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In case some of you missed this in the comments, I wanted to call your attention to this information left by Lorena Villeda de Barrón from Abba Bibles. She thanks Cristian Franco — as do we all! — for sharing his rebound Bibles with us, and the provides information for those of you wishing to contact Abba Bibles. Here’s the full message:

“Cristian, We really appreciated all your effort to show the people our work. Abba Bibles is ministry that hire mainly single mothers and special people also. It’s a blessing of our God ´to serve all of you. Our website is under construction, but you can be in touch with us by e-mail as Cristian Franco informs you.
God bless you,
Lorena Villeda de Barrón
Abba bibles
International Projects
Phone 5255-5672-9679 / Fax 5255- 5243-8418.
Joshua 1:8”

Needless to say, if any of you do have a Bible rebound by Abba Bibles, I expect some photos!

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  1. Excellent Mark! Thank you, and thank Lorena Villeda for this information. Blessings for every member of “Bible Design and Binding” blog family.

    • Hola Cristian Estamos a tus ordenes nuevamente, Miguel Olvera el propietario de Abba ya esta trabajando al 100% en la empresa y tenememos modelos nuevos y con precios increibles

      Me reitero a tus ordenes en este correo,

  2. my Bibles are boxed and ready to go, just need a little extra time to drop it off… been very busy!

  3. Hermano Jesus,
    Were you able to get the information on whether Abba would accept CC for payment? I have not yet heard back from Lorena.

  4. Jerry, she told me that they accept Western Union for payment. I am shipping off three books for rebinding… the price is unbeatable!

  5. Jesus – you mind me asking what to expect to pay for a nice rebind?

  6. 43 American greenbacks. Calfskin leather with leather liner.

  7. Jesus – SERIOUS?! {jaw drops} oh no… i am getting the bug. do they do red under gold pages

  8. Dude, my name is Jesus and you are asking if I’m serious about Bibles?
    They do not do red under gold, but they will re-gold the edges for $30

  9. Three Bibles are en route to Abba for new covers.
    1. ESV PSR
    2. NASB Large Print Ultrathin
    3. GNT USB 4th Ed. W/ DIctionary
    The ESV will have a black calfskin cover(red if available) with their best leather liners done in their Classic style. I also specified a semi-yapp cover. The NASB will be done in tan calfskin(brown if available) also lined in leather in their Seville style, that is with the stitching around the cover. The GNT will be done in burgundy calfskin also leather lined, semi-yapp cover and a single ribbon. I asked for my name to be gold stamped on the cover of the PSR and blind stamped on the cover of the GNT, I did not request a name on the NASB.
    The Bibles will take longer in transit than actually being re-bound. Lorena has offered to finish my rebinds within a week. Of course, as soon as I take pictures, I will send them to JMB for show-and-tell!

  10. Can anyone confirm whether Abba Bibles only uses calfskin leather for rebinds or whether they have other options too (apart from imitation leather linings)? Thanks.

  11. they offer calfskin as well as cowhide. I had asked about goatskin and was informed that they have used it in the past but believe that calfskin is superior.

  12. Interesting! One of the rebinders listed on this site told me the same thing, still love my goatskins though, mind you the the Allan NIVC Brown Calfskin Mark reviewed is superb. Thanks Jesus 🙂

  13. I have a question for anyone who was shipped anything to Abba Bibles from the US. I am really interested in sending a few projects off to them (my firsts), but using Fed-Ex, the shipping was going to be over $85. UPS was similarly priced, but the USPS said about $25. $85 is way too much, especially for the two I was going to send out today. $25 wouldn’t be as bad–but I don’t know why UPS and Fed-Ex are going to be $60 more. Anyone have any experience with this?

  14. Brad – I work for fed ex. But I am guessing you dont live in santa rosa ca. If you did I could send it for ~$5.

  15. Thanks Matt, but no I don’t live in California….
    $5 Would be an amazing price though!

  16. Hi, does any of you know if Abba Bibles has spanish versions??? I’m looking for a Reina Valera 1960 with the kind of covers that A.B. do…

    • Go to webpage. They have a RV 1960 bible leather bound by Abba. They’re selling the bibles for $70.

  17. So I shipped two Bibles to Abba bibles about a month ago and I haven’t heard back from them at all. Lorena said she would email me when they received them, but I’ve yet to get anything back. I emailed them a few times asking about it and haven’t gotten a reply. Anyone know a possible reason behind this?

  18. FYI, some of you may already be aware that Lorena Villeda de Barron of Abba Bibles sent out an email last week informing customers of their NEW address / details (see below):
    Abba Design SA de CV
    Luis Brayle # 65
    Col. San Simón Ticumac
    Del. Benito Juarez CP 03660
    Mexico DF
    Phone: 5255 – 52 43 87 69 / 5255 – 56 72 96 79
    Fax: 5255 – 52 43 84 18

  19. Has anyone who sent for rebinding received their Bibles back? I need a couple of Bibles rebound and am interested in opinions of Abba’s recent work (particularly given the absence of updates to this thread).

  20. Todd, no one seems to have had any back yet (3+months waiting), though the workmanship is fantastic. I managed to get a NASB ready bound by them, same as the link to the feature here, (but the photo doesn’t do it justice).
    Read the other posts of rebinds from Abba under Rebinding Projects,
    and their new site has a few new pics here,
    They all look as good as the one I received, prices are great too, but the wait is apparently the killer & I personally don’t think could wait 3,4,5 or 6 months for a rebind even seeing how good they are! If you email Lorenna (or me I’ll send some phtos she sent me of their work – someone on this blog uploaded some of the same images recently but I can’t recall who or where. Good luck & post back any useful info you find along the way 🙂

  21. I am looking for a Reina Valera 1960 with Scofield notes with a Morroco binding.

  22. I have several Abba bibles rebound that my brother had done for me when he was in Cali. I have more that I would like done, but he no longer lives in Cali. Has anyone had any projects done lately?

  23. Mark,
    You need some software to prevent the comment spam above that is slowly taking over part of the website.
    “Yet I planted you a choice vine,wholly of pure seed. How then have you turned degenerate and become a wild vine?”

  24. Todd, I guess I don’t see the problem. Isn’t this the best thread to post questions and comments about Spanish language Bibles and a Mexico-based bindery?
    Or has Mark already removed an offensive post?

  25. Bill,
    Mark has since removed all the “Viagra” postings. His site has been hit recently with comment spam (spamdexing).
    To be clear, I was not commenting on authentic visitor reviews; I enjoy those as much as Mark’s postings.

  26. I just sent a message via the contact page on their site. They responded. Before I send a Bible to them I was wondering if anyone has had a Bible returned of late and possibly a photo?

  27. Well, I sent my rebind to Abba back in February, and I’ve not heard anything back from them at all. The work looks superb, but this long distance customer service is killer.
    Have any of you who mentioned sending your Bibles to Abba some time ago (Jesus et. al.) received yours back?
    I keep sending e-mails asking about my Bible, and I get no response whatsoever.
    Before sending the Bible, I kept contact with them via e-mail. Now, I’m thinking of springing for a phone card to call directly and see what is going on (I don’t have iternational long distance on my phone).

  28. Hello I have just spoken to Lorian and mentioned this all to her and I dont belive that there is any issues as they work for some of the biggest bible publishers around the world to say the least and they given them orders in 1000’s not 100’s or single units. I have spoken to them on many accounts and Lorian espically has been delightful to speak to and has promised me that we will do a turn around of 1-2 weeks on bibles.
    Can anyone advise, I am looking for a very very good quality bible that has all the below:
    1.Thin book version if possible
    2.Red letter
    3.Preferable woven spine so it’s going to be stronger and longer lasting
    4.Silver guilt edges if possible with red colour if possible again
    5.Good quality paper (best paper in the world if possible)
    6.Needs to be a good all round quality bible
    7.I have been told the Cambridge bibles are the best in the world but I may struggle with red letter
    8.I am also looking at Robert L. Allan bibles as they too are re-binders of bibles
    Who are the best bible makers? is it Cambridge for the quality in the construction of the bible alone and then I give it to Abba Bibles to rebind?
    Can someone very experienced in this call me on 0044 7803959116, I have also writen to Mark but as he said he is too busy to email everyone back.
    Any kind of help and support from someone who really knows bibles would be much appreciated.
    Thank you
    UK – 0044 7803959116 /

  29. Greetings,
    I been trying to reach Abba Bibles by the email provided on this page no answer. Then I called the number they have on there webpage but the person who answer dont know english? So we couldnt continue our convo. Any sugestions?

  30. I wonder if we should arrange a group field trip to go down there and watch the process, and perhaps see the work ourselves and avoid the communication hassle. Has anyone received a Bible back from Abba in the last few months? Does anyone know if they can do a full yapp?

  31. Yes i have been trying find a web site were i can buy a ABBA bound nasb calfskin or goatskin verse to verse not paragraph please someone help me in CHRIST James H ( )

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