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I've posted quite a few auction links recently, and now it's time to catch up on other types of link, namely rebinding projects and reviews. Here are some reader-submitted pieces, profusely illustrated, that are well worth your time. 

Rebinding Projects

First, a couple of intriguing rebinding projects undertaken by Leonard's Book Restoration. I wrote about my experience having a Deluxe Compact ESV rebound in natural pigskin by Leonard's, so it's nice to see people experimenting with skins other than calf and goat — in this case, deer and sheep:

There are a lot of interesting editions out there, more than I can ever hope to cover all by myself. Looking at these posts, I'm reminded that (a) I have a TNIV Reference Bible on my desk I need to photograph, and (b) despite all my chatter about the ESV, I don't think I've ever done a proper piece on Crossway's calfskin offerings (apart from the cordovan calf, which was an old enough piece not to have the nice photos). So I'm remiss. I need to do something about it. In the meantime, though, enjoy these first-hand looks:

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  1. Mark, I am honored you would mention my short review on your excellent blog. My hope is that people will enjoy what they read and see.

  2. Have a couple bibles that need rebinding, an ESV Reference in “genuine leather” (for obvious reasons) and a 25 year old Ryrie Study Bible that was bound in bonded leather. I have considered Leonard’s along with another that I found, Ace Bookbinding. Ace will rebind any bible for no more than $85 ($79 if it’s not a large study bible). That’s in cowhide but they have pighide for ten dollars less. Price includes up to five ribbons, stamping on bible, six note pages and an eight day turnaround. Check their website a for a lot of nice pictures.

  3. Mark,
    I am looking forward to your review of the TNIVRB.
    Are you planning to review the NLT Select at any point?

  4. Jeff,
    After seeing Mark’s review of the Leonard’s rebind in pigskin, I sent mine off the next day for the identical treatment. The only difference is they now have material used instead of leather to make the binding even more floppy. They are great to deal and really good people.

  5. @jeff seymour,
    I live within driving distance of Ace Book Binding, and visited them exactly a week ago. I was very impressed with the sample bibles that they showed me. Left two bibles to be rebound (one an ~80 year-old family heirloom that has literally fallen into pieces). I was just waiting to get mine back and see for myself that the workmanship matches what I saw in the samples before giving them a plug here (I should have them back in a few days). Just about fell out of my chair when I read your comment. 🙂

  6. threegirldad…I will wait to hear about your experience before I make a decision about my two rebinds. It’s good to know someone else has used a rebinder before sending my bibles off because we’ve all heard stories of bad or less than satisfactory rebind projects. Thanks for your input.

  7. The pics from Ace are cool… especially their pigskin with ostrich texture… I wouldn’t mind getting this done on a Bible of mine. Something not ordinary, yet something that would be great to hold in your hand.
    The pics of the deerskin Bible is unique! I wonder what other types of leather is out there that won’t break the bank! Excellent write ups on all these! Thanks for sharing!

  8. @John,
    I looked at the pigskin with ostrich texture while I was in the store. It was very nice — just not what I was looking for.

  9. @jeff seymour,
    My Bibles will be done this afternoon by the time Ace closes for the day. Unfortunately, due to the January-style blizzard that just clobbered this part of the country, driving back to pick them up is completely out of the question. I should have them in hand on Tuesday, and then I’ll give my thoughts.

  10. threegirldad:
    Hope that you can post pics somewhere so that we can see the work that they do on your Bibles. I’m curious to know if what we see on the site is what you’d really get. For the prices listed… that can’t be beat.
    So the text on the spine is included in the price as well? Will it read exactly as what was on their before?

  11. threegirldad…Thanks. Looking forward to your assessment and thoughts. Also hope you can post some pics.

  12. @john,
    Regarding your question, I had the same apprehension. In fact, though, yes, that is what is advertised. The stamping will exactly match (or very closely match) the original, and is included in the quoted price. As I said previously, I was impressed with the samples that I saw at the store. They reminded me of the pictures on the website that I had looked at many times.
    McSpadden is only about 50 miles away, and I was prepared to go there if I wasn’t satisfied with what I saw at Ace.

  13. threegirldad:
    Yes. I saw McSpadden is in Oklahoma as well… must be a big market to have two shops that deal with rebinding for both to be close to each other.
    I have Scofield that I want rebound. Bought it a few months ago, and like the layout of notes and all. It has a zipper though, and to buy a Schofield without thumb-index seems impossible unless you buy it with a zipper… so that is the one I want to get to a bindery. Most places seem to add charges for stamping, so Ace seems to be the best route to take. (Didn’t want to make a ryhme with “Ace is the place”.)
    While visting the shop, did you notice if they deal with calfskin, much like what Nelson uses on their Signature Series? Best regards!

  14. john,
    I didn’t notice any calfskin, nor did I ask about it. For various reasons, it just wasn’t an issue for me in this case.

  15. I may have to check out one of these bookbinders mentioned. I have a large print ESV in bonded leather I want rebound. I have been trying for a month to contact Abbas bookbindery with absolutely no success and I’m ready to give up. They do good work but no company is worth this kind of hassle.

  16. Thomas,
    I started out by going to Abba Bibles but when I would ask them 3 questions and get a reply to only 1 of them, even writing to them in Spanish, I decided to go elsewhere, which is why I ended up at Leonard’s. I’m very happy with the results.

  17. I have had several bibles rebound as well as journals rebound by Ace and the work was very good. Their turnaround time is fast and the work does not look cheap. They will go to great measures to try to give you what you want in your rebind. I have had three bibles done in the alligator print and I get inquiries all the time. Nathan there is very helpful.

  18. Tony,
    Could you, perchance, post some pictures of the Bibles/Journals you have had rebound by Ace? I am curious as to how they look.

  19. Just to let everyone know, I’ve added a poll to my post about the Chocolate Brown ESV1. Please drop by and vote; you’ve more than welcome to leave a comment, too.

  20. Hey, any bible enthusiasts in the UK know where one can get a good deal on rebinding a bible, the quotes I’ve had so far over here in the UK are astronomical! Many thanks.. I have an old NASB wide margin with a sewn binding but bonded leather cover in need of some help and restoration!

  21. Just as a word of recommendation for ACE. I had them rebind an old, delapidatetd NASB from the early 80’s that was/is my parents when they first were married. It was an anniversary present to them, and ACE did a GREAT job. The only things I had any kind of any kind of issue with (and they were very minor) were the result of my not specifying what I wanted. The binding was not stiff, opened well from the first minute that I got it. The craftsmanship was excellent, and the turnaround time was about a week.
    In fact, I shipped the bible with the form to them and got a call from them a couple of days later to discuss the details. They asked if I’d like to give them credit card info to pay for it then or later. I was in a waiting room at the Dr.’s office and didn’t want to share my CC number with the whole world, and that I’d give it to them later. They said that was “no problem”. A couple of more days went by and the bible showed up beautifully rebound, and they had even shipped it without me paying for it.
    I got back in touch with them, and paid for it. I assume that there’s not many folks having bibles rebound that are interested in skipping out on the bill.
    All-in-all I’ll probably use them again in the future.

  22. I wanted to thank you for my New/OldBible your recently rebound for me . I chose the soft calf leather it is soft and pliable easy to study out of. My bible is out of print and I know where everything is located so I have to keep this one looking good . Thank you, IN CHRIST, Pam

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