You Can’t Donate to the Site, But You Can Buy My Book

I can’t help it. Every so often I have to plug my book — a duty made easier by the recent flow of reader praise. So here goes. I wrote a book called Rethinking Worldview: Learning to Think, Live, and Speak in This World, which was released by Crossway around this time last year. It’s not bound in goatskin. It doesn’t even have a sewn binding. But if you like this site, I’m guessing you’ll enjoy the book, too.
Rethinking Worldview: Learning to Think, Live, and Speak in This World
Today, CPYU Bookshelf published an interview with me about Rethinking Worldview, which you can read here. If you’re a Mars Hill Audio Journal subscriber, you can listen to my chat with Ken Myers at the beginning of Volume 90. There are more book-related resources at
And if you do read the book and enjoy it, please recommend it to others — and if you’re really crazy, think about posting an Amazon review or something like that. It will be greatly appreciated.

2 Comments on “You Can’t Donate to the Site, But You Can Buy My Book

  1. I purchased and read this book many months ago as a show of support for this site (actually, “bibledesignblog” was still a part of the site). My interest in worldview was roughly equivalent to my interest in techniques for skimming dross from aluminum ingots. Nevertheless, I greatly enjoyed the book and have since recommended it to many friends — as well as to readers of this site. I will repeat (though not verbatim) what I told Mark when I first read the book. I likened it to watching a critically acclaimed, Sundance-ish, Cannes International Film Festival type movie . . . . starring Gene Hackman.
    A great actor can rescue most any movie. Mark is an excellent writer who gave me an appreciation for worldview. Perhaps Steve Martin said it best in 1977: “Some people have a way with words. Some people . . . not have way.”
    Glad to see you plug your own book Mark. Its about time.

  2. Having worked for an aluminum company, I can add a technique for skimming dross from aluminum ingots to Mark’s book for Kyle’s benefit. I agree with Kyle wholeheartedly and have just purchased Mark’s book as well to support this site. Hopefully, I’ll begin reading this next week.

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