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SeraphimsstackThis has been a week for “stacks”! Today, we round it out with photos from Craig Seraphim First, who comments here as Seraphim. I’m particularly pleased to share this collection, because it’s strong in Nelson Signature editions.
Seraphim2I may be wrong, but I believe the Nelson Signature line was really the first “premium” line of modern editions, and it introduced the flexible, matte-finished calfskin covers that have now become the norm. I have a few, and I know a number of readers do, too, but I think Seraphim has us beat! To demonstrate the flexibility of the binding, he snapped a second photo.
From top to bottom, here’s what’s in the picture (along with a few annotations):
Nelson Pocket Companion Signature Series
Cambridge Concord KJV calfskin
Cambridge RSV in Morocco leather
Nelson Reference edition Signature Series NKJV (the most opaque pages of any of the Bibles)
Nelson Slimline Signature series NKJV
Nelson Slimline Signature Series KJV (came in the *ahem* “dreaded burgundy”, but it was only $34 brand spanking new, and it actually looks a whole lot nicer than the pinkish hue shown in this pic)
Oxford 50th anniversarry edition RSV with apocrypha, genuine leather binding
Third Millenium Bible KJV — Genuine leather binding, but it’s decidedly unsatisfying (the binding that is, the Bible itself is rather nice- single paragraph layout, nicely readable.)
Thanks for sharing, Seraphim! I haven’t seen the Nelson Pocket Companion Signature series, but it looks like a nice size.

7 Comments on “Seraphim’s Stack of Bibles

  1. Seraphim,
    Is your Nelson Reference edition Signature Series NKJV, the one with the end references or center cross references? Thanks!

  2. I wish Nelson still made that one. The closest thing they have to that with references, to my knowledge, is the Personal-Size Giant-Print with the end references. I’ve been considering getting one for preaching, the covers are two tone, though. Thanks again.

  3. Seraphim:
    Could you possibly give us the 10 digit ISBN number of the Oxford 50th Anniversary RSV? I might have to see if I can locate one for myself.

  4. Hi Greg,
    The ISBN wasn’t printed inside the Bible. I’ll see if I can find the box to see if it is on there.
    That being said, I tried a couple of months back to find the Oxford 50th RSV somewhere, anywhere, online, and was not able to locate it. I hope you have better success than I.
    I’ll post the ISBN if I can find it.

  5. Oxford 50th RSV ISBN: 0195288114
    I hope you can find a copy, as I think it is a very nice Bible that also contains the deuterocanonical books.

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