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  • Matt Blair has launched a new blog called Life with a Bible, featuring "a collection of photographs highlighting how believers and unbelievers alike relate to and live with God's word, the Holy Bible." Definitely worth checking out.  
  • A reader who wants to remain anonymous reported great deals on Nelson calfskin Bibles at his local Sam's Club in Florida. If you have one in the area, you might want to drop by and check.

  • Tony Cantale called my attention to The Bible: Narrative and Illustrated, which has to be one of the most interesting projects, design-wise, I've seen. It's an edition of the NIrV aimed at young readers or people for whom English is a second language — but it looks like it would be a pleasure to read for anyone. The site is especially impressive, since it allows you to do something no other Bible site I know of does — flip through the pages! Check it out for yourself. This edition combines single and double-column layout, illustrations, marginal notes, and maps. Very impressive. 

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  1. the chocolate rebind has to be one of the best I have seen. Seems that price and quality wise ABBA may be the best bet in the rebind world. Although the return time seems to leave something to be desired.
    Has anyone else received back rebinds from them?

  2. $12 ?? I will buy all that can be found for that price!
    Of course, in 1969 I had to work all day to earn $12.

  3. Maybe it is just me, but I’m having a problem accessing the website…

  4. I’m having the same trouble, Tiffany — but it worked fine this morning.

  5. For a number of years, we sent Bibles down to Biblias Abba in Mexico for rebinding. Initially, we were quite pleased with the quality, which was good enough to be worth waiting 6 months for the turn around. Unfortunately, about a year and a half ago, we stopped offering the service to our customers because Abba’s quality was falling off quite severely.
    Now we are testing out another rebinder we first heard about here on your blog, Leonard’s Book Restoration –

  6. The Nelson Bibles in Sam’s Club you mentioned are available at all their clubs nationwide. Its a great value at under $40.

  7. Saw the bibles in Sam’s Club today. They look nice. The covers are extremely flexible and soft as butter. For less than $40, they seem to be a great deal if you’re looking for a NKJV bible.

  8. Does anyone know what happened to “The Bible: Narrative and Illustrated”? Delightful text layout and delightful pictures.
    The ISBN-10 appears to be 1563203383 and ISBN-13 = 978186024663 but I can’t find them on Amazon or other normal booksellers. makes it sound like there might be legal issues over who owns what. I’ve sent the WTL folks an email but it looks like they only sell in UK.

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