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For those of you who enjoyed the link to Greg Terry’s review, I have some more reader links to share! First, take a look at Winston Waldemayer, who’s posted a number of well-illustrated reviews:
Reigning Immortal Blog — Bibles
Winston has written about the Cambridge KJV Concord in both goatskin and calfskin, and the popular NIV Bold-Print Reference from R. L. Allan’s.
Ron Parish, a frequent commenter here, has also been writing about Bibles at Preacherpen’s Weblog. He also has some interesting info on Bible software for people running Linux, if you’re that way inclined. Check it all out:
Preacherpen’s Weblog – Bibles
Thanks, guys, for sharing your insight with the rest of us!

5 Comments on “More Bible Reviews

  1. And if you are not running KDE, but Gnome, there is gnomesword.
    I have the ESV on it, too, along with many other freebies, commentaries, dictionaries, and the like.
    The suppleness is amazing, and there is absolutely no bleed through!

  2. I’ve also tried GnomeSword, but prefer BibleTime and the whole KDE experience. Either way, though, there is a vast library to choose from when you fire up the Sword Project. I had to download the ESV from that site, and it works wonderfully. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see the NASB and others soon. More goodies:

  3. Just a quick note to let anyone who’s interested know I just changed the name to “From Preacherpen’s Desk.” Same link, just a different blog name. BTW, are there any Linux users who frequent this forum? Do any of you use WordSearch, especially the Dake Reference Library?

  4. Baker Publishing is fantastic. I recently received my replacement for a poorly made Cambridge RCD 287 Presentation Reference Bible. The new one, RCD 283 runs circles around the 287 as far as quality goes. The leather is, shall we say, stiff as a board, though.

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