Bertrand Withdrawals? Buy the Book.

My relative silence around here, as I explained earlier, is due to a looming book deadline. I'm traveling to North Carolina this week for a speaking engagement, so it only gets worse. If you're having Bertrand withdrawals, though, there's a perfect remedy. You could pick up a copy of my book Rethinking Worldview. Here's an excerpt from the review at Discerning Reader:

In Rethinking Worldview, J. Mark Bertrand has written an expansive book…a witty book. He has written a literary book, and a provoking book. An erudite book and a fascinating book. I think my brain hurts . . . . I am also convinced I cannot do justice to this book in a mere review. Had we but world enough and time, as well as web space, I might be inclined to take a prismatic look at the book: firstly as a Christian non-fiction book of the ‘Christian Life/General’ variety (a catch-all publishing-marketing category I deny Bertrand’s book fits neatly into), secondly as an introduction to general philosophy, thirdly as a topical commentary on certain biblical narratives, and lastly but not least, a call to a new view of worldview studies. Bertrand has even sprinkled a generous dash of autobiography into the mix. 

If you want to read the rest, follow the link. If you want to buy the book, and you're into immediate gratification, the official click-over to Amazon is below. You can also source it through your local bookstore. When people ask whether there's anything they can do to support the site, my answer is always the same: buy my book. Or buy a bunch and give them away. 

3 Comments on “Bertrand Withdrawals? Buy the Book.

  1. An online store called Monergism Books also carries your book. Rather than buy from amazon I think it couldn’t hurt to ensure Christian money goes to Christian organizations. Though I don’t fall you at all Mr. Bertrand for selling the book on Amazon! Also, I have no affiliation with the folks at Monergism – this is not a shameless promotion.
    the link is
    or you can just go to and search the title.

  2. I’ve had your book for about a month now, but it’s in the cue after some others. It certainly looks to be a good read.
    Thanks again for all of your hard work on this site Mark!
    I can’t wait to hear and see the details on the May/June release of the new Allan Reference Bible.

  3. Oops… Allan ESV Reference Bible (ESV3????) Not sure what they’ll label it.

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