A Parcel from R. L. Allan’s

What do you do when a parcel from R. L. Allan’s arrives, but you’re not at home to receive it. And worst case scenario, what if your wife intercepts? As Kenton Steryous reports, you’d better hope she doesn’t notice the price is listed in pounds sterling, not dollars!
Kenton writes: “I travel quite a bit for work, and after a long week on the road, there’s nothing like coming home to your wife and two kids who can’t wait to see you…and a box from Allan’s containing two Bibles in Highland Goatskin.”
Two Allan's Bibles 1
“My wife had called me midweek to let me know that a box from Glasgow, Scotland had arrived. I didn’t have to see her to know she was rolling her eyes. Fortunately, the customs declaration on the outside of the box listed the price in pounds instead of dollars.”
Two Allan's Bibles 2
“The Bibles that came were the KJV Oxford Reference Brevier Blackface, and the Bold Type Reference NIV, both in Highland Goatskin. Note the full-yapp and semi-yapp of the coverings. The Brevier has a full-yapp cover. I personally prefer the slightly trimmer look of semi-yapp, but the goatskin cover is as elegant as any I’ve seen — silky smooth, but with a very distinct and sophisticated grain. I absolutely love the grain of the ESV and the new Brevier, while the grain of the NIV is not quite as nice. However, it’s difficult for me to actually complain about any Highland Goatskin cover.”
Two Allan's Bibles 3
“Had the NIV not been on sale for the special price of £50, I probably would not have bought it simply for the fact that I don’t use the NIV enough to justify spending so much on one. But if I’m going to actually pick up a Bible even a little bit and use it in my hands, as opposed to Bible software, I must say it’s nice to do so with an Allan’s Highland Goatskin.”
Two Allan's Bibles 4

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  1. How does the cyclopedic concordance work?? is it anything like the thompson chain?

  2. Charles – Sorry, I have yet to dig in to that part of it other than to know that this concordance has a lot more information in it than any of the other concordances in my other Bibles. And actually, I think it may be just that – a larger concordance with more information versus a chain reference type tool.

  3. My grandpa’s Bible was a semi-yapp Oxford KJV Brevier. It lasted 70 years until the leather got too dry and crumbly, thought I must add the binding was tight and pages worn but clean (except for some well thumbed areas).
    Your blog has raised my awareness and interest of well bound Bibles. I currently have a used, but very serviceable, Cambridge KJV Concord Reference – Calfskin. I am in the market for a new Bible, but am patiently waiting for either the ESV from Cambridge (no Red Letter please!) or the Cambridge’s Paragraph KJV in a more reasonable sized edition (with leather).
    My question, out of ignorance, is what does yapp (semi or full) do for the Bible? In other words why have it, or is it mere ornament? While your at it could you explain also the purpose of art gilt (red/gold) on the pages.

  4. Ryan – My understanding is that the main purpose of semi yapp or full yapp is for the protection of the pages. Obviously the more overlap you have, the more protection you have. As far as the art gilt pages…someone else may know more than me in terms of whether there’s an actual purpose other than simply looking nice.

  5. You people have got to stop doing this to me! My ESV SCR in premium calfskin arrives and then you show me these new Allans. I’m waiting (not necessarily patiently) until the tan ESV’s from Allan are available this summer.
    Congratulations on such beautiful Bibles. Having too many packages arrive at home can present a problem. You can always hope your wife is out when they arrive, but there’s no hope if you’re the one who is out.
    Ryan, my understanding on the yapp edge is to provide extra protection for the pages of the Bible. They are also beautiful, of course.

  6. kenton- is that ESV the one with highland goatskin or the 60 pound edition with one ribbon marker? how do you like it and is it fairly limp. I am wanting to get the less expensive ESV but want to know how flexible it is.

  7. Matt – That ESV in the picture is one of the original Highland Goatskin versions with the Oxford misprint on the spine, and only one ribbon marker. The new Highland Goatskins have two ribbon markers. A beautiful Bible with a very limp cover. Unfortunately, I cannot speak to the £60 version.

  8. Kenton – Thanks. Do you know if the oxford misprints are still available? or is that an ed. you bought a while back?

  9. Matt – I bought mine quite a while ago, and I don’t think they’re available anymore unless you can find someone willing to part with their’s.

  10. I think you need to donate either the NIV or the ESV to this poor preacher! I can’t wait until I can afford an Allan Bible.

  11. I am thinking about getting the allan esv2, but some posts I read and some photos I saw, made it seem that the page edges were uneven. Does anyone own this version and if so please tell me if these things are true.

  12. Eric I just ordered one from EvangelicalBibles.com for $75.00 you could e-mail them to ask. I will keep you posted when I receive my copy.

  13. I am also interested in some Lewis Bibles, anyone here own one? From what I’ve heard they’re really good.

  14. I own a large print Lewis in calfskin….wonderful Bible and binding.

  15. Hi Todd .. yes, LCBP produces very nice bibles. There has also been some “KJV only” and LCBP v.s. Allens arguments on this blog about them. But as far as LCBP themselves go, I have found their bibles to be very nice. I have a large print KJV in calfskin. The calfskin is very soft, and the textblock is very very good – lies flat right out of the box and very little ghosting/bleed through … clear print too.
    I placed my order with them online and it shipped the next day – and I received it a few days after that. They are definitely safe to buy from in my opinion.
    They are a KJV only type of ministry, but if you can get past that (if you have an issue with that that that is) they are well worth checking out.

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