KJV Cambridge Pitt Minion in brown Berkshire leather – given to me in 1987 and used throughout college to carry to class and on evangelism outreach events
KJV Cambridge Cameo in black Calfskin – exactly matches the layout of my wide-margin below, but with out the wide margins.
UBS4 Greek New Testament in tan Calfskin – I had this bound by and it looks, feels, and uses great!
NKJV Nelson Signature Series Thinline in tan Calfskin – this is my everyday use and pulpit Bible.
KJV Nelson Signature Series Thinline in black Calfskin – I used this for everyday and preaching before I got the NKJV Nelson.
KJV Cambridge Wide Margin in Berkshire leather – this is the original cover from 1985 which I have had re-attached 3 or 4 times (and it has separated again). This was my everyday use and preaching Bible from 1985 to 2005. Tons of notes in the margins.
NASB Thinline in black bonded leather – this was a gift at Seminary graduation from Lockman
NASB Wide Margin in black bonded leather.
ESV Single Column Reference in black premium Calfskin leather – a kind gift from a friend in 2007, which I am using increasingly for daily and pulpit use.
Thanks for sharing, Scott!

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  1. A rebound UBS4? I’ve been thinking about doing that very thing but had a sneaking suspicion that might be a little over the top! Thanks for leading the way.

  2. You know, I feel much better with this “support group” out there!
    The other day when my latest acquisition arrived in the mail (Nelson Signature series NKJV), and I was re-arranging the bookshelf, The Wife says “Do you think you have enough Bibles now?”.
    I tried to engage her in taking a closer look at the quality and feel of the various types in my collection, but to no avail.

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