Matt Blair on the ESV NT and Sewn Bindings

If you haven’t bookmarked Matt Blair’s blog The Foolish Galatian already, here are two new reasons. He’s written an information and well-illustrated review of an edition I haven’t mentioned here, the ESV New Testament:
ESV Pocket New Testament at The Foolish Galatian
And, he’s offering a helpful tutorial on how to determine whether a Bible is glued or sewn:
“How to determine if you have a glued or sewn binding” at The Foolish Galatian
Good stuff!

9 Comments on “Matt Blair on the ESV NT and Sewn Bindings

  1. Thanks to Matt, I found out that my NASB Ryrie Study Bible is symth sewn 🙂 But unfortunately my NKJV Macarthur Study Bible isn’t 🙁
    Anyone knows if Nelson produces a symth sewn Macarthur Study Bible?

  2. Yes the 1st edition a calfskin in both NASB and NKJB the price was $199.00 but cheaper now. Check Christian Book Distributer or amazan. I live in penn and they sell the NKJV fot $69.00 at a store called Ollie’s. (there are many asround the state. You might e-mail them to see if they could sell you one.

  3. I wanted to apologize for the picture quality on my blog. I recently changed out my theme at WordPress and it seems alot of the picture got squished a bit. If you click on the pictures themselves, you can view it in its entirety.

  4. I don’t know how the double post happened, but sorry it did.

  5. btw,
    I picked up one of the two recent releases of the ESV Personal Size Reference, and it is smythe sewn. I got the navy/khaki.

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