More Brown Goatskin Snapshots

One of the reasons I was so excited about the KJV Pitt Minion in brown goatskin was that it would match, more or less, my enlarged edition of the Book of Common Prayer, also in brown goat (albeit not as high a quality). I shared photos of the Pitt Minion earlier, but forget to take any of the KJV/BCP combo. So here they are:

Cambridge Pitt Minion and BCP - Stacked

Cambridge Pitt Minion and BCP - From Above

Cambridge Pitt Minion and BCP - Detail

Cambridge Pitt Minion and BCP - Gilt Edges

And it’s just dawned on me that the ESV Pitt Minion in brown goatskin would make a nice companion volume to the BCP, too. Unlike the KJV Pitt Minion in brown goatskin, the brown BCP appears to be still available — so if you’re that way inclined, take note.

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  1. How soft is that goatskin on the brown KJV? I received a burgundy NIV pitt in goat, and it is pretty soft and flexible. However, I then purchased another NIV pitt in black goat, and it was stiff and not soft at all. I don’t see what the draw is about goatskin that isn’t much more supple than bonded leather. Anyone know what the deal is?

  2. Those volumes are absolutely gorgeous works of art. The Pitt Minion would not work for the eyes I currently own. Brown leather and gold edging look nice together. Now, if that were a Presentation, it would be better on the eyes. As always, great pictures and text. Thank you for your excellent work.

  3. Mark,
    I hope that the ESV brown goatskin is as nicely executed as the KJV. I like my NASB black goatskin Pitt-Minion except for the red ribbon which, to my eyes, appears a bit gaudy.
    Also, can you post pics of the print in the BCP. The Cambridge site states that it is newly typeset for the 21st century, and I am wondering how different it is from my older standard size copy.

  4. Nick | The goatskin on the KJV is flexible, but not quite as limp as the NKJV and NIV Pitt Minions I have. Natural variation may account for that. Also, as with Allan’s, different grades (and treatments) seem to impart more or less flexibility. This is why, with the high end stuff, the ideal is to be able to handle it in advance — or at least, to have the option of returning if necessary. The BCP is clearly not as high a grade of goatskin as the Pitt Minion, but it’s still excellent and far from anything I would compare to bonded leather.
    Ron | They’re beautiful, aren’t they?
    Jerry | I have no doubt that the brown ESV Pitt Minion will be every bit as nice. (The dark brown ESV from Allan’s will be quite a beauty, too, I imagine, and easier on the eyes.) I’m kind of fond of the shockingly red ribbons on the black goatskin Pitt Minions, but I can see what you mean. If you follow this link to Flickr, I’ve posted shots of the inside of both the Standard BCP and the brown enlarged edition, albeit not side-by-side:
    Both formats are new settings, and the enlarged one is just the Standard increased to fill a larger page. So, for example, on p. 236 of both editions, the form for Holy Communion begins, and they look exactly the same except for the size. The Standard edition, in spite of being small, is quite generously sized, and the enlarged version is an embarrassment of point-size, to the extent that you feel you’re reading a large-print edition — which I guess is the point.

  5. “(The dark brown ESV from Allan’s will be quite a beauty, too, I imagine, and easier on the eyes.)”
    Mark, what do you mean here? Is Allan’s coming out with a dark brown ESV as well?

  6. Kathy, obviously this “Dark Brown ESV” will be an upcoming new release since Mark mentioned “WILL BE quite a beauty…”

  7. Brown ESV? A brown Allan’s ESV!!!???? I just ordered both a black and tan one. And I’ll need a brown Pitt Minion. And a brown Cambridge ESV Wide margin. Stop! Stop the madness!!! Okay…don’t stop. I just have a shorter Christmas list now. Whew! Heaven on earth. (okay…not even close)

  8. Perhaps I should have written “would be.” I don’t know whether there will be a dark brown Allan’s ESV, but I’ve suggested it and think it may be a possibility for the future. For now, black and tan are available (or should I say, to-be-available) colors, but I have hopes of a brown revolution in Bible publishing. Having said that, I’m a big fan of the tan, and can’t wait to get my hands on the new one.

  9. It looks like the brown goat KJV Pitt Minion is going to be back in early 2013. Have been waiting for this one.
    Cambridge shows the ISBN on their website as 978-1-107-65452-5

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