Smythson KJV, Unboxed and Compared

My post a couple of days ago about Extravagant Bibles caught Ben Ting's interest. He decided to spring for the one at the top of the list, the Smythson KJV bound in Brown Mara Calfskin. For the benefit of the rest of us, he's posted:

Thanks for sharing, Ben! Before you click on the links, be forewarned: the Smythson is lovely.

4 Comments on “Smythson KJV, Unboxed and Compared

  1. Ben Ting, you are a nut! But you’re my kinda nut. I knew when you wrote that drooling post on your website that you would be purchasing that crocodile bible. It’s beautiful. And while I’m not a crocodile man, I admire well bound books and bibles. There’s just not enough of that kind of craftsmanship around today.

  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS! May the love & peace of God so fill you all in this joyous season.
    Just a small testimony to reading Mark’s blog since mid of the year – in a most unexpected way, I was introduced to Reformed Theology thru this site… kind of. So, it’s not just about quality Bibles.
    Praise the LORD for Mark & his family!

  3. dear sir or madaM; how can i obtain the smythson mailing address?

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