The Allan’s ESV1 Unboxed

Esv_in_boxStill waiting for your Allan’s ESV1 to arrive in the mail? In the UK, they’re already arriving on doorsteps. Geoff Youngs received his — he ordered the black version — and has posted a series of unboxing photos on his blog, Frafferz. Looks like the moment he opened it flat, the ESV1 coiled itself into a yoga pose just to show off. It’s a beautiful thing.
I warn you, though: if you have work to do and you’re already struggling to think of something other than the little bundle of highland goatskin en route to your door, this is not a link you want to click on.

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  1. “A series of unboxing photos”. LOL! It’s a striptease with a Bible.

  2. Very exciting! I’m eagerly awaiting my UK merchandise.
    I thought the new version came with three ribbon markers? It looks to only have two in his pictures; however, they look like two really good ones.
    God bless,

  3. My ESV1T arrived this morning. Yes it does have three ribbons. Love the tan colour. Love the smell. Love reading II Corinthians from it!

  4. Mark, I have a copy of Allan’s ESV1 in black highland goatskin leather given to me last March. It is beautifully bound, and reminds me of some of the Bibles bound by Cambridge. It came from someone from Allan’s but I have lost their card. Do you know who to contact at Allan’s about binding?

  5. I’m not sure how I stumbled across this site but just wanted to thank you Mark for alerting me to the existence of Allan’s ESV1. I’ve been looking for a quality bible for awhile and I was planning on getting the calfskin ESV from Crossway until I came across your site and heard about Allan’s. I finally got my Allan’s ESV1 today and it is terrific! I love holding it (can’t believe how soft the cover is), paging through it (three ribbon markers!) and most importantly I love reading it. Definitely recommend getting this if you are able to and are looking for a high quality bible.

  6. After reading your blog on the Allan’s ESV, I reordered the Allan’s ESV1BR. I hear it will be out in February. I am like a boy waiting for Christmas to come. I enjoy you blogs.
    A man living in the beautiful Mat-Su Valley of Alaska by choice

  7. I received my ESV1 last Thursday and it is beautiful. The goatskin is so textured and yet so soft. The print size and font makes reading a pleasure. And yet — I don’t think this is the Bible for me.
    I know that Allan’s has a very generous return policy but I don’t have the heart to take them up on it. Especially when there is essentially nothing wrong with the Bible itself.
    Is there anyone who would be willing to take this work of art off my hands? If not, I’m sure this will make a perfect gift for one of my minister friends.

  8. Ben – How could an Allan’s not be for you??? 😉
    Out of curiousity what edition of the ESV1 is it (color)?
    If the bible is not used, marked, etc, then I would return it to Allans. They can always re sell it if you do not have a buyer here.

  9. Would you believe that it’s “too good” for me? I’m kidding, but I generally use my “lesser quality” Bibles more. I’m a hospice chaplain, and my tools of the trade are smaller compact Bibles that gladly take abuse.
    This ESV1 is the black version, 3rd printing. The only difference I can tell is that my ribbons, although nice and fat, aren’t quite as long as the ribbons on other ESV1’s I’ve seen on this site.
    I would return it, but then I’m sure they would have to re-sell it as “damaged.” And this Bible is anything but. . .

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