Cambridge Cameo KJV with Apocrypha in Red Morocco

No, it’s not on my shelf (sadly). It’s an auction on eBay that still has a few days to go:
Cambridge Cameo Reference Bible KJV Morocco Apocrypha
This KJV Cameo edition includes the Apocrypha, which is pretty rare, and it’s bound in beautiful red French Morocco. Unlike today’s morocco bindings from Cambridge, which are sometimes rather stiff, the vintage ones seem to always be thin and flexible. Not surprisingly, the bidding on this one is already upwards of $80. The condition looks pretty good.
One of the topics I’m always getting e-mail about is where to find vintage Cambridge editions. The ideal is to find some “new old stock” sitting in a bookstore somewhere, but eBay is a more realistic option for most of us. And every once in awhile a gem like this comes along. Check it out!

6 Comments on “Cambridge Cameo KJV with Apocrypha in Red Morocco

  1. Mark,
    You need to buy that Bible just so that we can see some better pictures of it.

  2. you just drove a bunch of traffic to the listing (and, therefore, the price up)

  3. I’m not in the market at the moment, Jerry, but I know a lot of readers are looking for vintage Cambridge, so I figured I’d pass it along.

  4. Amazing that the ending price for this Bible was $176 . . . just incredible. Somebody really, really wanted it.

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