Glimpse: 1599 Geneva Bible Facsimile in “Rembrandt” Leather

This has to be one of the oddest volumes on my shelf: a massive facsimile of the 1599 Geneva Bible bound in thick, unlined brown leather with a heavy-duty buckled strap to keep it cinched tight. It looks like the sort of thing a modern-day Friar Tuck might carry to the Renaissance Festival. At the time, I thought it would be cool. I planned to carry it with me everywhere. But the size and weight of the thing, combined with my wife’s good judgment, modified that plan. Still, I like to take it down every so often and flip through the pages. The modern edition of the Geneva Bible from Tolle Lege is much easier to read, but I appreciate the look and feel of the facsimile. (Even if the unlined cover has a tendency to shed all over the place!)

Geneva Bible Facsimile - Cover 1

Geneva Bible Facsimile - Buckle (Detail)

Geneva Bible Facsimile - Cover 2

Geneva Bible Facsimile - Spread 1

Geneva Bible Facsimile - Spread 2

Geneva Bible Facsimile - Spine

Geneva Bible Facsimile - Yoga

You can still buy one of these bad boys online — at, they’re going for $239. According to their description, the “Rembrandt” leather is actually cowhide. They give the dimensions as 7 3/4″ x 9 3/4″ x 2 3/4″, and the shipping weight as 6.1 pounds, which sounds about right.

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  1. I own an embarrassingly large number of Geneva Bibles — some originals and many facsimiles. One of the nicest and cheapest (order it at and use an online coupon) is Hendrickson’s reprint of the 1560 Geneva (either in hardcover for $40 – coupon discount, which is nicer and cheaper, or leather for $70 – coupon discount). There are a number of advantages to owning original Geneva Bibles (or facsimiles) including diagrams and transcription errors in later versions. The Hendrickson is particularly high quality.
    Of course, high quality scans of the Bible are available on the Web for free.
    The Geneva Bible is well worth studying especially in contrast to the earlier Tyndale and later KJV.

  2. Great pictures. I like the unique and off the wall coverings. I think you should consider substituting the buckle with a large, Texas sized specially engraved belt buckle. How about a big silver rectangular shaped buckle hosting the outline of a goat with “BDB” engraved on it? And don’t forget on the back of the cover to stamp into the leather “MARK.” πŸ™‚

  3. I would love to recover a different translation with that same cover. Does anyone know someone who can do that?

  4. Iyov | I agree that the Hendrickson facsimile is more practical in every way. Having said that, the pages are good and usable — it’s just that buckle I can’t get past (metaphorically, and only sometimes literally).
    Rod | I have no doubt that adding cowboy buckles to these things would make them wildly popular. πŸ™‚
    Bill | I don’t know anyone who does exactly that style, but I imagine if you get in touch with the rebinders linked at right and cite the photos, they might be able to do it, or at least recommend someone.

  5. I just got my husband a 1599 Geneva Bible. He really does like it, but saw this one with the leather cover and buckel. Does it come in large print. The one I just bought him is not large print and he is having trouble reading it. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you very much. Sharon

  6. My dream bible if I could design my own:
    1560 Geneva Bible, facsimilie edition (original font) in Pitt Minion format, 3 ribbon markers in Red Goatskin.
    Choice two would be the same thing except with the KJV 1611 edition.
    Not practical due to the small type but I’d buy two of each in an instant!

  7. Iyov,
    I was enjoying your blog posts on the various geneva bibles you own but your blog has now gone to invitation only. Is there a way I can contact you directly and gain an invitation?

  8. Does anyone know where I can get one of these? I’ve been searching and searching in vain online, but can’t seem to find one anywhere. Anyone willing to sell theirs?

  9. Anyone know where I can find one of these Bibles? I’ve been searching in vain for quite some time now with no luck. I even contacted the gentleman who posted this post, but he already sold his. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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