Tan Allan’s ESV1 Unboxing Photos

Our man in Australia, Stuart Mazz, has really outdone himself. When his tan ESV1 from R. L. Allan’s arrived, he whipped out his camera and took copious photos. Enjoy!




There are fifteen more pictures below, so click to continue.
















Stuart, you deserve a medal. Thanks for sharing these photos with us!

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  1. That is a beautiful Bible Stuart. Enjoy it. Mine still has’nt made it’s way to the midwestern USA. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. Simply exquisite…too bad there is no market for this kind of Bible in the Reina Valera Spanish Translation. I had e-mailed several of these companies before (allan’s, cambridge bibles, etc…) and our only response is that there really is no demand. 🙁

  3. I get warm and fuzzy feelings looking at those photos… Thanks Stuart for taking them, and thanks Mark for your blog, always a pleasure. Cheers!

  4. Thank you Stuart (and Mark) for these photos. This heightens the anticipation for mine to hurry up and arrive. Especially since this tan beauty looks even better than I had imagined. Yes, Abe, “simply exquisite” is spot on!

  5. Wow! Look at those ribbons!! The length is incredible This just makes the waiting harder

  6. Ditto to all comments of envy and longing. Where is mine? Stupid customs!

  7. Oh, that’s just wrong! 🙂 Actually, Stuart, I’m happy for you, and I really mean that. I’ve seen Bibles in tan before, but your pictures really make me want a tan ESV. Perhaps one day.

  8. These pictures have caused a flood of endorphins into my brain and put me in a state of euphoria. However, the thought of my Bible still in transit is causing me to come down.
    God Bless,

  9. Beautifil pictures indeed, they just don’t do one thing, they can’t make you FEEL and SMELL this bible. I received mine this week, it is the first one I ordered from Allan’s, and I must say it is really an exceptional beautiful bible ! All compliments to Allan’s ! And, yes, it is true: once you start reading this blog it is going to cost you money ! 😉 But, spending money on a bible is never a waste….
    All the best from Holland !

  10. Has anyone noticed that Allan’s website has undergone a facelift? For the better I might add. No pictures yet. They are forthcoming.

  11. Woooo…Hoooooo! I got my ESV1 today! I live in Athens, Georgia for those of you wondering.
    This is definitely better than the last printing. None of the previous issues (wavy and stiff pages, red dye slopped around page border). Also, the bold print is very nice. No sign yet of the typical light/dark page issue that is predominate in most printing today. Bravo to Allan’s! It was worth the wait.

  12. I just saw the updated site, the currency converter is gone. Too bad, that was one of the better currency converters I’ve used.
    It would appear Allan’s has discovered the power of the internet. Sites like this one have put their brand in front of people who would have never heard of them 25 years ago. I’m sure they are starting to realize they don’t need distributor’s anymore. The internet puts them in everybodies house. Distributors minimize profit for manufacturers because they insist on deep discounts. A little investment in an updated website and some photos and they will be on their way. It has to hurt to have people e-mailing you and basically begging to buy a $160 Bible and having to tell them maybe in two months we didn’t make enough last time. They are going to need greater production capacity as well. I just hope quality doesn’t suffer. If you have any must haves on your Allan’s list I’d order them soon. Growing pains in a company can cause mayhem.

  13. So it seems like everyone is getting their bibles except the U.S. EvangelicalBible still hasn’t shipped out the black ESV1’s… this is killing me.

  14. Tom…Check the top right of Allan’s web page and you’ll see the currency converter.

  15. Just got mine today and it’s a beauty. A little smaller than I anticipated but the cover is unreal.

  16. Congrats Tom. I’m a little farther west then you (CA), maybe mine will come tomorrow? I can only hope. Did you order a black or tan one?
    God Bless,

  17. Just received my black ESV1 this morning! It is truly beautiful and exudes quality craftsmanship. This is only the second high-end Bible I’ve bought, the other being the KJV Concord Reference Edition by Cambridge, but I feel this surpasses it. Highly recommended! Also, I ordered it last Friday, so took 8 days to be delivered within Scotland.

  18. I’m truly surprised that I seem to have been the first to get (or at least pass on photo’s of the TAN ESV1) especially considering the fact that I’m “Down Under”! There must be some kind of shortcut Allan’s takes to get them here so fast.
    I’m sure Mark will do a fine job of reviewing these new editions so I don’t have too much to say about this one except you won’t be disappointed if you’ve ordered one! Allan’s really has set the ‘bar’ high on this one. I love the ‘gilt line’ which is immaculately placed around the edge of the beautiful highland goatskin leather lining, the 3 long ribbons are just gorgeous & so useful – love the layout too.
    Having missed out on the previous edition this is well worth the wait! Looks, feels, smells & is just wonderful. Thank you Allan’s!

  19. Received my tan highland goatskin today, in Conover NC. It is stunningly beautifiul — soft, luxuriant, perfectly printed. Superlatives fail me. Thanks, Allan’s Bibles, for producing an edition of God’s Word that is a true work of art.

  20. Received my tan highland goatskin today, in Conover NC. It is stunningly beautifiul — soft, luxuriant, perfectly printed. Superlatives fail me. Thanks, Allan’s Bibles, for producing an edition of God’s Word that is a true work of art.

  21. Hey everybody! My Tan ESV arrived today! I’m in Texas, so they’ve made it half way across the U.S. I started to take pictures and send them to Mark for posting but those by Stuart pretty much tell the story.
    I’m not certain what my initial reaction was… reserved is probably a good description. There’s no doubt that the feel and smell of a new bible is momentous but I immediately began comparing it to some of my other bibles. The goatskin of my KJV Cambridge Presentation Reference is a little grainier and actually more flexible though that may change over time as I use the ESV. The Cambridge still remains my best bible. And oddly enough the feel of my KJV Burgundy Reference signature series bible is more flexible as well. Again this may be just a usage issue. The paper in my KJV signature series is on par with the ESV so I give the nod to my Cambridge for the better quality paper. However, I’m probably likely to get less “bleed through” with the ESV than the Cambridge. I haven’t actually highlighted in my ESV so I’ll see then. In the past I’ve seen people critical of the shortness of some of Allan’s ribbons. They’ll be happier with the ribbons of the ESV. I’d say they’re almost too long but I guess that’s an individual preference. I was also surprised to find that there is no presentation page in the ESV.
    All this may sound like I’m disappointed with the bible. No, I’m not but I did want to provide an honest initial reaction. I’m certain it will become my favorite bible with continued use; I’m actually migrating from the KJV to the ESV for presentation purposes. There is no doubt regarding the quality of the bible and while I’ve always preferred classic black as a color this tan is very attractive. So, kudos to Allan’s, you (and now I) have a quality product!

  22. I just received my tan ESV today (Chicago. My 2nd edition ESV from Allan’s is black, so this is just a beautiful color compliment. Here are a couple comments:
    No more wavy/stiff short grain paper
    Paper is whiter compared to the previos editions which were more cream
    No more lined note pages (that didn’t line up) in the end, replaced with maps
    Introductions added to the beginning of each book
    3 extra long ribbons vs. 2 shorter ones
    Text printed in China vs Great Britain (the only thing I was disappointed with)
    Revised 2007 text vs. 2001 text
    Overall, a very nice piece that will be a pleasure to read!

  23. Man, everyone is getting their Bibles. I checked the mailbox today hoping beyond all hope, and to my chagrin, no Bible. I’m in CA, so they might not have made it out this far yet. Also, Monday is Columbus Day so I’m not even sure the mail will be delivered. Now I’m looking at early next week sometime.
    I can’t take it! I need my Bible. 🙂
    God Bless,

  24. I first started reading this blog back in December. While I don’t comment much, it is a daily destination for my browser. I was quickly hooked on the Allan’s ESV1T and I ordered the new revision back in March… After the many delays that you are all aware of and as many lessons in patience and humility, my wonderful new ESV1T arrived here in California today. However… It was delivered to my post office box, which I could not check until after hours. A slip was left saying I have a package to pick up at the counter… ON MONDAY!!! Thank you Lord, for this reminder that a bible is just a thing (exquisite as it may be) and that we are to seek our treasures in heaven.
    “Wait for the Lord;
    be strong, and let your heart take courage;
    wait for the Lord!”
    Psalm 27:14 (ESV)

  25. Mine was mailed out by Evangelical Bible on Friday via Fed Ex. It got sent to my old address which we haven’t sold yet so I will have to go over there after work each day. Does anyone know if it has to be signed for; I hope not!!! I despise this waiting!

  26. Has anyone noticed the price at EvangelicalBible.com has just dropped on these? I pre-ordered just a week ago at $169 as I was worried they would sell out. Today I could have ordered from stock at $149 indicating the current price at delivery to Evangelical Bible.com was lower than expected.
    Can anyone tell me if in buying from Allans directly are you charged at time of order as at EvangelicalBible or when ready for delivery?

  27. Thanks Kyle. I know the $20 difference is a trivial point and is always an issue with imported goods. When pre-ordering the market may go up or down affecting the final delivered price. Dropping the price may upset earlier buyers but keeping the fixed original price means not being competitive against todays price. Tough call for any business. I would feel far worse in waiting and possibly having missed the tan ESV. This will be my third Allans and I also want the KJV Longprimer.
    The coming brown goatskin NIV should be a nice one but not a translation I really seek. Simple word choices keep me with KJV, NKJV or ESV but the NIV does read nicely otherwise. I find each day I read from different translations. On “sharp” days I love the KJV but wne a bit tired a smoother translation simply sinks in easier.
    Today I am reading Luke from my Cambridge NKJV Pitt Minion, in a few days hopefuly from that new tan ESV !

  28. Looks exactly like the Allan’s ESV I bought two years ago. Except it has three page markers instead of two.

  29. It appears from the Evangelical Bible site that they are expecting more of the black ESV1’s this week. So I am hoping mine will make it’s way to NC by the end of the week! The price drop is a little disappointing, though, since I just ordered mine on 9/28.

  30. If the folks at evbible.com want to encourage pre-orders in the future, it would make good business sense for them to offer partial refunds or store credit to those who paid the higher price-something like amazon.com’s pre-order price guarantee. Unless of course they paid the higher price in advance as well, but I don’t think that is the case.

  31. Thanks kathy, I felt the same way when I e-mailed evBible for the price drop with both Allan’s discountted Niv Bible and the ESV Study Bible 2 months ago. They did credit for the ESV Study Bible. But not the the NIV from Allan. My concern was Allan does not charge until they send the Bibles and I thought they did the same for evBible.com so they too received a price change due to the Pound going down. I am not sure of this but I contacted 2 Bible sellers and asked if they would hacve credited for the price change due to the same situation? Both though they would for a customer. I had ordered my ESV from Allan’s and still is not here soon I hope.

  32. If you have worries about the bible quality read this.
    Well I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who hasn’t got their ESV1 yet but mine arrived today and it is wonderful. I checked out several cambridge bibles before buying the Allen and even the best Cambridge leather wasn’t as good as the Allen highland goatskin. And the leather leather linings just make this so lovely (the cambridge ESV doesn’t have this). As far as the inside of the bible is concerned the print is not as bold as I would like but I like very bold print and this is much better than my NASV so I’d still say it’s good quality. No red letters, YAY, no more prioritization of some parts of Gods word over other parts! The ribbons have all been glued or waxed at the end to prevent fraying. The verse numbers are in text so it reads more like it was supposed too. People who have a problem with section headings (which this bible has) should also have a problem with chapter and verse numbers since their only point is to help you find what you want quicker when searching. The page layout is neat. The red die around the edges of the page are neat and there isn’t the problem that apparently some of the earlier versions of the ESV1 had with uneven looking red die around the page edges. The pages are not wavy or stiff as was apparently the case with the earlier versions. Also, the pages are not glossy like in some bibles which is great because I have found it hard see if the light is reflecting off into my eyes because the bible is in the wrong position (laying on a desk or something) – you won’t have a glare problem with this bible. The three ribbons are nice and long so they can curve round and be tucked neatly into another page of the bible and won’t fall out even when the bible is opened. The so-called bleed-through is fine, it is very easy to read. It doesn’t say that the paper is acid free, but then it’s not like I’m going to live long enough to see the quality degrade much anyway. A few pages in, there is a woven thread which is there to make the bible binding stronger (its a special technique Allen’s use), I would much prefer to have this and have a stronger bible than not to have it for aesthetic reasons and have a weaker bible. Therefore because of all the above and taking into account all my experience with bibles I think this is probably the best quality popular bible in the world now on sale.

  33. My tan ESV from Allan’s arrived over the weekend. Finally! (Still waiting on the black one) In comparing it to the Allan’s NIV BR with Highland I have, I think this new ESV has a softer cover and feel. I do prefer the print in the NIV BR, but the ESV print is okay. (I’m just ready for a different font and layout with some margin. Cambridge Brown WM in February!) This tan ESV went to my wife to get her in the “ballgame.” The black one will go to my father-in-law. I guess my ideal would be for Allan’s to cover the Cambridge Pitt Minion Black Letter WM text. Due to some problems I still see on the Cambridge quality, I guess I’ll end up getting it recovered at some point. Reckon we could talk Nicholas Gray into some recovering business???

  34. Is there a planned Cambridge wide margin in BROWN goatskin? I thought both offerings were black, one red letter and one black letter.

  35. I just bought another ESV! The tan one thanks to these pictures Stuart. Amazing pictures and an even more amazing Bible in real life. I think it feels even more alive than the black one. I am thinking of all you guys still wating…… it will be worth it i promise.

  36. Actually ——— those are probably the quickest photos I’ve ever taken! I was so insanely busy that day & planned to savour the moment of “unboxing” (as it has been termed) till later that evening; but as it turns out it takes a stronger man than me to resist that kind of urge especially after 6 or so months of waiting. I literally just laid it down my study table, ripped the papers off, grabbed the digi-cam & CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. It looks like a planned “unboxing”, but funnily enough I’d actually finished taking photos & was about to run out the door when I suddenly realised that the ribbons were ‘missing’ so I quickly (sorry carefully) pulled them out & CLICK, CLICK, CLICK all over again. I had to laugh when I saw them posted here, but they’re actually not bad for 5 minutes work! Glad you enjoyed them & yes it is an amazing (if not the nicest all round) Bible I’ve seen from Allan’s.

  37. Does anyone know why it says “printed and bound in China” on the copyright page?

  38. Sorry, Kathy. You are correct. In my exuberance I mixed up the regular Pitt Minion with the wide margin. One could only hope.:)

  39. “”Does anyone know why it says “printed and bound in China” on the copyright page?””
    I would guess the text block is printed and sewn in China now and Allans is only adding the leather bindings. Does anyone know who is the maker of this editions text? I know many of the Allans use either an Oxford or Cambride edition as the start but see enither listed on the spine as on my Ruby Allens/Oxford edition.
    Is Cambridge or Oxford now outsourcing printing in China instead of the UK?

  40. Tony, Collins is the publisher of the anglicized edition of the ESV. They used Clays, Ltd in Great Britain to print the last edition. This is the first time they outsourced the printing to China, as far as I know. I noticed that Crossway has done the same on some of their newer printings.

  41. “”Does anyone know who is the maker of this editions text?””
    The copyright page says “Anglicized edition Copyright 2002 HarperCollinsPublishers” so I’m going with Collins.
    Many publishers seem to be outsourcing at least some of their work to China which is good if it means you get a sewn book-block.

  42. “Anglicized edition Copyright 2002”, and yet also the 2007 updated edition? At first glance this seems like a conflict.

  43. The publisher is Collins. I spoke to Nicholas at Allan’s and he said that, “The printery in China is a Christian company specializing in Bible printing, so that in itself is very encouraging.”
    The copyright dates did confuse me also, but I checked a couple passages and they are the updated 2007 text.

  44. Fedex just delivered my beautiful Tan ESV1 from Evangelicalbible.com
    I am in Oregon,so by now most of you should have them.
    It truly is a thing of beauty.

  45. I just received my black ESV, and I’m in shock that it far exceeds my previous expectations! I didn’t think I was going to be getting it for at least another week because EV Bible still says that my order is processing. Unbelievable.. I’m very, very happy with this bible!

  46. I am in texas and my tan esv1 from evbible still isn’t here.
    Those who ordered theirs from evbible; did your order status change from “processing” to “shipped” on the website ever?
    I’m just asking because mine still says “processing” and since David Thompson in Oregon has his, I’m beginning to worry.
    I placed the order back in August, and they said they have shipped all the tan pre-orders.

  47. Cacey
    My order status never changed on Evbible. Even though I have received the bible it still says “processing”. I also ordered in August, so I bet you will see yours very soon.

  48. Cacey,
    My order status on EVBIBLE never changed. Even though I have received the bible it still says “processing”. I also ordered my bible in August, so I bet you will see yours very soon.

  49. Cacey, I received my bible today, and my order on EVBible still says “Processing”. Most likely, your bible is already in the mail. (I’m in Los Angeles)

  50. Thanks guys. it wasn’t there at lunch time today but maybe it will be there when I get off work.
    congrats on already having yours, jerks. 😉 kidding of course.

  51. Cacey, my account shows another order placed in September that was received a week later and it still says “processing”. So maybe yours is still in transit!

  52. I’m still in shock at how nice this bible is. Two questions: How do you care for a bible this nice? And, where do our bible fetishes go from here?

  53. Cacey,
    I’d e-mail Evangelical Bible if I were you. I e-mailed them today to ask when my ESV Study Bible was shipping and they answered back in less than an hour.

  54. I’m in CA and I still haven’t received my Bible direct from Allan yet. My card was charged on the 1st. I’ve sent email inquiry to Allan, but I haven’t gotten a response yet after a couple of days, which is unusual since they’ve always responded within a day in the past. There is always tomorrow (Lord willing).
    God bless,

  55. Do the new Allen ESVs have Bible book introductions? The previous editions did not, but I picked up somewhere that this new edition does have the introductions. I prefer not to have them, except in a proper study Bible

  56. Matt – this is in no way meant to be a criticism of you nor of others who have asked “how do I take care of my bible?” It is intended to be a thoughtful reminder of just why we purchase bibles of this quality. First of all my wife would tell you that I am fastidious about my bibles. So the same thought, proper care, is in the back of my mind as well. But I try to keep it there.
    The reason I purchased this bible and my other “expensive” bibles is so they will last through the many years of use I expect to get from them. Let’s face it, you and I and I dare say others that visit this site have spent a “pretty penny” for our bibles. Some would ridicule us for spending so much. But when your favorite bible has fallen apart, literally, from use and you’ve spent hours transferring your old notes and highlights to a new replacement bible you start looking for something that will break that cycle. I’ve done this countless times. I’m certain others here have done the same. So I’m not looking for a bible where I have to be concern about its care and much as I’m looking for a bible that will hold up over the years.
    To me that makes sense, so I have learned to buy the best quality bible I can find. And then I read it and study it and ponder it and try to apply it. And in the long run I won’t have to take care of it. It will take care of me! I’ll stop preaching now but that’s how I answer the “care” question.

  57. Funny enough, best way to take care of your bible is to use it since the oils on your hands condition the leather.

  58. Well, my black ESV arrived today. I live in Tallmadge, Ohio a suburb of Akron. It came while I was out running some errands via FedEx. Words plum evade me! This is without a doubt the finest bible that I own. I shouldn’t say that because I own two other Allan’s bibles; a Ruby (same cover) and a Brevier Blackface in French Morocco (a bit stiff). But this ESV is exquisite. Three ribbons, concordance, maps, lies flat right out of the box, supple goatskin cover. The pages aren’t even sticking together! If everyone could handle a bible like an Allan’s, the demand for quality bibles would go “straight to da moon”! Publishers beware!

  59. SicPress.com sells a leather dressing that is 60/40 neatsfoot oil/lanolin, 4 ounces for $5.00. It was developed by the New York Public Library. Use this every year or so and your bible will never have drying out problems.

  60. Just got back from lunch at my apt… still not there! I thought I was doing well with the patience thing but now that everyone is getting theirs, I’m becoming very impatient! Oh well… I know it will be here soon. Did evbible ship all the tan esv’s via fedex, I wonder?

  61. Have I got a deal for you! Allan’s inadvertently shipped me a third ESV that I did not order. It is tan (I ordered a black and a tan). Before I ship it back to Scotland I thought I would offer it to reader’s of Mark’s blog for a decent price. It is in the box and has not been unwrapped. If you are interested please contact me at rodsummers@comcast.net and we will work something out. Cheers!

  62. Just ordered the ESV1 in tan. I was going back and forth between the tan and the black, and pulled the trigger on black. Hope I didn’t make a mistake!!!! 🙂

  63. Mine was handed to me on Christmas day by one of my church members. What a surprise, and there were some tears streaming down my face, too. The fact she thought about me, her pastor, that way, was a very moving experience.
    The only three issues I have with my tan ESV1 are: 1) the font is awfully small 2) printed in China 3) the ribbon markers are not evenly spaced, and not straight, either.
    The Bible was definitely worth the wait and I must say, I would highly recommend this edition. My people seem to be getting accustomed to the ESV, too.
    Thanks for the snaps.

  64. Picked up this bible again for the first time in months. It had beeen replaced by my Brown ESV Reader’s Edition. At once the bible felt like it belonged in my hands again. Still love it’s feel and pliability… the Reader’s Edition may stay my favorite/most used due to aging eyes but this Tan ESV still has its appeal…

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