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Forgive the tint on the first photo — a testament to what happens when you don't check your white balance. This little TNIV New Testament is from Zondervan's NoteWorthy collection. It represents a clever combination of design features. Like the ESV Journaling Bible, it owes a debt to the Moleskine journal, from whence the elastic band and back pocket are derived. It also borrows from the classic interleaved Bible concept by offering a blank page facing each printed one, so you can make an entire page worth of notes. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

By making this a New Testament instead of an entire Bible, Zondervan has kept the footprint relatively small. The tall, narrow format makes it ideal for dropping into a pocket. I'm not a fan of the elastic bands on the spine — but hey, tastes vary. All in all, I think this is an excellent pocket NT.


The best news, however, is that for this edition, Zondervan ditched the typeface that mars so many other editions of the TNIV in favor of a more traditional serif font. (I know some of you like the almost-but-not-quite-scripty typeface, but to me it's the visual equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard. The setting here is downright elegant, and the book's proportions show the single column off to good advantage.   

Paper quality is nothing to write home about, but this is a very inexpensive edition — a 'beater' NT, if you will — that's handy for jotting notes. I wouldn't bust out a fountain pen or anything, but a Pigma Micron would do all right. Has anyone out there been using one of these? I'd love to hear what you think.

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  1. Mark,
    As a dedicated Moleskine and anything compact I can fit in my pocket type guy this one looks really nice. Not exactly my favorite translation and I have an Allens version enroute but this would be a nice “beater” edition.
    So, what are the elastic bands for on the spine? I’m guessing they are pen loops to make this the perfect, go anywhere, jot down your inspiration type NT.
    I listen to a Christian radio station all day and often hear a nice verse quoted and this would be a great way to look it up quickly then jot down my own thoughts on it.

  2. Mark I use the pens every day in my ESV classical Ref edition and find the .o3, .02 ,.005 are great even with the narrow margin. I also use the space in trhe cross reference area. I only can find the black in my area of PA, but there are more colors but do not know if there is more bleeding with other colors?

  3. I thoroughly recommend using Pigma Micron pens. They are my choice pen for use in my Cambridge Concord wide-margin. I use a black .005 for jotting notes, while for underlines, I use a green .05 … There is no mentionable bleedthrough with either color and I wouldn’t hesitate using them in most bibles having now used them.

  4. I know they look a little strange, but I absolutely love the elastic bands on the spine of these for holding pencils or pens. Work so great I wish at least some of my moleskines had them (I know, blasphemy). Another cool thing about the layout is that there is quite a bit of leading between lines (considering how small it is) so it is great for underlining and marking up the text itself.

  5. I really hope Crossway makes a note of this New Testament. I like what Zondervan has done here and wish they had done it with the NIV. I would love to see this in ESV, NASB, NIV, NRSV, RSV, ASV, HCSB, or even the GNB. Not a big fan of the TNIV but I am a fan of Zondervan’s keeping the reader in mind. Love the single column-paragraphed format, and especially the blank pages! Perhaps a little venture into a TNIV will not be such a bad thing?

  6. I like the concept, but can’t see the point of having only the NT. I am pretty sure that most people who want a Bible in which to make notes want a complete Bible, OT and NT together.

  7. David,
    Thanks for the info! I look forward to obtaining both the New Testament as well as the full Bible when they are done. i am with you. I would prefer to see this in the ESV, but I really do like NIV so I am satisfied.

  8. Fascinating. I’m glad to see Zondervan doing more with the TNIV.
    I, too, love my Pigma Micron pens.

  9. I like that new font, Mark! When you said they had changed the usual TNIV font for this NT, I shuddered. But in taking a close look at it, I really like how clear and elegant it is! I hope they use it in all their upcoming TNIVs!

  10. It’s prejudice against left-handed people! That wouldn’t work for me at all.

  11. Could the spine elastic bands be easily/neatly removed?
    Good point on lefties, Chris.

  12. Could the spine elastic bands be easily/neatly removed?
    Good point on lefties, Chris.

  13. Mark, thanks for your great review. Your readers are correct that the spine elastic is meant to be a pen holder. I wish Moleskines had that feature too. I’m always losing my pens!
    I just saw samples of the full Bible (coming in May), and the size is still very portable, much like the larger Moleskine journals.
    Chris, I’ll pass your comments about a left-handed version along to our product development team.
    Beth Murphy

  14. Nothing really to add to the comments other than I am a user of this Bible and find it’s format to be very appealing and handy. Thanks Zondervan. The TNIV has received quite a bit of negative publicity but I think with more formats of it coming out, the more it will be used and appreciated. The blog “This Lamp” carries some fairly objective reviews of the translation itself. The translation book by Fee and Stuart can also give you some more insight. (Oh yeah…this is the binding/design blog…not the translation blog. Sorry Mark. 🙂 )

  15. The ESV Journaling Bible is on the right track, but this TNIV edition has a great layout. It would be great to do the whole Bible (or at least the NT) in the ESV like this, with the text on the left page, and the blank page on the right.

  16. I love the font in this edition, and I will probably get an NIV whole Bible when it comes out. (Hopefully it will have this font!)

  17. Cicero – It has the same font – the previews are available on the site.
    TNIV New Testament
    NIV Full Bible
    I also found a KJV Interleaf bible for notes here.
    A new testament of it is also available.
    Does anyone out there have one, I would seriously consider buying it.

  18. Probably mentioned here somewhere but has anyone seen the Zondervan Renaissance NIV Study Bible editions? I saw one in a Family Christian bookstore. I almost fell over when I saw it. I couldn’t believe that a bookstore chain would carry a more top of the line bible like this. The one I picked up was under $100 dollars and was smyth sewn, genuine leather cover, and looked very durable and fancy. I have not been keeping up with some of Mark’s more recent posts thanks to my lovely job so this may be old news. Anyway, thought it was worth mentioning. Here is a link to a page showing the bible.

  19. Great format. All bibles should come with a blank page for taking notes.

  20. I just came across the NoteWorthy Edition this past weekend. I really like it. I am a Moleskin guy and take my Moleskin will me all the time. So, this works great.
    The font is a little small but not too bad. I have not had a problem with bleed through. I use a ball point pen when making note. Zondervan suggest that you use a pencil or a ball point pen.
    There is lots of room for my notes. I love to have notes in the text while I am preaching and teaching in case I want to refer to it. I can have that now.
    If you are looking for a “classical study Bible” this is not it. But if you are looking for a Bible that you can write your note in and have for teaching and preaching then this is it.

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