Design Problem: What is the Bible for?

After 9,545 miles traveled and a total of fifty-seven days on the road, I've returned from my summer teaching gig at Worldview Academy. If you've been wondering where I am — and it seems quite a few of you were — that's the answer. I'll have more to say about how my ESV Pitt Minion fared on the road, but for now, if you're experiencing advanced symptoms of Bertrand deprivation, here's a fix.

Back in May, the good people at Comment posted a piece I wrote summarizing my design concerns where the Bible is concerned. I should have posted the link back then, but – what can I say? – I've been swamped. So here goes:


7 Comments on “Design Problem: What is the Bible for?

  1. I guess for each of us there are design features that we value higher than others. I will take a double column text if I can have something that is paragraphed, black letter, and lacks title headings for chapters or paragraphs. I know a lot of people love red letters and title headings, but I just can’t stand them in my text.

  2. Over the last few months, my most frequently read Bible has resided on my Blackberry, largely for the control it affords me over the reading experience. I have OliveTree’s Bible software with the NRSV text. It’s a paragraphed, single-column setting of the entire Bible + apocrypha (with metrical Psalms) that fits unobstrusively into the palm of my hand or can be clipped to my belt. It can be read easily both in bright sunlight and total darkness, and I have total control over the font and text size. It has decent bookmarking features that help me keep track of what I am reading.
    The major drawback? No real way to take notes on the text. I’ve resorted to bookmarking passages I want to annotate, and then writing my notes up on my blog when I am in front of a computer.
    But it is pretty much the perfect Bible for reading on the train/subway (where I spend nearly two hours every day) or on an airplane.
    I also wish that Olive Tree would take advantage of the Blackberry’s communications features – imagine a portable Bible that makes it easy to share scripture with friends via email or Facebook or Twitter 🙂

  3. A well and succinctly stated article on Bible design. Thanks. My Bertrand withdrawal had brought on emotional and credit card outbursts. But now things are all better.

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