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Thanks to reader Edward Lyons, who’s in Scotland, we have a few more snapshots of the new Allan’s ESV1 in black highland goatskin. Some of the details are evident, such as the new gilt line inside the cover and the three (nice and thick) ribbons:





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  1. Due to color cast, I could almost see how ESV1 would look like in Dark Brown Highland Goatskin… 😉
    And I must say those ribbons are really longish, eh?

  2. It appears to me that the second printing of this edition far surpasses what was shown on the Evangelical Bible website. Those editions didn’t have the gold border on the inside of the cover. I’ve never seen a Bible with three ribbons before but I like it. It’s hard to tell on these photos but they state that the print is supposed to be superior on this edition as well.

  3. It’s going to be a global Allan’s Bible picture wave!
    Three ribbon markers are great. I had three put on my rebound NASB Testament. Highly recommended.

  4. Ben the inside cover is black leather and it is very soft. Your finger leaves a trace when you touch it ot run it across the surface and then it evaporates off, how cool is that?
    The text is bolder and when you compare it to the first run you can really see it. It is not like a bold print but it is bolder than before.
    The ribbons are long for sure but i woulod not say the leather is thicker but the overall Bible is slightly thicker due to the maps maybe.
    i can see a tan one being summoned as i speak.. Oh dear not again! Please DON’T help me from this

  5. I beg all your pardons for the bad spelling but it is hard to type with one hand while holding an Allan ESV1 in the other. I am sure you will forgive…

  6. I am also waiting for my ESV1 to arrive. I only wish it were a semi-yapp cover, the cover doesn’t look even close to semi-yapp.

  7. According to my understanding of what a semi-yapp is it looks like one to me. The full-yap extends from the edge of the pages and almost touches the other cover. A semi-yap goes only part way. It looks to me like the cover on these extends at least 1/4″ maybe 3/8″.
    Does anyone have any idea the length of time it generally takes for a package like this to be shipped from Scotland, clear customs and be deliverd to the midwestern United States?

  8. Tom, a package from Allan’s usually takes about a week to get to me in western PA.

  9. Thanks Edward for the pictures and comments! I ordered a black one, too!
    Tom, did you order from They are saying they expect them to arrive there at the first of next week, and they will send them out immediately. My last order from them took a week to arrive.

  10. No, I ordered from This is Allan’s direct website. I ended up paying $150.36 plus my credit card charged a $4.50 international transaction fee and a .30 cent currency conversion fee. So, I got mine for around $155 total. If I’m not mistaken the Evangelical Bible people stated on the website that their Bibles shipped from Scotland on 10/01. Mine shipped a day later. If a week is the norm I should be seeing mine next Thursday of Friday. It will be a long weekend because I work 12 hour shifts and I am on all weekend. When I get home at 0400 hrs. I’m sure it will be calling my name.
    I am ordering my ESV Study Bible from Evangelical Bible. They have the best price going. The calfskin edition for $146 includes shipping.

  11. Tom,
    You’ll have to let us all know what that calf is like, as I would think the ESV Study will put some care into their premium offering. Pics… hint hint?

  12. I don’t currently have a digital camera that would provide pics that are worthy of this site, but I’ll be happy to give you the review. I don’t expect it will be in the same league as the Allan’s in regard to workmanship or quality of materials but I’m excited about the content it offers. I am Reformed in my theology and I greatly respect and admire alot of the contributors to the project, J.I. Packer and John Piper in particular. The articles, notes, maps and illustrations alone should be worth the price of admission.
    To be honest, if the ESV Study Bible was about half it’s size I don’t know that I would have ordered the Allan’s ESV, I might have opted for a different translation. The ESV is my favorite and I want a quality copy that is small enough to read in bed and not have your arms get tired. LOL. Plus, I agree with the man whose blog Mark linked the other day. Often, I find the notes and additions distracting and I just want to spend time with the Word. There are times I like to study and there are times I like to read. Now, I’ll have top shelf copies of the ESV which are well suited for both.
    By the way can anyone advise what company Allan’s uses for shipping?
    Oh, by the way, thanks for the photos Edward. It looks like it is going to be even better than I’d hoped.

  13. All the Allan Bibles I ever received came directly from Allan and shipped through the U.S. postal service.
    I love the three ribbon markers and they certainly do look like nice ones. Can’t wait tell next week!
    God Bless,

  14. This is torture. We probably won’t get ours here in the states for at least another week!

  15. On the last photo, (the one that shows the binding), on the left-hand side near the leather cover, it looks like there’s a gap in the pages. I’ve seen this gap when a section of pages separates from a glued binding, but why’s it in a sewed? Any ideas on why there’s a gap in the pages in this photo?

  16. Matt from UCF Orlando? Hey man, this is Steve, one of Jutty’s friends from Gainesville. If that is you its good to see someone else loving the Allan’s. How is Seattle? I love Driscoll. Hope all is well.

  17. Matt,
    I’m guessing that gap is being caused by the difference in the resistance of the paper the maps are being printed on as opposed to the regular paper. I don’t understand all the physics at work here, LOL, but the gap seems to be toward the rear of the Bible toward where the maps are located and although it is not toward the very end where maps are generally located I think it may be reason.

  18. Steve:
    Wrong Matt. I’m in Los Angeles and have never lived anywhere else. But I do love God’s Word, and appreciate a fine bible!
    The different paper for the maps would explain it; I didn’t think of that. Thanks!

  19. Paul from posted an update that the new books will be in the mail by the end of the week. They are in the States. I repeat: The Allans are in the United States of America.
    This is the end of the Emergency Broadcast Message.:D

  20. R.L. Allan Publisher’s must be a fairly small organization. Not to say that is a bad thing. Quanity and quality are almost always at odds with one another. They only made 500 of these Bibles this run and according to Evangelical Bible’s website Allan’s hasn’t shipped all their Bibles yet. I e-mailed Mr. Gray yesterday asking when I could get an Oxford Longprimer #53 and he stated he thought they should have some available by the end of October. I know they had some unavoidable delays with some of their vendors making errors on the text blocks for the ESV1 so maybe the October estimate for the Longprimer will be more accurate than the mid-September estimate for the ESV1.

  21. I have a question I hope someone can answer. I used the search feature of this site and I haven’t seen the Allan’s Turquoise reviewed. Allan’s site list this Bible at 130 pounds as opposed to 90 pounds for the Longprimer. The site also states it is a red letter edition and made with “superior materials” What makes it 40 pounds more special than the Longprimer?

  22. @Tom: Good morning. I looked at the Turquoise edition for a long time, but finally opted for the Cambridge RCD 287 in calfskin, which is no longer being printed. The Turquoise is an RCD 286, if memory serves correctly. I had to send the Bible back to Baker Publishing, and it was replaced with the KJ673:XRI. This is basically a Turquoise edition, but not in goatskin. The new one I have far surpasses the RCD 287 in quality, IMHO. Full story here and here.
    The point is, Allan and Sons doesn’t bind the Turquoise; it is a Cambridge they sell. That’s my understanding and someone with more knowledge in the matter can correct me if I’m not correct. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  23. Thanks Ron.
    I’ve decided to go with the Longprimer. It has all the features I’m looking for in this translation. I’m not ordering one until it is available though because I really hate waiting. For some reason I don’t feel like I’m waiting until I’ve actually placed the order. LOL
    I also decided to go with the leather version of the ESV Study Bible instead of the calfskin. If the leather bothers me I’ll give it away to a pastor when I’m on vacation in Jamaica this winter, he will consider it a blessing and I’ll order the calfskin.

  24. I just got an email from Nicholas Gray at Allan Bibles. In his words, “We will have a very limited number of ESV1s with red ribbon markers and red and white head and tail bands in early January, designated ESV1r.” Intriguing, no?
    Didn’t know where to post this comment, sorry. . .

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