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Selling a vintage Bible? Looking for something rare or unique? This is the thread for you. To help connect buyers and sellers, I've created this Auctions & Sales post as a master list, and I invite those of you who'd like to share auction and sales listings to post them as a comment to this thread.

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  1. Excellent idea Mark .. thank-you!!
    If anyone is on a budget and is into “seconds” like I am .. Christian Book has some nice premium bindings out there now. I saw a whole lot more than these the other day, but I guess that got snatched up already. I haven’t personally seen any kind of premium seconds at ChristianBook before so I thought it was interesting to see these .. Hope they’re useful. (BTW, I’m not associated with CB in any way).
    ESV Single Column Reference Bible, premium calfskin leather, black, black letter – Slightly Imperfect
    ESV Study Bible–Premium Calfskin leather, black – Slightly Imperfect
    NIV Study Bible, Compact Edition–Renaissance fine leather, rich brown/espresso
    Also I just saw Lockman Foundation updated their seconds page and have a good selection now. I believe Mark has a link on the side here.

  2. Vintage Wide Margin Cambridge Cameo Reference Bible. Water Buffalo Calfskin binding. Perfect condition. Box included.
    Serious inquiries can be sent to wrm8297@gmail.com

  3. FOR TRADE and possibly sale: I have a brand new Holman Legacy KJV which Mark reviewed here: http://www.bibledesignblog.com/2008/08/glimpse-holman.html
    Although these Holman Legacy Bibles were produced in 2000, this particular Bible apparently never sold and just sat in a store forever. The box is still in very good condition, and the Bible is in brand new condition (still in the cross paper enclosure).
    I would prefer to trade this Bible for one of two Bibles: First, the same binding in the NIV. Holman did the Legacy that year in both the KJV and the NIV. I would like to trade for the NIV version of this. Does not have to be in brand new condition or include the box, but must be in excellent condition with no underlining or markings of any kind. I would also trade for the Bible Mark reviewed here: http://jmarkbertrand.typepad.com/bibledesign/2008/03/where-bibles-ar.html
    Finally, I am willing to consider serious offers. My email is khedrick@comcast.net

  4. 1901 ASV Wide-Margin Single-Column bound in black calfskin leather.
    Looking to TRADE.
    Looking for a Cambridge single-column NIV in goatskin calfskin or french morocco leather or a NLT in goatskin or calfskin.
    Will also listen to any offers. I can send the bible with a pre-paid shipping label to take away shipping cost. You can reach me at my email below.
    Be Encouraged,
    Rev. Isaac C. Johnson

  5. Like-new Allan ESV1 Black for sale. From the latest printing earlier this year/late last year, black with blue ribbons. Looks new, used only a couple of times for light reading, no marking. Have original box. Wife won’t let me keep this and get a Cambridge Wide Margin, so I’m selling this. I need a wide margin and I have the Cambridge Pitt Minion so the Cambridge WM is a natural fit. Serious inquiries only, email inthoughnotof@yahoo.com.

  6. There’s not a thread on this blog that directly relates to my post here, so I’ve tucked it away in the auction thread. I don’t usually do this, but I want to post a complaint regarding a material change in the binding of the just released ESV Study Bible in Cordovan Calfskin Brown. The pictures which have been posted for the past several months at various sites clearly represented the cover having exactly the same characteristics (style, texture, grain, thickness, etc.) as the Black Calfskin Bible but for the color difference. The pictures on all the sites have now been changed within the past 48 hours and the cover now shown is a totally different binding. This is not a minor difference, this is a total swap out from what was originally represented.
    What I specifically take issue with is that: (1)web-based resellers often take paid pre-orders based on these pre-production pictures; and, (2) customers fork out their hard earned coin on pre-orders based on the representations clearly evident from the pictures. There is a trust and integrity factor very implicit in this transaction, not to mention the legal obligation.
    Tyndale did this to a minor degree with the release of their NLT Study Bible last year in that some of the pre-production pictures reflected stamped lettering that was gold filled on certain versions. Specifically, the pre-production picture of the version NLT SB I’d ordered clearly showed gold filled lettering; whereas the Bible I received had stamped lettering but no gold filling. This was a minor change and just wasn’t a big deal to me. But IMHO Crossway has gone to far on the switch in binding respective to the ESV Cordovan Brown Calfskin SB. I can certainly appreciate testing the market with pre-production pictures, but the line is crossed when pre-orders are taken and paid for (sometimes many months in advance of actual production availability) and the Bible which folks think they’ve purchased is not what they get. We’re talking about a Bible which sells online for around $150 and retails for over $220. Either don’t show pre-production pictures, or don’t take customers money until the customers know exactly what it is they are purchasing and actually agree with it before their credit cards are charged. Or, clearly post a disclaimer indicating the actual production Bible shipped could be materially different from the pre-production picture and at least attempt to explain what the differences could be so customers can make an informed decision.
    R.L. Allan with its PSR pre-production sampling is a case model in how its done right. I don’t understand why they didn’t just use the thicker ribbons to begin with, but in any event its not hard to visualize the difference, so we should be able to pre-order/pre-purchase the PSR on a completely non-speculative basis with the trust and confidence that what we receive in the mail is exactly what was advertised. This is not the case with the Crossway ESV Cordovan Brown Calfskin SB and I respectfully request Crossway and other Bible publishers cease and desist this type of action in the future. I understand the answer/response will be the refund policy, but that’s covering a symptom and not addressing the issue.

  7. California Dave,
    Before reading your post this morning, I had examined the Cordovan ESV Study Bible at a local bible bookstore the day before. It was exactly like all previous cordovan editions with the material being smooth and slick. Then, after reading your comments and checking the Crossway website this a.m., I saw the reason for your complaint! That must have been a big disappointment for the edition pictured on the publisher’s website is definitely different and quite a beautiful texture! I hope you find one like it (as pictured) but one feels the odds are not good. Thanks for the heads-up!

  8. The plot thickens, Rich & CalDave. At the ESV site,
    they give this thumbnail:
    which if you enlarge you see something that’s smooth and sewn at the edge (in what appears to be brown stitching), and in a brown color that lacks the shade of red I think of for the name cordovan.
    But that is definitely not what you get when you “click” that thumbnail:
    or its enlargement:
    which is very pebbly and definitely has some red shade in it.
    I note the Amazon image, and even its higher-resolution enlargement, is like Crossway’s thumbnail, but with white/neutral stitching. The Google cache image for 9/25 still shows the same smooth image. Evangelical Bible (which I think is alluded to) now shows a high-res photograph of what is apparently really shipping, more like the Amazon image, but in a definite cordovan color and with corners perhaps a little less rounded. And definitely not a pebble finish like the premium black.
    I’ll even bet Crossway’s management is somewhat disappointed with what’s shipping as well since I suspect THEIR pictures are closer to the specification they gave the factory, which is probably in China. Will later runs be “corrected”? Possibly. Their legal, and to my mind even moral, responsibility is really just to refund the money of folks who pre-ordered. They were probably left with the difficult decision to either make some unhappy customers or reject the supplier’s product completely and miss their release date, which makes unhappy customers too.
    It’s different with Alan…the management that specifies the product and the factory that produces it are probably within 100′ of each other. You pay a premium price for this sort of manufacturing, but you supposedly do with premium editions of Bibles from mass-producers as well. This story proves they really are apples and oranges.

  9. Bill,
    Upon returning from church this morning, I checked Mark’s site for new comments, as I always do. And wow! Thanks for all the good research info on this problem! Unfortunately this must be an embarrassing situation for the good folks at Crossway to deal with but hopefully things can get straightened out. And besides, I really like that pebbled cordovan pictured on the Crossway site!! Maybe such a cover can be realized sometime soon. Great post, Bill!

  10. I just got my copy of the esv study bible in Cordovan Calfskin. I love it so much; I was aware also of the differences in the pictures. To clear it up I emailed Crossway to see what the cover would really look like. I informed them that there were different pictures going around for the Study Bible in Cordovan. I was told that it would be like the Cordovan Covers on other ESV Bibles. So I knew what mine would look like when it came in, however; I can not believe that Crossway would not take away the false picture. That is because most of the pictures out there were false. Shame shame Crossway.

  11. With the exception of an occasional snafu, Crossways has been pretty good with the quality of their products. I think the issue just might be their webpage crew is understaffed. I reported over a month ago that their Luther German/ESV parallel version isn’t linked to correctly from a couple pages and it still isn’t changed.

  12. Just to weigh in on the Crossway issue. I have purchased several Bibles from Crossway and have found them to be nothing but professionals. I understand that the photograph is incorrect, but I tend to agree with Bill. This is a snafu. I know everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, however, I find the smooth pressed calfskin to be far superior to the other calfskin. I have two cordovans and a large single column in the black calfskin (which is more like the pictured “pebbled” cordovan complained about here). I MUCH prefer the cordovan. Anyway, that is simply opinion. I certainly understand the frustration of thinking you are getting one thing and then getting another. My experience with Crossway, however, is that their customer service is outstanding, easily reachable, and they will handle this in most any fashion you choose. Good luck California Dave. You deserve the benefit of the bargain, and I believe Crossway will handle it appropriately.

  13. Hi .. anyone want to trade their Cambridge NIV Single-Column Text in Goatskin for a Crossway ESV Large Print Bible, Black Letter, Black Calfskin (w/Box, No Markings, excellent condition) .. email me at derekbeyer@hotmail.com.
    Thanks and God Bless

  14. For sale:
    Black calfskin ESV thinline and a black genuine leather classic reference.
    B/O matthewblair1 [at] gmail [dot] com

  15. I am from the McSpadden Bookbindery. Somewhere I read that we use stiff boards for the bibles that we rebind and this is FALSE> We use what is called a bible flex paper and it comes in two different thickenesses, one is the regular one that we use , Which does get more flexible the more it is used and then we have one that we call extra floppy and this is what a lot of pastors prefer to hold in their hand.
    WE DO NOT USE HARD BOARDS. If a person wants a hard leather cover then we do use binders boards, but ONLY if they want a HARD COVER.
    Hopefully, the person that thinks we use hard board for our bibles will read this, so he will understand what I have explained.
    Thank you !! Gayle McSpadden

  16. **NIV HOLMAN LEGACY. BLACK MOROCCO LEATHER** (Very Hard To Find. Not up on EBAY yet. Email mcrainier@gmail.com if interested)
    Cambridge KJV Wide Margin Reference Bible. Black Calfskin
    Oxford New Scofield Study Bible. Black Berkshire
    NASB Large Print Ultrathin. Black Calfskin (Have 2 of these)

  17. I think your new header picture needs to have red Bibles. Red Bibles would compliment the new logo much better than the (admittedly lovely) brown Bibles (IMHO). Love the blog!

  18. I guess my reaction to the header picture is to feel sorry for all those “full-circuit” or yapped edges crumbling on the shelf due to standing upright! Or, Mark, do you have spacers under the page blocks thereby taking the load off the binding?
    Seriously, does anyone know where to get such “spacers”? Quality books (even hardbacks) used to come with them included in the slip case but I haven’t seen one in years. As I recall they were white felt, like the felt in the hammers and dampers of a piano action.

  19. Bill, I have never seen spacers like what you are described, but if anybody has, that is something I would be interested in too. It would be nice to have a good way to place some of my expensive bibles on a normal bookshelf.

  20. The original photo (which is posted up here somewhere) depicts a stack of Bibles on their sides. I rotated it 90 degrees to create the banner art. So no yapps were injured in the creation of this artwork. The best way to store leather Bibles on a shelf is inside a slipcase. The article on “How to Carry Your Bible” includes a link to how to make your own, and my review of the red Allan PSR shows a “hack” you can try. Library of America hardbacks come with slipcases, and if you choose a volume of approximately the same size as your Bible, you’re good to go.

  21. Mark,
    Thanks for this section. I made a listing on September 24 (new Holman Legacy KJV) which I presumed generated no interest. Today, however, I received a response and made the trade I was looking for. Is there any way to cross these listings off once they are no longer active? Thanks again.

  22. Maybe stating the obvious, but putting the yapped edges in a box or slipcase does nothing to protect them from the weight of the volume unless the box is stored with the spine edge down. Unless of course, the box is stored flat, instead of on an edge, which is truly the best way to store volumes.

  23. Yeah, I had the same thought Bill. I don’t really see any advantage to the slip cases. The full yapp on my Allan’s Long Primer would certainly not be any better off for it. Right now I have all my high end bibles in a big stack in a cabinet that kind of works for the purpose. I suppose for the time being I will leave them that way. But, I sure liked that felt spacer idea!

  24. The slipcase supports the weight of a softcover, easing stress on the binding. All of my Cambridge editions from the recently-ended slipcase era sit upright on the shelves thanks to their rigid cases. The ones that come in boxes, though, I stack vertically for storage. When they’re in use, I leave them lying on tables.
    I imagine a fitted slipcase would hold a full yapp edition tightly enough to lend the needed support. But if you wanted the extra protection, sourcing thick felt and cutting it to the right size shouldn’t be too difficult, right? My wife just bought round felt coasters made from a high quality, dense felt. Seems doable.

  25. I read you now, Mark. A tight fit in a slip case, as opposed to a loose fit on a shelf, keeps a soft cover from buckling downward, backwards, and ultimately inwards, which as you note is not a good thing for the binding and probably even worse than leaving it open on a table for extended periods of time. (I couldn’t initially picture this condition, because the books on my shelves are all packed in tighter than sardines!) But one still has the long-term effects of gravity straight down, which will flatten over the lower yapp edges eventually, and that’s where the lower spacer comes in.
    I can’t say I’ve ever seen it done this way, but ideally a custom fitted spacer, a little less wide than the text block, would be glued into a custom-fitted slipcase so that when you slide the volume in, the case’s sides keep the covers closed (for the long-term health of the binding) and the spacer, supporting the text block, prevents long-term damage to the lower yapp edges.
    However, cutting thick felt to use as spacers, even with a new X-acto knife, sounds a little daunting to me. I’d sure worry about slipping and slicing one’s hands. For DIY’ers, I’d recommend cutting & gluing together a few thicknesses of something like Foamboard instead, by which I mean that stiff, thick, lightweight stuff people use for display purposes. Graphic artists custom-cut that stuff like it’s butter.
    Or just store the volumes flat, ie covers horizontal, as has been noted.

  26. 6 Bibles
    Bottom to top, left to right
    1. Thompson Chain Reference, KJV, Special Limited Centennial ED. Full Grain Moroccan.
    2. Nelson KJV*NKJV Parallel Bible, Genuine Black leather.
    3. Harvest House, NASB, New Induction Study Bible, Red Genuine Leather.
    4. Oxford, ESV, Scofield, Red letter, Indexed Study Bible, Tan and Black.
    5. The Classic Note Bible, KJV, Black Genuine Leather.
    6. R. L. Allen, ESV, Brown Goatskin, Buffalo Grain.
    1, 3, 5, and 6 are absolutely brand new.
    2 &4 are not brand new but are in mint condition.
    No notes or marking in any of these versions.
    The combined value of these 6 bibles is over $600.
    Asking $300 firm for entire lot! Will accept reasonable offers on all individual bibles.
    No checks please, only cash!

  27. Is anyone looking for a Cambridge 1662 Book of Common Prayer in BROWN GOATSKIN leather (Large Print)? If so, I am selling one for only $60 (about $10 cheaper than the lowest price on Amazon). It is genuine goatskin, with art gilt (red under gold) pages, and is the same size and color as the brown Pitt Minion from Cambridge. I never really used it, because I read from my smaller, black BCP, so it is in excellent condition (I have listed it as “Like New”). Here is the link:
    http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/0521691516/ref=dp_olp_used?ie=UTF8&condition=used (mine should be at the top with the lowest price, seller name is DVN).
    I’m a “starving” seminary student, so your purchase will go to a good cause! 🙂

  28. Me again! I am also selling a brand new (still shrink-wrapped in plastic) Reformation Study Bible, ESV, Burgundy Genuine leather, from Ligonier. It also has the Audio CD of Romans. I am selling it for only $40, which is the cheapest price on Amazon (especially for New!), and also a couple dollars cheaper than Ligonier’s price (and Ligonier is only selling black leather now, no burgundy). Here is the link:
    (Again, mine should be the first listing with the lowest price, seller name is DVN).
    And again, I’m a “starving” seminary student, so your purchase goes to a good cause! 🙂

  29. One more! I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I am selling my R. L. ALLAN ESV1 (BLACK) for only $130. The current sale price at evangelicalbible.com is $165, so this is a great deal! Plus, the ESV1 is currently out of print, and will not be in stock again until MARCH 2010! If you would like an ESV1 for Christmas, I have one for you! 🙂
    The cover and pages are still in perfect condition, and it is still in the box. There are only a few words I jotted down in class once, in blue pen, on ONE page (Genesis 2-3). This is barely noticeable, but that’s why I’m dropping the price to $130. And I will pay for shipping.
    Please e-mail me at dvnilsen@gmail.com if you are interested. Thanks!

  30. Allan ESV1 Tan for sale. Tan highland goatskin with three tan ribbons. Looks new and no marking. Purchased in October 2008. Have original box. I am going to invest in a wider margin Bible and the new Allan Reader edition seems like a good fit. Please send serious inquiries to nickroark@gmail.com.

  31. WANTED!!!
    Out of print…(must be, I can’t find one anywhere)…Cambridge NASB (not the wide-margin) in premium leather, prefer single column. I have seen one on ebay, but doubt I’ll be the winning bid, someone else wants one as bad as I do. If you have such a wonderful bible, please send email to labgirlreed@yahoo.com

  32. Hi .. hope you don’t mind this post here but I just found a gem a Walmart of all places. Its a single column NIV in large print. Estimate 11 or 12 point font, red letter, duo-tone, sewn spine, opens reasonably flat, published by Zondervan. All in all seems to be a good candidate for a rebind.
    I cannot find this bible on Zondervan or Amazon a all .. very strange. The ISBN is 978-0-310-94887-2. The closest thing I could find for a link is: http://www.surveysoftware.net/hostzv/OnlineRegistration.htm. I think this is a registration page from Walmart. At least you can see a picture of the box. Its the third one up from the bottom of the page on the right.
    Hope this blesses someone. It sure did me!

  33. Since my new Reader’ Edition will be here in a few days, I doubt I will be getting much use out of my Tan ESV1. I would like to see it go to a good home. I will entertain reasonable offers. It is very lightly used, with NO writing of any kind. In the original box. I will give the readers of this blog some time to make me an offer before I list it on Ebay. My email address is davidt@yahoo.com

  34. For Sale:
    1. Cambridge Wide Margin goatskin NASB. Brand New In Box. Black. $100
    2. ESV Cordovan Calfskin Classic Reference. New in Box. $75
    3. ESV Single Column Premium Calfskin. Black. Brand New In Box. $100
    4. ESV Literary Study Bible. Trutone Brown/Parchment. Brand New – no box. $35
    5. NIV Arch Study Bible. Hardback w/software. Brand New. $30
    Shipping is $6.00 USPS Priority Mail for Christmas delivery.
    Contact Kyle Hedrick at kylehedrick@comcast.net if you are interested.

  35. One more to follow the above: Cambridge Pitt Minion Goatskin NASB. Black. New in box. $50

  36. I’m looking to swap/sell my Allan’s Black PSR for either a Crossway Black calfskin ESV Study or Classic Reference. If interested, you can reach me at matthewblair1 at gmail dot com. I’d part with it for $120

  37. I have three Bibles to sell. If you are interested in any of these email me at rcarter3@juno.com. Thanks.
    Oxford NRSV Text Edition w/ Apocrypha, Black Genuine Leather(978-0195283600)$35
    This is a lightly used Bible. It is the nicest genuine leather I have ever handled. The pigskin grain is still quite visible. There are two gold ribbon markers. It has my name written in small print on the presentation page, other wise it is like new.
    Cambridge TNIV Popular Edition, Black French Morocco (978-0521675130)$35
    This is a lightly used Bible. It is just broken in so the french morocco leather is getting nice and flexible. My name is written in small print on the presentation page, otherwise it is like new.
    Zondervan TNIV Reference Bible, Bonded Leather (978-0310938415) $10
    This is a lightly used Bible. It has a sewn binding, and a single-column text. The leather is a little stiff, but it lies open flat. This has my name on the presentation page, and a couple of notes on the blank page opposite. Otherwise this edition is like new.

  38. I would like to swap my very lightly used Tan Allan ESV1 for an as-new Allans PSR. My ESV1 has no writing of any kind in it. Or I would be willing to sell it for $120 obo.
    contact me at davidt@yahoo.com

  39. As you can tell by all the gambling and Viagra salesmen that frequent this blog, we’re not at church here. PLEASE reconsider posting your email address in a straight-forward manner. davidtATyahooDOTc*m gets the word across to the in-crowd while hopefully confusing the spiders out there trolling for addresses.

  40. Maybe one of the gambling or viagra spiders will buy my bible!
    Thanks for the tip Bill.

  41. I’m afraid David those visitors are only here to sell, not buy!
    By spiders, I meant automated software that goes throughout the internet looking for email addresses to “harvest” and then sell to spammers who will forever fill your inbox with useless messages.
    Which also serves as a warning to all of you who have local church webpages: make sure that all personal info on your members goes behind a firewall.

  42. Still looking to sell or TRADE my Allan ESV1 Tan. Tan highland goatskin with three tan ribbons. Looks new and no marking. Very lightly used. Have original box. I would trade for an Allan’s PSR or sell for reasonable offer. davidt at yahoo dot com

  43. ESV Pitt Minion Burgundy French Morocco by Cambridge. Check out link below, Amazon Canada. Mine is the one used for $49.90. Thanks!

  44. Just asked R.L. Allan that since they now have Royal Licence under Letters Patent by Queen Elizabeth to publish the KJV in Scotland if they would print the kjv Cameo and guess what… They did. In an email they told me it was printed the night before and that in a few months they should be bound and ready for sale. It will be a Red Letter edition and bound in two choices of leather! This is awesome.

  45. Not, sure if this is their first red letter? But I had just won an auction on a never been used, still in the box, had to even remove the original paper wrapper to take the pictures, Cambridge Cameo KJV! Which made me think to ask R.L. Allan about their printing the Cameo. I wonder which would have been cheaper the Vintage Cameo or the new Cameo from R.L. Allan?

  46. “Just asked R.L. Allan that since they now have Royal Licence under Letters Patent by Queen Elizabeth to publish the KJV in Scotland if they would print the kjv Cameo and guess what… They did. In an email they told me it was printed the night before and that in a few months they should be bound and ready for sale. It will be a Red Letter edition and bound in two choices of leather! This is awesome.”
    That is great news! The Cameo is by far my favorite setting of the AV.

  47. I have a Cambridge ESV Wide Margin in Black Goatskin that I am looking to trade. I am looking for the NIV Single Column bible in either Goatskin, Calfskin, or French Morocco leather. The ESV is in great condition. I would also be willing to send the ESV via FedEx with a return shipping label. You will not have to drop a dime for shipping.
    Be Encouraged,
    Isaac C. Johnson

  48. I am also looking at selling these:
    1.Cambridge ESV Wide-Margin Goatskin. $95
    2.Allan ESV3 in Bufflo Grain Goatskin. $75
    3.1901 ASV Single Column in Black Calfskin. $75
    Or, you can buy them all for $200!
    Isaacforchrist at gmail dot com

  49. Just putting a feeler out there… Wondering if anyone has an Allan NIV highland goatskin sitting on their shelf that they would like to sell. Slightly used is acceptable. I use the ESV personall, but my congregation uses NIV – and I don’t want to spend all my money on a new version.
    Ever Onward,
    Tyler Hartford

  50. Looking for a KJV with Apocrypha but not red letter and not written in. Does anyone have such a one that they’re willing to part with?
    cgichard [at] mira [dot] net

  51. OK, I am a bit confused. I called one of the recommended binding companies, as listed on the right side of this website, as I am interested in a re-bind of a bible. I was told rather matter-of-factly that goatskin is a very BAD choice for bibles, as the oils from your hands will discolor it. I said I thought the oils were actually good for the goatskin and its longevity. “Nope” I was told, “calfskin is the best choice”. I do agree that calfskin is an excellent choice as well, yet I just can’t see R.L. Allan putting so much effort into their goatskin offerings if it is not a good thing. Am I off base here? I do have one ESV1 from Allan, and I guess I really don’t care if the oils do discolor the cover, as I know it will last my children’s lifetimes. Any help or thoughts here?

  52. I still have these Bibles for sale.
    1. 1901 ASV SingleColumn Calfskin $75
    2. Cambridge NIV WideMargin Calfskin $40
    Be Encouraged,
    Isaac C. Johnson
    Isaacforchrist at gmail.com

  53. I’m interested in getting an Allan’s NRSV (without Apocrypha) is someone has one they aren’t using and are interested in selling. (Allan’s site lists it as out of stock).
    You can contact me at faithcommunity@eastlink.ca

  54. I am looking for one of the first addition NASB Side Column Wide Margin Bibles in Calfskin. I had read here and on other sites the newer printings are done in China and not up to the same quality. If anyone has one they would be willing to part with please let me know. You can reach me at dmiear@flatcreekfamily.org

  55. I’m looking for:
    1) Crossway ESV Classic Reference Bible Cordovan Calfskin – WITH STITCHING
    2) Any Allan ESV (except ESV3)
    3) Would consider KJV and NIV Allan’s as well.
    Email: danawatson7@aol.com

  56. I have several Bibles for sale.
    Here is a listing of what I have – feel free to email me at jdjazz@aol.com for price & shipping
    All these are used – but not much.
    A few are like new. Maybe some highlighting or a few notes. I can send pictures also.
    All are some type of leather: Bonded/Calfskin/Imitation:
    HCSB Minister’s Bible Black Leather
    NIV Minister’s Bible Black Leather
    NLT Select Mahogany 2004
    NLT LP Bonded Black
    NLT Life App Black Gen 2004
    NLT Slimline/Thin 5×7 2004 leather like Black/Burgundy
    NIV Single Column Bonded Black Cambridge
    NASB Calskin Black Updated InTouch
    NASBu Calfskin Ref Wide Margin Black Lockman Foundation Single Column
    NRSV Access Burgundy Gen
    NRSV Black 9814 Oxford
    NRSV Black by Cokesbury/Zondervan
    TNIV Thinline Black Imit. Cover
    REB Cambridge Black REB143 isbn 0521012945
    TNIV Study Bible Bond Blk
    TNIV LP (XL) Bond Blk
    TNIV Today’s Devotional Bible Tan
    NIV Worship Bible Zondevan Burgundy Maranatha

  57. Trade: I would be interested in trading my Allan PSR – brown for an Allan NIVC1 in black or brown. The PSR is in perfect, new condition. Would like for the NIVC1 to be in similar condition.

  58. Today, at the local Salvation Army thrift store, I found a UK-printed Collins KJV in a Pitt Minion-type size. The Licence statement in the front is dated 1953, and states that it is “New Brevier Type, Octavo size”. The leather cover was extremely dry and stiff — pieces were breaking off of the corners — but a coat of Doc Marten Wonder Balsam has softened it considerably. It’s text-only and opens flat throughout, with overcasting about 14 chapters from either end, and the paper is simply the most opaque I’ve ever seen in a Bible.
    The price? A princely 99 cents.
    I’m not selling it or anything, and I’m not bragging. I just wanted to say that had I not found this site a couple of months ago, I wouldn’t have known about any of that stuff. Thanks, Mark!

  59. Dear Chris,
    It’s ok to brag. I would. Because that’s freakin’ sweet.

  60. Cole,
    Yeah … yeah it is. Did I mention the art-gilt? 😉
    Thrift stores rock!

  61. FS/FT: RL Allan PSR – Like New with original box:
    RL Allan ESV PSR in Chocolate – No frayed pages, or markers, no ink on pages and no signs of use. I received this as a christmas gift but the print is to small for me to really enjoy. Will sell for $75.00 shipped to USA via priority Mail. Also consider trade for like condition RL Allan ESV1/ESV3.

  62. Derek, yes and there’s a new purple trutone coming out at the same time:
    Unfortunately no word about a less-personal-sized-PSR. I’d love to see everything scaled up to 9 points in a 6″x9″ size. Or better yet, that sized volume in 10 points at ~1450 pages, or about 1 less word per line.
    Call it RSR–Reading Sized Reference.
    And yes, you could say I’m psycho about SiCo’s–single-column layouts.

  63. I totally agree with you there! A PSR in 10 pt font would be very nice. I recently grabbed a PSR in the black truetone, and I have to say its been working out rather nice .. with 2x power reading glasses though! lol. Its giving me some confidence that an upgrade may work, even in 7pt font. The lambskin edition was being priced at $88 I believe .. that’s a little more comfortable price point for me.

  64. Ah Bill .. I see what you are talking about now. Crossway does have it on there page now .. with much better pictures. I was only seeing it on Amazon. I guess its been a while since I have been on Crossway’s site. Thanks for pointing that out!

  65. totally random, but there should be a category for rebinding projects. i know many of us are interested in those and i’d like to browse through the ones that others have had done, and maybe do some dreaming…as if i don’t dream enough on the rest of the site… 🙂 just a thought.

  66. To all who my be intrested:
    I have a soon to be classic Cambridge TNIV Popular Text Edition in Burgundy French Morocco for Sale/Trade
    I will listen to all reasonable offers
    Just shoot me an email:
    isaac for christ @ gmail .com
    Be Encouraged:-)

  67. Allan 5C in new condition wanted!
    I’m looking for an Allan 5C Oxford Brevier Clarendon KJV Ref in Black Natural Goatskin Full Yapp with Cyclopedic Concordance.
    While it is being reprinted within the next month or so, I was wondering if anyone had one to part with now?
    I would like to buy or trade for a new NIVC1 I have.
    Please email johncomito at earthlink dot net

  68. Very good used condition also wanted on that Allan 5C!
    Please email johncomito at earthlink dot net
    Thanks very much!

  69. I read Mark’s book “Beguiled” in one afternoon/evening; it was an enjoyable read and I recommend it to anyone who likes mystery with a touch of romance. The descriptive details of Charleston were done exceptionally well; makes me want to go back for a visit!
    I also read “Rethinking Worldview” some time ago; completely different venue but also excellent as well as thought provoking. Mark is a multi-talented writer. I’m looking forward to his next novel this summer!
    I recommend both works to all who read this blog. “Beguiled” will probably appeal more to women, but everyone can get something out of “Worldview.”

  70. Hello Friends,
    I am new to your community. I am glad I found others who are equally excited about quality bibles as I am. My question is for anybody who can give a good answer. Has this blog reviewed the ESV calfskin study bible? If so, how can I get the review? If there is no review does anybody know of the ESV stuby bible (calfskin’s)quality of craftsmanship? I hope to hear back soon. My family and I are missionaries in S.E. Asia Cambodia and find this site very helpful!
    Blessings All

  71. I received no responses so I’ve placed a pre-order on the Allan 5C I was seeking.
    Thanks for looking though!

  72. Anyone out there looking to do a trade, I am game.
    Looking for an Allan PSR… Or a Cambridge Single Column NIV
    Just shoot me an email:-)
    Isaac for christ @ gmail . Com
    Be Encouraged

  73. Ok guys and gals, I have a brand new Allan Brown Highland Goatskin bible:ESVR1BR that I just got in from Allan’s in Scotland. It is gorgeous and I paid 126 lbs or $206 for from Scotland. It is so unbelievable flexible and soft that I don’t know if I can use it for my daily bible. If anyone is interested in a trade of n…ear like value (I like all translations), I might be tempted to trade. This baby has three ribbons: Green, brown, and purple. Being a pastor, I need something with as wide a margin as this has. I may be crazy, but I just am having trouble thinking of anything but keeping this one in its box. You can message me. Thanks, Ron C.

  74. Hey Ron,
    I would be interested in trading a vintage Cambridge NIV Wide Margin in Calfskin leather. I’m not sure how old it is but I have a newer (less than 10 yrs old) version of the same and this one is definitely older. It is in perfect condition with no marking and it’s soft and flexible without feeling like it’s being poured out of your hand. Shoot me an email at jesse.furey@uscm.org if you are interested. I’d be willing to cover some of the $ difference as you could pick up the NIV for less than you paid for the Allan’s.

  75. Mark there are reviews on this blog, go to the top and under the space to type in type ESV study Bible and it will take to google and this site for reviews. I have the cordavon calfskin and the binding is wonderful.

  76. Ryan, someone is looking to offload an ESV3 on the Bible Design blog facebook page.

  77. Jesse; Thanks for the interest, but I believe this one is traded. Best, Ron

  78. I have a NASB Pitt Minion Reference in Black Goatskin, brand new. Looking to trade the same bible in NKJV or ESV in any color. Thanks.

  79. Hi everyone,
    Two ebay auctions worth noting:
    (1) Brand new calfskin ESV Heirloom Edition ESV. This is the one that has been out of print for several years.
    (2) Brand new Allan PSR in black highland goatskin.
    These ARE NOT my auctions. Just saw them and thought I’d pass it along.

  80. Anyone interested in a trade? I have an Allan ESV1, in British Tan, very, very lightly used, still have the box, no markings in it. I believe I would prefer the ESV PSR, as I simply want to read it; all my note-taking and study occurs in a wide-margin bible, so my Allan is just sort of sitting there. So…please let me know if you have an Allan PSR you would like to trade me for my ESV1.

  81. I have a pristine ESV Single Column Reference in Black Calfskin that I am looking to sell or trade (for a Black or Brown Allan ESV PSR). My ESV SCR is less than a year old and has gotten very little use, given my ESV1T. There is NO writing in it and show NO signs of wear. Probably only been opened 20 times or less. 🙁
    Please email me (darincue@sbcglobal.net) if you’re interested in buying it or trading for it. Thanks!

  82. Also, have a NIV Single Column Goatskin Black for trade or sell.

  83. I am looking for the Cambridge KJV/RV Interliner Bible in Goatskin. If anybody has one that they are willing to part with shoot me an email
    Be Encouraged,
    Isaac Curtis Johnson
    Isaac for christ at gmail dot com

  84. Just to let everyone know, I have listed 3 items at EBay (selling as dngreenwood1970). An Oxford RSV in tan leather, an NEB New Testament in black Morocco, and a pocket NEB New Testament in blue morocco. Warning: my pictures don’t compare to Mark’s! 🙂

  85. I have two Allan NIV Bold Bibles in Black Highland Goatskin. I’d like to sell at least one of them, but I’m not sure if this is the right place to do so. I’ve never done eBay. Would anyone be interested?

  86. I’m looking to sell or trade a Cambridge Wide Margin NIV in Black Calfskin. This bible is the mid 90’s version and is still in the slipcase. It’s in like new condition with no markings. I’m looking for a more portable ESV (PSR, Pitt Minion, ESV1) as I do my studying in an ESV wide margin. I’ll be listing it on ebay in a couple days but thought I’d see if anyone would be interested in a trade (or purchase) before I do. I can also provide photos.

  87. For Sale: Allan NIVC1, black highland goatskin, new in box – $125 shipped in United States, $10 additional for Canada and Europe. Please send me a message if interested. Thanks!

  88. For Sale: ESV R in brown highland goatskin. I bought it at a discount from Allan Co due to the impressed name in gold of someone on the front cover. I scratched off the gold leaf but the leather retains some of the depression. Otherwise, it’s a perfect ESVR edition. I paid $110 and would be asking that for it, if you’re interested.

  89. I’d also be interested in the ESVR if it’s still available. Please contact me at:
    BTW, how did you find out that Allan had a second for sale? I don’t think I’ve seen them advertised on the website. I wouldn’t mind getting the discount…

  90. Lower price on Allan NIVC1 for sale! Black highland goatskin, new in box – now only $115 shipped in United States, $10 additional for Canada and Europe. Please send me a message if interested. Thanks! Will also trade for a tan ESV1.

  91. Will also trade for a Cambridge Goatskin Red Letter Concord Reference Edition.
    johncomito (at) earthlink (dot) net

  92. For sale or trade: NRSV Oxford Pocket edition w/out Apocrypha, rebound in soft pebble grain deerskin by Leanord’s. Small cross imprinted on cover. If interested, email rjcarter3(at)juno(dot)com. Thanks.

  93. Hi,
    Anyone have a Crossway ESV Classic Ref bible that they want to unload? I’m looking for calfskin – black or burgundy doesn’t matter.

  94. For sale: NASB Side-Column Reference Bible. Black calfskin. Perfect condition (only opened once or twice). ISBN: 978-1581351125.
    Also for sale: NASB In-Touch Ministries Wide Margin Edition. Top-grain blue calfskin. Used very lightly (no markings of any kind). Stored in original box.
    If interested, email jolmaster@hotmail.com.

  95. For Sale:
    1. Allan’s NIV Pebble Calfskin Brown. Mint (unused but a couple of years old) $125
    – Reviewed by Mark here: http://www.bibledesignblog.com/2008/03/where-bibles-ar.html
    2. Cambridge Wide Margin goatskin NASB. Brand New In Box. Black. $100
    3. ESV Single Column Premium Calfskin. Black. Brand New In Box. $100
    $7.00 shipping via USPS priority added on all of the above. If interested or have questions, contact me at: khedrick@comcast.net

  96. For Sale:
    A rebound NIV Bold Print Bible.
    You can check out on ebay:
    Reason for Rebinding: I have been a huge admirer of R.L. Allan Bibles for a while now, they used to produce a NIV Bold Print edition. However they stopped producing Bold Print Edition in 2008/2009. I found a 2009 Bold Print edition for sale at Amazon.uk in bonded leather. However, I didn’t like the leather and wanted this bible bound in Calfskin. I also wanted a bible with a full yapp.
    I sent this Bible to McSpadden Book Binders (Oklahoma) and they rebound this Bible for me in Calfskin. They put in 3 red ribbons, with a full yapp (meaning the cover hangs over the edge to protect the pages; it also gives it a nice old fashioned feel). It is lined with a synthetic material that is fairly flexible (when I ordered it, I requested the lining to be extra limp). The bible measures 10.25 inches by 6.6 inches by 1.3 inches (this includes the overlap of the leather).
    I paid $45 for the bible originally and had it rebound for 75$.

  97. For Sale:
    New Allan ESV-R, brown highland goatskin. It has a name embossed into the bottom right of the front cover (gold removed). I paid $110 for it from R A Allan and want to get that for this Bible. I will email photos if interested. bkrewson@pbu.edu

  98. For Sale:
    New NIV Study Bible, smooth navy color calfskin leather, silver edges, published in 2002 by Zondervan, ISBN 0-310-92962-8.
    Includes unique wooden box with sliding top door.
    Asking $130. Will send photos if requested. bkrewson@pbu.edu

  99. WANTED — I am interested in purchasing a Holman Legacy NIV. While the Bible does not need to be “mint”, it needs to be free from underlining, hi-lights, notes, and the like (although it is no big deal to me if someone filled out the presentment pages). I am willing to pay cash or trade. Contact me at khedrick@comcast.net

  100. For sale: Cambridge Presentation, used less than a dozen times. The front few pages have a light fold mark, and there is a small amount of mild water damage on the top and corner of the last pages (at the dictionary), but it does not go into the pages.I’m asking $100 plus $8.00 shipping in USA, PayPal only please. If interested, please e-mail me at johncomito at earthlink dot net
    Please see photos:

  101. I have three Bibles I am looking to sell:
    (1) ESV, Single Column Reference Bible (Brown/Cordovan, TruTone, Portfolio). This is the edition with the upgraded paper and sewn binding. Great candidate for a rebind. Like new. $20
    (2) Lockman NASB Side-Column Reference, Wide Margin, Black Genuine Leather. One page in Psalms has a slight tear (repaired with tape). Also, I replaced the single 1/4 ” ribbon with two 3/8′” ribbons (black). Clean copy — no markings or highlights. $20
    (3) ESV Pitt Minion in brown goatskin. This is the latest printing, which comes with two brown ribbon markers. Clean copy with box, and the leather has softened up nicely. $50.
    Thanks, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to see photos. I will also consider trades for any of these.

  102. I’m selling my Cambridge reference NRSV with Apocrypha in black calfskin for $130. It is new in the box; I’ve only used it once. There are some minor scuffs on the gilding that were there when I purchased it. It is art gilt. The calf is a little stiff, but not as bad as the french morocco in the same format. There is a… problem that was pre-existing were the liner is pulling away from the cover. From what I’ve seen this is a problem with many Cambridges from this period. If it becomes a problem it should be able to be easily fixed by sending it in for the repair service at Leonard’s book restoration for around $20. If you are interested please send me a email me at alarickc@gmail.com God Bless!

  103. WANTED:
    ESV or NKJV Pitt Minion Black Goatskin
    NKJV Signature Series Pocket Companion tan or black calfskin
    NKJV Single Column Bible bonded leather.
    NASB Burgundy Calfskin Side Column Bible – out of print
    Allan NIV Bold Text Highland Goatskin – out of print
    ESV Study Bible Black Calfskin
    Email me at danawatson7 @ aol dot com. THANKS!

  104. Selling a brand new ESV Reformation Study Bible in imitation tan for $30. It’s still in the box, just took it out of the plastic before deciding I didn’t need it and my ESV study bible.
    Email jesse.furey@uscm.org if interested.

  105. UPDATE from above post
    NASB Burgundy Calfskin Side Column Bible
    ESV Study Bible Black Calfskin
    Still for sale/trade:
    Allan ESV1 Reference Black Highland Goatskin
    Allan NIV Bold Text Highland Goatskin

  106. Hi Danna, I’m definitely interested in the Allan ESV1 Reference Black Highland Goatskin… I sent you an email!
    thanks -David

  107. NLT Select in Mahogany available. Brand New in bonded leather gift box.
    Facebook me or email mashmouth (at) gmail
    Peace and grace.

  108. Ok, quite a few rare and high quality bibles for sale, needs must for a desktop computer fund. 🙁
    email offers to david @ gmail dot com
    Or use my wifes contact form at http://jirehcakes.com/contactus.htm
    Oxford Wide Margin KJV Black Marakesh Grain Calfskin
    Nice pics here its currently unavailable I think.
    Cambridge KJV Presentation Reference Bible Black Goatskin CD286
    Cambridge Single column NIV Black Calfskin. (out of print I think in the calfskin)
    Tan Suede (yes suede!) Today’s KJV by bible first Golden Jubilee Edition (out of print)
    Cambridge Cameo black calfskin KJV
    Nelson Signature series NCV Black calfskin
    Allan NRSV Black goatskin (currently out of print)
    Cambridge NIV wide margin Black Calfskin
    New Cambridge Paragraph Bible in Black French Morocco
    Cambridge Revised English Bible with the apocrypha REBA 143 Black French Morocco
    Nelson Signature Series NKJV Thompson Chain Reference (out of print I think)
    Nelson Signature Series Tan NKJV
    Vintage Eyre & Spottiswoode Brevier NT & Psalms in Green Montana Calfskin
    Vintage Eyre & Spottiswoode RSV Long Primer New Testament and Psalms Bright RED French Morocco. (Best French Morocco of all bibles I have felt!)
    Will take a big offer to get that one off me.
    Vintage Eyre and Spottiswoode Bijou New Testament Keyford Edition Blue Leather with Hallmarked Solid silver cover. Tiny size – rough estimate 2 1/4″ x 1 1/4″. A real collectors Item.
    Decent offers more than welcome, don’t expect a total steal though as I need to make my target of £500 asap for my computer.
    For those who don’t know I’m from Northern Ireland, but shipping to US is no problem, I have shipped over 50 bibles through ebay there with no problems.
    my ebay feedback is 100%
    May the LORD bless all those who love His Word.

  109. !! Can you believe I got my own email wrong – david dot farlow at gmail.com
    Mark I dont know if you can fix the previous post. (casually asking – as if you had nothing better to do with your time 🙂

  110. The bibles listed above and below are mostly brand new in mint condition with box.
    Also now selling Vintage Cambridge NASB 1977 Gold box (burgundy)
    Oxford Ruby Reference Red leather in “Real Hide” ( I’m guessing pigskin?)
    Brown Cambridge NT & Psalms in Berkshire leather
    Oxford Sheldon Print in blue (not navy) French Morocco
    Cambridge Crystal in Pluviusin Burgundy in gold box
    Vintage Collins Fontana font (1961)
    Bright Red Vintage Eyre and Spottiswoode NT & Psalms Royal Brevier text
    Cambridge Wide Margin NASB Black French Morocco
    Vintage Oxford Brevier text in burgundy (nearly red) French Morocco

  111. !SOLD! – Allan NRSV Black goatskin (currently out of print)
    !SOLD! – Eyre & Spottiswoode NT in Green Calfskin
    Well I’m no where near selling all these yet – maybe you could get a bargain now, I’ll try to be flexible on price.

  112. Update on my June 04, 2010 posting:
    The ESV Pitt Minion and the ESV Single Column Reference are SOLD.
    The NASB Side-Column Reference is still available.

  113. Hello all, I have listed a number of items for sale from the UK on E-Bay: an NEB O.T. signed by the translation committee, an Oxford KJV leather wide-margin, a Collins KJV French Morocco Longprimer, etc. David Greenwood (known on EBay as dngreenwood1970)

  114. I don’t quite know if this is the right spot for my question, but I’ll ask anyways: does anyone here have a brown goatskin KJV Pitt Minion they’d be willing to sell, or at least know how I can get my hands on one? I had found a used copy on Amazon.com and was going to buy it, but I had to wait a few days to get paid and someone else snatched it up. >.> It was the only copy I could even find on all of teh interwebs. LOL
    My e-mail is crazyhayashi@yahoo.com if anyone has word about this. Thank you either way.

  115. !SOLD! – Oxford Wide Margin Reference-Marakesh Grain Calfskin
    !SOLD! – Cambridge Revised English Bible with the apocrypha REBA 143 Black

  116. Selling my Black calfskin ESV Study Bible. Since receiving my ESV Reader’s edition, the calf SB is just not getting much use. I’m asking $120.00 which includes shipping in North America. I’ve had it for five months and it is in excellent shape with no marks inside except a stamp emboss “from the Library of” on two of the intro pages. If you are interested send me a message–chrissquire1@hotmail.com. Thank-you!

  117. Hey all, I have a few Bible auctions going on Ebay.
    NIV Cambridge Pitt Minion Burgundy French Morocco Leather:
    NKJV Cambridge Pitt Minion in Black Goatskin:
    NKJV Cambridge Wide Margin Reference in black Goatskin:
    All of these bibles are brand new in the box. God bless.

  118. Two Bibles for sale:
    1. ESV PSR in Red Alhambra Goatskin (Priced at $140 on the net but currently out of stock at both EvangelicalBible.com and Bibles-direct.com). Purchased this one brand new from evangelicalbible.com and never used. Only out of box about 2 times and immediately placed back into box. Brand new condition. Will sell for $120 plus $8.00 for shipping.
    2. Cambridge NASB Wide Margin, black goatskin leather. ISBN 9780521702652. Never used. Brand new in box. Purchased from Amazon. $100 plus $10.00 for shipping.
    If interested contact khedrick at comcast dot net.

  119. Bibles for sale!
    Cambridge ESV Wide Margin in black goatskin (Red Letter). Brand new, just got from Amazon but I don’t really need it. I would sell it for $150. I’ll cover shipping in the continental US.
    Allan/Oxford 6C. Just got this bible at the end of May. It has some flaking on the writing on the spine, but other than that it’s a great bible. Not another blemish on it. evbible.com is selling these for $149. I would sell this one for $115 because of the flaking, which has not been a problem in recent weeks. I think it was an initial, out of the box issue.
    HCSB Minister’s Bible in Genuine Cowhide Leather….just ordered from Amazon but I was gifted another one of these and so I need to sell this one. They go for about $65 or so on Amazon with shipping. I would like to get $55 for the bible.
    if you are interested…email me at mobile19761999 at yahoo dot com

  120. The ESV wide margin that I listed above is now spoken for…..
    Still have the HCSB minister’s bible for sale.

  121. I want to thank Kyle Hedrick who recently sold me his Cambridge NASB Wide Margin Bible in black goatskin listed above. When I contacted Kyle that I was interested in buying his Bible, he promptly answered my questions. When I decided to purchase, he mailed the book that same day. Just three days later I received the new NASB, as advertised, and nicely packaged to prevent shipping damage. I certainly appreciate the great service. In my book buying experience, receiving quality service from high and low volume vendors is not the norm.
    Thanks again, Kyle!

  122. I also bought a Bible from Kyle Hedrick about a month ago, and it went really well. I bought a ESV single column black calfskin Bible, it’s great. Mark…

  123. Same here .. I’ve bought from Kyle as well and it was an excellent experience. I’ve had a couple of dealings buying and selling Bibles from folks here and its been a very positive experience.
    Thanks everyone!

  124. I’m looking for an ESV Single Column Reference in black calfskin. Anyone looking to sell?

  125. Craig, I have an SCR in TruTone and it’s got great paper and quality smyth-sewn signature binding. Have you considered getting one of these and getting it re-bound either immediately or later? Might be cheaper overall. Plus, you can sort of try before you buy…spend the modest amount for a Trutone, use the SCR for a while to verify you really like it, then re-bind the budget binding once it has served its purpose for you. For example, the SCR is a large volume…doesn’t bother me but it does some folks. Buying a Trutone and living with it a while lets you find out if the size and weight is an issue for you.
    I personally am finding I don’t like the TruTone material near as much as I did when it was novel and new. Still, I love the guts of my SCR and have no near-term plans to re-bind it. But it’s an option I’m keeping open.
    Just something to consider.

  126. Brown Allan ESV Reader’s Edition for sale.
    New condition, no marks or notes in the bible. It’s in the same great condition as when it arrived from evangelicalbible….$175 shipped will get it to you. Email me at mobile19761999 at yahoo dot com if you are interested.

  127. I just posted 14 finely bound bibles on eBay including 5 RL Allan Bibles, 7 Cambridge bibles and some odds and ends. My name is Ian Smith and I recently finished the Intercultural Studies Masters program at Wheaton College and I’m currently working as a support-based cross-cultural worker in Chicagoland with Trinity International Baptist Mission. I hope to be going overseas in a year or so! Please take a look at the bibles I have put on eBay, proceeds go towards supporting my work among refugees in Chicago and paying down my student debt so I can go to the ends of the earth! http://shop.ebay.com/katsukaizo/m.html

  128. Holman NASB 1977 edition for sale $60.00. Side-Column Reference Edition, red letter, SINGLE column, Top Grain Cowhide.
    I bought the bible with plans to rebind and make this a really nice bible, but have now decided to simplify life and only keep the couple of bibles I use daily. There are no markings or defects of any kind on/in the text, the cover has a small tear in the upper left corner, probably due to age in the leather. It measures 9 1/2 x 6 1/2.
    This bible is very difficult to find anywhere…I found it on ebay.

  129. For Sale: Allan Longprimer in Brown, 2nd edition, absolutely new and not read, has been opened for inspection only: $160 with shipping in the continental USA. Email me at johncomito at earthlink dot net if interested, I accept PayPal.

  130. I am looking for the Cambridge Revised English Bible REB with Apocrpha.
    Item name: REBA143
    ISBN: 0521509556
    If anyone sees one on auction, please let me know.

  131. I apologize for accusing Internet Hosting of spamming if they weren’t. I can’t see where he was linking to those.
    Anyway, I have been tempted by those bibles on CBD, but they usually aren’t that much better of a price than I can find elsewhere. They are so vague about what is wrong with the imperfects. I’m afraid to buy one and get a bible with a big golden XXXXXXXXX on the cover.

  132. Hi,
    That post from Internet Hosting was a copy/paste from the one I made when this thread was first created. I think its safe to say it was spam 🙂

  133. For Sale: Crossway ESV Large Print Calfskin.
    Pictured here:
    I haven’t had much luck selling this in the past, but I’m hoping my odds will improve 🙂
    Black Calfskin, black letter. two ribbon markers (black), including box, good condition – no torn pages, no marks on cover. A few verses underlined with pencil (easily erasable) and scripture references made in pencil for reading through in chronological order. Overall, very slightly used.
    Asking $120. And I can sweeten the deal by throwing in any one additional Bible that you may be interested in. Contact me for details.
    I am wanting to do a rebinding project on an ESV Literary Study Bible that I recently fell in love with. A deal on this Bible would help greatly!
    contact me at derekbeyer@hotmail.com if interested.
    Thank-you and God Bless!

  134. Looking to purchase a new or unused Allan’s Bold Print Reference Edition (NIV) in Highland Goastskin. I realize it is curretnly out of print.

  135. Tom B
    Re the NIV Bold print…Send me an email at
    mattdmorales at gmail dot com

  136. FOR SALE: Red Alhambra Goatskin ESV Personal Size Reference purchased from Evangelical Bible. Brand New in box. Never used or carried, and only out of box 2 times. BRAND NEW. No longer available on Evangelical (priced at $140). Still available on Bibles-direct.com for 90 GBP (current exchange rate: $140). Will sell for $110 + $10 shipping (within the mainland US). Contact kylehedrick at comcast dot net.

  137. ^^ — *** CORRECTION *** — ^^
    not Marbled Crimson, it is blue MARBLED INDIGO!
    Sorry everyone!

  138. Anyone interested in a high quality thin-line NRSV. It is the old Cambridge Minster Text Edition rebound by Leonard’s in Natural Grain Brown Pigskin. It is the brown Bible in this photo set:
    $80 shipped.
    This Bible is in Like-New condition. No markings of any kind. I still have the original Cambridge box. It is a wonderful Bible, but I just don’t find myself using it at all. It needs a new loving home.

  139. FYI… Currently listed for sale on eBay are eight (8) RARE KJV Oxford Reference Brevier Clarendon Type Bibles.
    I received them today directly shipped from Scotland.
    The links are as follows:
    * Four (4) in Burgundy Calfskin Leather:
    * Two (2) in Blue Calfskin Leather:
    * Two (2) in Black French Morocco Leather with Nylon Zip:
    Just thought my fellow blog readers might appreciate a chance to purchase these hard-to-find Bibles!

  140. Hello, I have a few Bibles I would like to trade. One is a Red Nelson RSV in Morroco. One is a New English Bible in Moroccoette, and one is a Oxford Calfskin NT. All are in nice condition. The Nelson RSV has a issue on the inside cover where it wants to seperate. It is pictured.
    What I am looking for is: A Cambr…idge REB New Testament in leather, A Cambridge wide margin KJV, or a nice leather Large print KJV to give as a gift. Would also be open to other trades. I have no idea what the Nelson is worth, may be open to offers.
    You may email me:
    All Bibles have pictures here:

  141. For anyone that is interested, I am selling a New Allan ESV Reader’s Edition in Tan Highland Goatskin Leather.
    It has only been taken to church a couple of times. No marks of any kind, comes with original box
    I am selling it for $165
    Contact me if interested

  142. I am about to sweeten up the deal.
    I will sell the Tan Allan Readers Edition with a Brown Allan PSR.
    Allan Readers $165
    Allan PSR $75
    Or, you can get them together for $210.00

  143. FOR SALE: Red Alhambra Goatskin ESV Personal Size Reference purchased from EvangelicalBible. Brand New in box. Never used or carried, and only out of box 2 times. BRAND NEW. No longer available on EvangelicalBible (priced at $140 for preorders). Will sell for $120 with free shipping (within the mainland US). Contact kylehedrick at comcast dot net.

  144. Would anyone happen to know whether the Zondervan NASB Classic Reference in Black Top Grain Leather (ISBN 0310931290) has a sewn binding, or a glued binding?

  145. For Sale:
    Cordovan Calfskin ESV Classic Reference, “Used, Like New” condition: $100,including shipping.
    I bought a copy that was listed as “new,” and I have only lightly perused it.
    There are some wrinkles in the lining of the back cover, but those are from the manufacturer, not from me.
    Ways to contact me, in order of convenience:
    1) Send a message on facebook to Hubert James Keener
    2) Post a comment here on the “Welcome to BDB” thread.
    3) E-mail me at jimjimgk@hotmail.com
    FB is preferred, but, if you don’t have fb, try number 2 or 3.

  146. I’m listing these Bibles here before I put them on Ebay to sell. Here’s what I got:
    Sigature Series NKJV REFERENCE tan calfskin Bible. Rare and out of Print
    Cambridge NIV black calfskin Single Column Bible. Out of Print and for some reason very expensive on Amazon
    Allan Chocolate ESV1
    NKJV Pitt Minion Black goatskin
    All are in very good to excellent condition. Pictures available.
    Email: danawatson7 @ aol .com. Make an offer. Thanks!

  147. I’m looking to buy (i) an Allan ESV1 or ESV3, and (ii) a nice RSV. If you have anything, please email me at jcainhart at gmail dot com.
    I also have an Allan ESVR1BR for sale. Practically brand new.

  148. Allan NRSV for sale. Very good condition. No marking in the text at all. A couple of neat notations on one of the front blank pages. Otherwise like new. Currently out of print. $100 shipped. email if interested: rjcarter3 at juno dot com.

  149. I am selling a black calfskin Crossway ESV Classic Reference. It is in like-new condition except for a few small marks on the gilding from some snowflakes that landed on it when I carried it into the house from the car. Otherwise it’s in perfect condition. I am asking $100 shipped. My email is tanowicki at comcast dot net. Thanks for looking.

  150. It’s gorgeous, John! If my congregation used that hymnal, I’d be your 1st customer.
    Good luck with your sale. I’d mention it’s Hymns Old and New in your postings to draw the specialized customer base you need.
    It’s the over-specialization problem again. It’s hard enough getting the editions we want when there’s so many different translations to choose from. Add in dozens of hymnal choices and it’s that much harder. We need a high-quality books-on-demand printer to produce these editions for us!
    Mark’s “Short and stout” format is perfect for Bible/hymnal combos but alas these are limited to <2" thick using modern automated binding/trimming machines. Now hand-binding and sanding doesn't have these limitations, but I think you're then in THIS kind of price range:
    (If you’ve got a minute, the videos there are quite impressive.)

  151. I have for sale or trade a like-new Allan ESV1 in Tan. I’ve decided to move forward with a different translation for my everyday use, so I have no need for this Bible. Comes with the original box and the Bible is in perfect condition. Send me a message at jcainhart at gmail dot com. Thanks, Jeffrey

  152. Just wanted to reaffirm that I have a like-new Allan ESV1 in Tan for sale. Comes with its original box, etc. The preorder price through EB currently is $175. I’m willing to part with it for $135 OBO. Email is jcainhart at gmail dot com.

  153. Re-list: Red Alhambra Goatskin PSR purchased from Evangelical Bible and NEVER USED. This item is brand new in the box and I will sell for a total (including shipping) of $110.00 Contact kylehedrick at comcast dot net

  154. ESV cordovan Calfskin thinline Bible for sale–$60.00–with the fancy magnetic box. This is a red letter bible with a few minor scuffs on the front and back. There is also two embossed intro pages and penciled presentation page (easily erased). Message me if you’re interested. Thanks! Will also trade for Allan’s ESV 3.–richardhetkeATgmailDOTcom

  155. I am looking for the KJV/RV Interlinear Bible in goatskin. If there is anyone who is still willing to sell one, please email me at iidx4ever at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  156. I put my ESV1 in Tan on Ebay. Like new condition. If you want it for $135 (includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail) prior to anyone placing a bid, please send me an email. jcainhart at gmail dot com.

  157. Hi Tim B, thanks for the link. I saw that one before I asked for help here, but it is too pricey for me. That one featured is a fully interleaved version, while I’m looking for one that is not interleaved.

  158. I’ve got an NASB SCR in genuine leather that I bought about eight years ago, before they were printed in China. This one was printed in the US. I’m selling it for $35. I compared the margins with those on the ESV Reader’s, and they appear to be slightly wider than the ESV. I’ve used it mostly for reference, so it hasn’t seen a lot of wear. It has a couple of verses in the beginning of Luke underlined, along with a brief note in the margin. Other than that, I didn’t see any other markings. Someone might be interested in rebinding the text block. You can email me at ferndok91 at hotmail dot com if you’re interested.

  159. If you want to contact me about the above Shepherd’s Conference bible you can reach me at mwluehrmann at yahoo dot com.

  160. I am selling my Allan PSR Chocolate Brown for $120. It is basically unused, the cover and pages are still in new condition with no markings. Contact me at dvnilsen at gmail .com

  161. Allan PSR Red Alhambra Goatskin, great shape, no marks inside for $95.00. Email me at richardhetke at gmail.com if interested.

  162. Reduced: Allan PSR Red Alhambra Goatskin, great shape, no marks inside from $95.00 to $85.00 or a trade for a black Allan’s ESV 3. Send me a message if interested! richardhetke at gmail.com

  163. I have listed a few minutes ago the following on eBay (seller name Duezzy):
    Cambridge Pitt NKJV Black Goatskin
    New Geneva NKJV Study Bible Black Cowhide
    Nelson Signature NKJV Black Calfskin
    World Heritage KJV Ostrileg calfskin snap flap
    Cambridge Cameo KJV (Gold box) Burgundy bonded leather
    Holman Classic NKJV British Tan Bonded Leather
    It may take a while before they appear.

  164. greetings, i am looking for an American-made niv bible to replace the chinese bibles that someone gave my children. i have no buddhist items in my house and wish to get rid of these hypocritically printed bibles. please email me at djccgentry @ hotmail.com if you can help. thanks, dave

  165. Yup, all Chinese are evil Buddhists……(hopefully my sarcasm comes across well)

  166. As I understand it, there is only one company allowed to print bibles in China. They are one of the largest bible printers in the world. God is using them to do amazing things for our Christian brothers and sisters in China. It’s still illegal to bring bibles into China and without the Chinese bible printers, they would have an incredibly hard time getting bibles in China.
    Check out this video: http://www.masters.edu/flash/video/play.asp?v=wong

  167. In the latest Banner of Truth, January 2011 magizine, they have an article on publishing Christian material in China. It also mentions there are between 80-100 million Christians in China.

  168. Looking to BUY: ESV Single Column Reference in Black Calfskin
    Looking to SELL/TRADE: Cambridge NLT Pitt Minion in Black Goatskin, like new but no box.
    If interested, let me know:
    linden76 at sbcglobal dot net

  169. I just posted a Brown Goatskin NLT Pitt Minion on Ebay with a $.99 starting bid. The Bible is like new and has only been opened a few times.

  170. I have not had time to scroll down and look, but does anyone here have an a Scofield bound in sealskin, french morocco, or calfskin for sale, vintage or otherwise? Thanks.

  171. i have a few bibles for sale:
    1. Allan ESV PSR. This is from the first printing and is in new condition. I would like to get $100 for it and would handle shipping costs.
    2. In Touch Ministries Black Calfskin NASB..I am selling this bible for $75 and it is in new condition. Again, i would pay shipping. it retails for about $109-115. I just bought this bible a few weeks ago.
    3. Crossway ESV Study Bible in Brown Cowhide. The leather on this bible is incredible. It’s in new condition except there are a few scratches on teh gilding but nothing out of the ordinary for what you usually get with Crossway’s gilding after a few weeks of use. I would sell this bible for $75. It usually goes for about $100-$115.
    4. Allan 6C. this bible has some flaking on the gold leaf on the spine of the bible but otherwise is in perfect condition. They sell for $155 but because of the worn gold leaf, i would sell it for $115. I can take some pics if somebody is interested in this bible.
    contact me at mobile19761999 at yahoo dot com if you are interested in any of these.

  172. looks like i have the Allan 6C mentioned above sold…the others are still available.

  173. I have an Allan ESV1 Tan which I simply do not use, preferring to stay with the NASB. I would be willing to trade it for one of the new Allan NASB (crimson, preferably), if anyone has one and is looking for such a trade. My ESV1 is unmarked, and barely used, and I would be willing to consider trading it with some cash if the NASB is brand new, just to try to be fair. For photos or info, or to discuss options, please e-mail me at cspenner @ rcn . com.

  174. Want to Buy: Cambridge KJV Cameo New Testament Psalms British Berkshire Leather. The cover can be black, brown, burgundy. I am looking to replace the one I somehow lost.
    Thanks. Please contact me at anthonylbutler@yahoo.com

  175. For Sale: Oxford KJV Clarendon – same text as the Allan 5C without the Cyclopedic Concordance. Has chapter headings and center column reference, bound in very flexible dark blue calfskin with blue under gold gilt edges. Just in time for the 400th anniversary of the King James translation! Asking $85 plus $10 UPS shipping in the United States, Paypal only please. Pictures are at this link:
    Bible is unmarked and in new condition – old stock! Please email johncomito(at)earthlink(dot)net if interested or with any questions. Thanks!

  176. I’m looking for a Red Alhambra Goatskin ESV Personal Size Reference. I was saving to go with that edition, but Allan switched to the crimson shade before I could get one! Contact me if you’re trying to sell one.
    Email – jdbreeding(at)yahoo(dot)com

  177. NLT Pitt Minion for sale:
    Black Goatskin, 2 red ribbons. Very Good condition, lightly used. Has my name on the presentation page and 4 words (lectio, meditatio, oratio, contemplatio) on one of the blank pages in front.
    $65 shipped.
    email me: rjcarter3 at juno dot com

  178. I am listing an REB Calfskin New Testament on Ebay tonight 2.12.11 at 9:30PM EST. and it will run for a week…REBNT7 Dark Red Isbn: 0521509475
    Have also included a picture of other bible to sell in the future
    KJV Calfskin New Testament / Psalms Pocket version ISBN 0521160472…
    KJV Berksire New Testament and Psalms ISBN 0521801842…
    KJV Calfskin (not split calfskin as in just released version) with Apocrypha ISBN:0521509467
    KJV Calfskin Large print New Testament…Isbn:052509580

  179. Thanks Bob, I see here the other NTs and bible are KJV. But the last ISBN appears to be missing a digit: 052509580?

  180. Re-list: Red Alhambra Goatskin PSR purchased from Evangelical Bible and NEVER USED. This item is brand new in the box and I will sell for a total (including shipping) of $100.00 plus shipping. Contact kylehedrick at comcast dot net

  181. Tim, I am pretty sure I have a red REB new testament from cambridge. If you are interested, contact me at kylehedrick at comcast dot net.

  182. Looking to sell a brand-new Cambridge NIV Wide-Margin Reference Bible in Black Goatskin (NI 206WM; ISBN: 978-0-521-69120-8). I just received this in the mail today; I only lifted it out of the box once to confirm it made it in one piece.
    It’s selling for about $150 at Amazon & Evangelical Bible, w/ free shipping. I’d sell it for the same, and also cover shipping, or for a fair and reasonable offer.
    Contact: djulian AT juliansabroad.com

  183. I just picked up a Cambridge NKJV Promo Pitt Minion Bible…Tan Stitched Cowhide…no indication it will ever be in production….may be the only one…dont know how to post a picture here but have an photo added to a ebay auction now running…
    selling a REB Dark Red Calfskin Testament.
    The Promo NKJV is the tan Bible on top of a NLT Pitt Minion.
    Currently selling a Cambridge KJV Tan Berkshire New Testament and Psalms on ebay also.

  184. I have a few bibles for sale, they’re in great condition and all are unmarked.
    Allan Brown Reader’s edition, asking $150
    Allan 6C Clarendon asking $120
    ESV Study Bible in Cordovan calfskin asking $120
    Please email me at tanowicki@comcast.net with any questions. Thanks!

  185. For Sale:
    Allan Indexed Mid-Grain Goatskin KJV Ruby, brand new in box – $70 shipped.
    Cambridge Black Goatskin KJV Cameo (nice subdued red letter), in like new condition with box – $135 shipped. Please contact johncomito(at)earthlink(dot)com if interested.

  186. The brown Reader’s listed above is sold, but still have the Allan Clarendon and Cordovan ESV Study Bible. I’ll sell them for $100 each. Please let me know if interested. Thanks!

  187. Allan brown Reader’s back on the market. Great condition, only taken out of the house a couple times to church. No markings of any kind, comes with the original box. Asking $130. Please email me at tanowicki at comcast dot net. Thanks!

  188. Selling a brand new Cambridge Wide Margin NIV in Black Goatskin. Asking $145 (firm) and will ship for free. I just received it new and have only taken it out of the box to confirm its condition. Email me at jesse.furey@uscm.org if interested.

  189. Does anyone have an Allan’s Oxford Ruby 103, Highland Goatskin, they’d like to sell? Email me at richardhetkeATgmail.com.

  190. Does anyone have a Belgium printed NKJV Tan Calfskin Nelson Signature Slimline (1999 printing) they would part with? If so, please message me or e-mail me at johncomito(at)earthlink(dot)net

  191. Does anyone have a used Allan PSR in the dark brown (chocolate) goatskin that they are looking to sell?

  192. hey mike barber,
    you still looking for a psr? if so i might part with mine.
    Its from the first printing that Allan did and i got it last year. Message me at mobile19761999 at yahoo dot com

  193. Hey fellows, buy one good leather Bible then just use that one….want to buy more, then send them to missions who could really use them instead of stacking them on a nice wooden bourgeoisie bookcase as a display item never to be read. I know people in other contries who have just one page of Titus and they read that untill it no longer can be considered a solid. Materialism….come on do you really need 25 Bibles that cost more than 100 dollars apiece? NO! rethink your stewardship…are you truly being responsible? beligerent post need not respond….this is my opinion. I have a vintage oxford, and I have just used that for 13 years, I do not need to buy the lastest color or leather….I actualy read God’s book, not admire the cover and covet editions……thanks fellows!

  194. I’m sure that Terse has renounced all material possesions….he probably did his posts at the public library because the money that he would have used to buy a computer he sent to missionaries.

  195. This may sound like an ad – but it is not. Just an FYI if any one is interested. Mardel is having a 45% off sell this week (March 21, 2011 through March 26, 2011) on all Crossway ESV bibles (including the high-end calfskin bibles). For those who are not familiar with Mardel, it is a large christian bookstore chain in the South and Southeast U.S and is owned by the same family that owns Hobby Lobby, which is, as I am sure you know, a very pro-christian business in the arts and crafts industry.
    The sell is good both in stores and on their website. So, for those who have been wanting to buy that calkskin cordovan ESV thinline, the new MacArthur study bible, or any other Crossway bible, you may want to check out the sale at Mardel.
    I have no connection with Mardel other than being a fan of their stores.

  196. Martin, thanks for the heads up! There’s a Mardel a couple blocks away from my house–I’ll have to stop by and check it out!

  197. Would anyone like to trade an Allan Ruby 103 for my black Allan ESV 3 (excellent shape, no markings). richardhetkeATgmail.com. Thanks!

  198. Allan Personal Size Reference ESV dark brown highland goatskin bible for sale.
    I bought it new just over a year ago (1/24/10)and it’s been gently used. It has a slight crease on the first two thicker, white pages. The rest of the bible is in perfect condition. I have the original box. I would like to sell it to offset the cost of the red PSR ESV I’ve just purchased : )
    Please send inquiries or emails of interest to mnjterry@gmail.com. I’m happy to send pictures upon request.

  199. I have an Allan 25 (KJV Brevier Blackface in French Morocco) that is like new for $75 (costs about $100) new. Thanks

  200. I’m reducing my Allan 25 above to $60. I just have too many bibles and some need to go. Wonderful bible. jcainhart AT gmail DOT com.

  201. I see that Crossway just released a new lambskin edition of their ESV PSR (ISBN: 9781433521768). I was very impressed with their high-end bible quality having owned a lambskin edition of their single-column reference bible, but I just wasn’t a fan of the non-paragraph layout. This could be a very nice option, especially since they sometimes upgrade their paper and printing in later editions to reduce the bleed-through effect. It sounds like a bible that may be worth reviewing here on the bible design blog. If anyone already owns one of these I would love to hear any feedback on it.

  202. Bibles for sale or trade:
    1) Black Cowhide Minister’s Bible, Single-column, gently used $45
    2) Black Allan 53 Longprimer, like new $165
    3) Brown Allan NIVC, like new. $135
    Would consider trade for ESV Reader. Email me if interested.
    danawatson7 @ aol(dot).com

  203. I just listed two hard/maybe impossible to find Cambridge Bibles on ebay…listings end April 10th 2011.
    KJV Calfskin (not split calfskin as in just released version) with Apocrypha ISBN:0521509467
    KJV Calfskin Large print New Testament…Isbn:0521509580

  204. I have an ESV3 in black in great condition. $75 via paypal (gift). Price includes shipping.
    Feel free to email me at jcainhart AT gmail Dot com. Thanks

  205. Hi, I have an offer for two goatskin ESVs, one a brown Pitt Minion and the other a black Allan’s PSR. There are small water-spots on the gilding of the Pitt Minion, and maybe a scratch on the gilding of the PSR. However, if you’re interested, we can hammer out a deal. I must advise though that I am unable to use Paypal.
    My e-mail address is ascendantprincipleincarnate@gmail.com
    God bless.

  206. Hello everyone on the planet! I am seeking to purchase a Cambridge New Testament Calfskin Bible ISBN 10: 0521509580. Please advise me as to how I may do so if you know where I may obtain this book. My email address is sidneyprays@yahoo.com

  207. Sidney, you just missed the post three posts above yours where a guy said that he was selling one. Maybe he has another?

  208. My ESV3 in black mentioned above can be had for $50 via paypal. Pretty good deal, I would think. Comes with the original box, etc. I just have too many bibles and I need to move something. Please email me at jcainhart AT gmail DOT com. Thanks.

  209. I’m looking for a Calfskin or Premium Cowhide ESV Study Bible. I’d prefer trading my genuine leather (burgundy) ESV study Bible plus some cash if possible. If you have one and are interested in a trade, I have other options, too. Please send an e-mail to Jonahdsage AT me DOT com. Thanks!

  210. I have a few Bibles for sale.
    1. NRSV — this is an Oxford Bible that has been re-bound by Paul Sawyer in red goatskin (color is NOT a bright red. Hard to accurately describe the color. Will be glad to send photograph). I paid $249 for the rebind. The Bible previously had the apocrypha and I had it removed. I will send that section as well. No marks, highlights etc. Excellent condition. Purchased Bible off ebay, sent to Sawyer, and never used after received back from Sawyer. Will sell for $145.00 plus shipping. Contact me for photos and other questions.
    2. NET Bible in red goatskin. Re-bound by McSpadden. New Bible and newly re-bound. Never used. Will sell for $85 plus shipping.
    3. ESV PSR in red alhambra goatskin. New in box. Never used and only taken out of the box a couple of times. Purchased from Evangelical Bible. Will sell for $100 plus shipping.
    None of these Bibles have any marks or highlights. If you have questions or wish to see photographs, email me at: kylehedrick at comcast dot net.

  211. I am looking for an Allan NASB in the crimson binding, if anyone has one or knows of one potentially for sale. cspenner at rcn dot com
    1 Cor. 1:18

  212. I have an Allan NASB in Crimson in mint condition for sale or trade. Trade interest would be an ESV reader in black or a really nice NRSV. Email is jcainhart AT gmail DOT com.

  213. Actually, my Allan NASB in crimson is now just for sale. Looking to use the proceeds for another purchase. Please send me a message if interested. It’s in “like new” condition with the original box. Thanks. jcainhart AT gmail DOT com.

  214. Selling a number of Bibles at my Amazon.co.uk marketplace storefront under my name ‘David Greenwood.’ Allan’s NRSV1 black goatskin, Oxford/Cambridge NEB scarlet leather, Cambridge NIV377 black calfskin, Allan’s KJV Ruby Ref. black goatskin.

  215. you might want to provide a link David…i have no idea how to get to a particular amazon marketplace.

  216. Still have an Allan NASB in crimson for sale. Like new condition with original box. jcainhart AT gmail DOT com.

  217. Hi, I still have an NIV Wide-Margin, Black Goatskin for sale. It’s brand-new, in-box, and ready to ship. I’m linking to my Amazon storefront, but if you want to buy it from me directly, I’ll sell it to BDB readers for $130, no shipping charges. Just contact me at djulian AT juliansabroad DOT com. I need to sell this Bible before my wife will let me buy the one I have my eye on.

  218. I’m looking to swap my 10 month old, excellent condition brown highland goatskin Longprimer for black highland goatskin Longprimer in similar condition and vintage. Send me a message–richardhetkeATgmail.com if you’re interested. Thanks!

  219. Looking to see my Allan NASB in crimson pretty quickly. In like new condition with original box. Will see for $155 via paypal. Price includes shipping. Email is jcainhart AT gmail DOT com. Thanks.

  220. For Sale- Allan 5C in great shape! Since I recently got my Longprimer I don’t see this one getting used much. From the recent printing, so it doesn’t have Holy Bible printed on front. No markings, etc. Comes in original box. $125 via Paypal gift option shipped Media Mail. jsfricks@yahoo.com

  221. I am selling an R.L. Allan Longprimer 52 in black goatskin. The imprint states that it is “French Morocco”, however Nicholas Gray at R.L. Allan let me know that it is bound in a higher quality goatskin than French Morocco (I have documentation of this via e-mail if you would like to see). I purchased mine in 2009 for $100+ dollars. The cover is soft (not highland goatskin soft, mind you) and the print and paper quality is great. It is very lightly used without any marks inside. If you know R.L. Allan, you know this is a quality bible. I am selling it for $70. Contact me at devandecicco (at) g mail (dot) com to inquire.

  222. Selling a like new black goatskin NKJV Cambridge Pitt Minion and a Thompson Chain Reference NKJV rebound by Paul Presten in black calfskin in good condition. Email me at darincue@sbcglobal.net if you are interested in one or both of them.

  223. Cambridge NRSV Calfskin for sale at Amazon (UK) for 65 pounds.

  224. I have a couple of Bibles up for auction. The first is an Eyre and Spottiswoode Royal Sovereign Central Reference Bible in brown goatskin in like new condition. It’s really very striking. See the photos and more details here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170671985584
    The other Bible is a brand new black calfskin NASB Ultrathin Large Print Reference Bible. Here’s the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170671969625&ih=007&category=378&ssPageName=WDVW&rd=1
    Both start at less than a dollar with no reserve.

  225. I have an Allan 52 KJV Longprimer in French Morocco for sale. Like new condition. Comes with original box. $120 OBO (shipping included in price). Email me at jcainhart AT gmail DOT com. Thanks

  226. Lot’s of bibles for sale here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bible-Design-Blog/177095126452
    Facebook PM me or email me david.farlow @ gmail.com
    List of some I’m selling…
    Brown Suede Queens Golden Jubilee “Today’s King James Version” by Bible First,
    The Discovery Bible Red NASB NT Single Paragraph
    New Cambridge Paragraph Bible in Black French Morocco
    All mint as new unread:
    Cambridge Presentation KJV CD286 Black Goatskin 0521509211 (corner of box has a tear though).
    Nelson Signature Series NKJV Tan Calfskin 0785258248
    NIV Single Column Goatskin NI696:TH 9780521691185
    NIV Single Column Calfskin NIV 177 0521513049
    Nelson Signature Series NCV Black Calfskin 0718018737
    TNIV Renaissance Black 9780310941262
    Cambridge NASB Wide Margin NS 743:XRM 9780521702645
    Eyre & Spottiswoode Black Arizona Sheepskin RSV Compact Bible with Church Hymnary SPH RSV 2379
    Eyre & Spottiswoode RSV Long Primer New Testament and Psalms Red French Morocco (quality leather best FM I’ve felt.)

  227. A final note about my Allan 52 KJV Longprimer in French Morocco for sale. Like new condition. Comes with original box. Reduced to $110 (shipping included in price). Email me at jcainhart AT gmail DOT com. Going to eBay fairly soon and I’d prefer to sell to a Bible Design Blog enthusiast. Thanks.

  228. Planning on selling the following Bibles on eBay soon…contact me at jtrobi@gmail.com if you’d like to make an offer. All new and in the box.
    1. Prototype one-of-a-kind Allan ESV3 in Chocolate Brown Buffalo Goatskin (bought directly from Allan; the eSV3 was not offered in chocolate brown like the ESV1)
    2. Gold Box Cambridge Cameo Water Buffalo Calfskin Apple Red (78XRL)
    3. Gold Box Cambridge Cameo Antique French Morocco Marbled Indigo (74XRL) (Deep Royal Blue)
    4. Gold Box Cambridge Cameo Antique French Morocco Marbled Indigo (74XRL) (Bright Royal Blue)
    5. (2) Gold Box Cambridge Cameo Antique French Morocco Marbled Crimson (74XRL) (Deep Rich Red)
    6. Gold Box Cambridge Cameo Antique French Morocco Marbled Crimson (74XRL) (Deep Rich Marbled Red)
    7. Gold Box Cambridge Concord Antique French Morocco Marbled Crimson (84XRL) (Deep Rich Marbled Red)
    8. Gold Box Cambridge Compact Calfskin Cambridge Blue (B65XRL) (UNC Tarheel Blue)

  229. I am looking for a vintage Bible from Oxford, it is the pocket bible in morocco leather, very soft pliable cover, I believe it has a 1038x as a number in it. Please advise if you have one of these that you would sell.
    Merrill Weir

  230. In additional to the Allan Longprimer in French Morocco that I have for sale (referenced above), I also have an Allan ESV1 in Black Goatskin (blue ribbons) available. It’s also in like new condition with the original box. Email me at jcainhart AT gmail DOT com if interested. Thanks

  231. I would love to get a brown leather Bible, but not the easiest to find these days. Any suggestions where I could find? Or, was also thinking about rebinding one of my current Bibles (esp since one needs it anyway) with a brown leather. What would you recommend, and which would be the lesser expensive route?

  232. Joe,
    What version are you wanting to use and what kind of volume are you looking for (i.e. thinline, standard reference size, wide margin, study bible…etc.)?
    There are some options in brown leather out there:
    The Pitt Minion NKJV and ESV in brown goatskin come to mind immediately.

  233. I use KJV. and i am pretty open to any volume, but i do like thinline Bibles. I also like study and wide margin, just not real thick ones =). Thanks!

  234. Joe,
    You’re in luck that there’s a lot of options for KJV. Cambridge just revived the Cameo last year, it comes in a nice brown calfskin. Google: KJV Cameo Reference Brown Calfskin.
    Also, the same cover I believe is being used for the soon to be released KJV Clarion. Both of those are going to be around a hundred bucks, but you’re looking for around that (at least) to have one rebound in any kind of real leather.

  235. Great! Thank you for your help and info! I do like the Cambridge so will look for it, and not real familiar with the Clarion but will def check it out! This has been a great help and resource!

  236. Joe,
    Mark just reviewed the KJV Clarion last week, visualize that in brown calfskin you should have some idea.

  237. I have a red natural morocco Oxford Brevier Clarendon Reference Bible on ebay. A real beauty. Auction ends 10 September 2011.

  238. I’m looking for a Black Allan ESV1, ESV Pitt Minion, and/or Begium made Nelson Pocket-Companion Signature Series Bible. I will purchase or trade a Tan Allan Reader. You can contact me at danawatson7 AT AOL DOT COM. Thanks!

  239. I study heavily out of the KJV, and unfortunately I can’t find the KJV Pitt Minion addition available which is the perfect size for reading. I’m looking for the KJV Pitt Minion in Black Goatskin quality leather. Does anyone have an extra they would be willing to sell?

  240. Scott, I would buy a bonded leather one and get it rebound. That would be fun.

  241. Good idea, John S. Even a French Morocco Pitt isn’t that much more expensive and Scott could use it for a couple years and be quite happy with it. THEN get it rebound in whatever he likes.
    I’m quite pleased with the way the Fr Mor is holding up on my low-price Cambridge Emerald KJ53. The binding could sure use some overstitching at the front and rear but the cover itself seems pretty bullet-proof.
    The paper, on the other hand, is atrocious in this Made-in-Belarus Emerald but I don’t believe that’s an issue in the Pitts.

  242. I never sold my my Allan 52 KJV Longprimer in French Morocco, that I mentioned above a while back. Now lightly used. Comes with original box. Happy to sell for $85 via paypal (shipping included in price). Email me at jcainhart AT gmail DOT com.

    Gently used, Pristine Condition, still have the original box with instructions and flyleaf papers.
    If interested, please email me so I may send pics.
    John T. Hill – pastor@tbcmurfreesboro.com

  244. Does anyone have an Allan ESV1T they would like to sale? Let me know please! dmiear at flatcreekfamily.org

  245. If anyone is interested I am selling my ESV – ALLAN Black Goatskin PSR. I almost never use it because the font is a little small for me. Sadly Its pretty much been sitting in it’s original box while I use a larger font edition.
    Ive just pulled it out to inspect it an I can honestly say it still looks brand new inside and out. No highlighting, no marks. Its Like new.
    I’d like to sell it for $85 dollars if anyone is interested.

  246. Here are some Bible’s I’m currently selling on eBay:
    Abba Bound ESV Thinline in Brown Calfskin – http://www.ebay.com/itm/170729434313?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
    Allan NASB Single Column Reference in Crimson Highland Goatskin – http://www.ebay.com/itm/170729416255?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
    Cambridge ESV Pitt Minion in Black Goatskin – http://www.ebay.com/itm/170729335276?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
    Allan ESV Reader in Crimson Highland Goatskin – http://www.ebay.com/itm/170729427324?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
    Cambridge Concord Reference Bible in Black French Morocco – http://www.ebay.com/itm/170730170624?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

  247. Presentation Reference KJV Bible I’m selling on Ebay:
    I will be listing quite a few more in the near future (see picture link below). Feel free to PM me on Facebook to make an offer on any before they get listed on ebay.

  248. I’m selling several bibles:
    (1) Cambridge KJV Wide Margin in Black Goatskin. Great shape, but has underlining with a blue pigma micron. Price will be reduced accordingly.
    (2) Cambridge ESV Pitt Minion in Brown Goatskin. Clean. Used sparingly.
    (3) Cambridge NASB Pitt Minion in Black Goatskin. Has a very small amount of underlining in pencil.
    (4) Oxford NRSV with Apocrophya in Black Genuine Leather. Clean. In like new condition.
    Please email me at jcainhart@gmail.com. Thanks.

  249. Hello,
    I am selling a brand new Black Allan Readers Reference Edition bible still in box. I am asking $175.00
    I bought it a couple month ago and only used it twice on Sundays. I’ve kept it in it’s box when not in use. It is in brand new condition. The reason I’ve decided to sell is because I see the new Allan single column (verse-by-verse) ESV’s are coming out next month. And I prefer the verse-by-verse setting over the two column format.
    So if you are interested please email me at lukedima1982 AT HOTMAIL DOT COM.

  250. Also,
    I am looking to purchase an Allan Crimson NASB since they wont be re-stocked until mid 2012.
    If you are selling one or want to trade for a brand new ESV Black Readers Ref Edition
    You can email me at lukedima1982(at)hotmail(dot)com

  251. WTB: Cambridge RSV New Testament & Psalms (French Morocco)
    About a year ago I purchased one of these new-old-stock, but it has a very strong chemical smell that will not go away. Do they all smell like this? I have other Cambridge Bibles that smell fine. If anyone knows where I can get one new-old-stock that doesn’t smell, my yahoo email is chetmorton2002

  252. A few bibles for trade or to sell:
    1. I have a blue goatskin ESV SCR that I received just a couple months ago. New condition, only been out of the box a couple times.
    2. Tan ESV1 that I bought back in about August that is in new condition.
    3. Allan NASB in brown goatskin that I bought secondhand.
    There are no visible flaws with any of these and no highlighting or writing of any kind in any of them. I would trade for a Longprimer, ESV, KJV, or NASB Cambridge wide margin in goatskin and I might sell these as well.
    Email: mobile19761999 at yahoo dot com

  253. DW, I have an unmarked ESV wide margin in goatskin. It is red letter. Would you be interested in that?

  254. Hey JS, I would be interested in that wide margin. What would you like in the trade? And could you email me at the address I listed so we can try to work something out? Thanks!

  255. I still have the blue Allan ESV SCR for trade or sell if anybody is interested. I’m in the market for a NKJV cambridge wide margin as well, so if anybody has one to sell or trade, let me know. email: mobile19761999 at yahoo dot com

  256. I am attempting to locate an Old Scofield Study Bible in black morocco leather (ISBN 0195272471) for a 70th birthday present. However, since it is out of print, it’s proving to be a difficult task. I was wondering if any of you have this particular Bible available. If not, do you have any suggestions for how I may locate it. If the morocco leather is not available, we would consider a premium calfskin binding as well. Please, any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

  257. I have a few Bibles for sale:
    1. Allan Atlantic Blue 400th Anniversary Longprimer (a new one just sold on ebay for $365):
    The Bible I am selling is also new with one exception — it has done one modeling job here in the Bibledesignblog. The Bible I am selling is the actual Bible Mark photographed (I purchased it unused from him). Anyway, I am willing to sell the Bible for $325 with shipping included.
    2. ESV PSR chocolate lambskin — never used but I do not have the box. It has been sitting in a drawer in my office. Still like new. $90 plus $5.00 shipping for a total of $95
    3. Vintage NIV Thompson Chain Reference. Copyright 1983 (so, obviously, it is pre-1984 revisions). It is mint — still smells of fresh leather. It is actually listed as “Croupon Leather. I do not have the foggiest idea what that is, but it seems very nice. It is lined with genuine leather so I assume Croupon is nicer. Webster defines “croupon as: untanned cattlehide from which belly and shoulder areas have been trimmed.” Listed in 1983 for $84.95. I will sell for $100 including shipping.
    you can contact me at khedrick at comcast dot net. I can make photographs of any of these if you are interested. Thanks.

  258. Michelle, I have a Scofield Study Bible in black from the original year it was printed. It’s old and in pretty rough shape. They pop up on eBay from time to time too, but they’re all in a similar condition.

  259. My Allan Esv SCR in blue goatskin is still available for trade If anybody has any nice Kjv or nkjv bibles. I’m swimming in a sea of esv’s and need something different.
    Thanks…, reach me at mobile19761999 at yahoo dot com

  260. I have a few Bibles for sale:
    1. Allan Atlantic Blue 400th Anniversary Longprimer (a new one just sold on ebay for $365):
    The Bible I am selling is also new with one exception — it has done one modeling job here in the Bibledesignblog. The Bible I am selling is the actual Bible Mark photographed (I purchased it unused from him). Anyway, I am willing to sell the Bible for $325 with shipping included within the continental US.
    2. ESV PSR chocolate lambskin — never used but I do not have the box. It has been sitting in a drawer in my office. Still like new. $75 shipping included within the continental US.
    3. Vintage NIV Thompson Chain Reference. Copyright 1983 (so, obviously, it is pre-1984 revisions). It is mint — still smells of fresh leather. It is actually listed as “Croupon Leather. I do not have the foggiest idea what that is, but it seems very nice. It is lined with genuine leather so I assume Croupon is nicer. Webster defines “croupon as: untanned cattlehide from which belly and shoulder areas have been trimmed.” Listed in 1983 for $84.95. I will sell for $100 including shipping within the continental US.
    you can contact me at khedrick at comcast dot net. I can make photographs of any of these if you are interested. Thanks.

  261. I am soon moving the Atlantic Blue 400th Anniversary Bible to Amazon. If you are interested in buying here, I will leave it a little longer. I am reducing the price to $290 on Amazon plus shipping of $5.00 for a total price of $295. I will sell it here for $285 including shipping if you are interested. Again, this is the Bible actually photographed on Mark’s site (which I purchased from him). Still new and beautiful. You may contact me at
    khedrick at comcast dot net. Thanks.

  262. I would like to trade an Allan Lonprimer in black for an Allan NASB in black or brown. The Longprimer is in perfect new condition, with no marks of any kind. It is in the box with the paper bands around it.
    If you are interested in trading please contact me at michaelepalis at gmail dot com. Thanks.

  263. I am interested in purchasing any Allan NIV’s that contain the NIV84 translation. Current Allan NIV looks beautiful but I’m not a big fan of the NIV2011 revision. Please let me know if anyone knows where I can find these…thanks!

  264. KJV Clarion
    Black Goatskin Leather
    Near new, in box. One small blemish to the art-gilt on the bottom side, otherwise as new.
    Selling for $120. Or, would consider trading for a New Cambridge Paragraph Bible with Apocrypha (Calfskin, personal size).

  265. Tobe: please contact me regarding wanting an Allan NIV in the 84 version. I think that i have what you are looking for. Email – michaelepalis at gmail dot com

  266. Hi everyone, I am looking for a Rl Allan Oxford Brevier Clarendon Reference Edition in the Brown Buffalo Calf in mint condition that mark reviewed here: http://www.bibledesignblog.com/2008/04/r-l-allans-oxfo.html
    Or a Rl Allan NIVC1 with the brown pebble grain cover in mint condition reviewed here: http://www.bibledesignblog.com/2009/06/r-l-allans-nivc1-in-dark-brown-highland-goatskin.html
    IF anyone is interested in selling one you can email me at scottbenson8 at hotmail dot com, Thanks Scott

  267. Allan ESV SCR in blue for trade. I would like to trade it for a longprimer, brown esv1 from the printing with the lined pages in the back, or maybe a brown reader’s edition.
    contact me at mobile19761999 at yahoo dot com

  268. Hi everyone.
    Is anyone interested in an NIV Burgundy goatskin Pitt Minion–in the box? This has the art gilt pages
    OR an ESV Burgundy French Morocco Pitt Minion-in the box? this has gold gilt pages
    I also have a Genuine Leather burgundy 1990 Book of Common Prayer with gold gilt pages
    All are in like-new condition and are beautiful, but the print is too small for me.
    For more info email to: jewelrose85@yahoo.com

  269. the blue allan esv scr is gone…I still have a brown Allan NASB that i might be willing to sell. Message me if interested…
    mobile19761999 at yahoo dot com

  270. Not sure if everyone is aware of the Facebook page for this site? I wasn’t until recently but people post bibles for sale there as well. Also the Facebook page for “Bible Exchange” has some interesting items as well. Just wanted to pass along…

  271. Just discovered this blog a week or two ago. Read through all the archives. So cool! I feel like I’ve learned more about books in the last couple of weeks than ever before. Now I just need to figure out how to not covet a nicely-bound ESV SCL………

  272. Kaleb, if you own it, you can no longer covet it. Does that work?

  273. anyone interested in a black goatskin NASB pitt minion or a large print hardcover BHS (Biblica Hebraica Stuttgartensia) before I put them on ebay. Both closer to new than like new. Box included with the pitt.

  274. I have a perfect condition black calfskin Crossway Single Column Reference Bible (no marks of any kind-in original box) that I would like to sell. Please let me know if you are interested. I’m not sure what to charge but would consider any reasonable offer.

  275. Hello, my name is, Julie. I recently came across a 1930’s Oxford Self-Pronouncing Bible;CONTAINING THE OLD AND THE NEW TESTAMENTS; Translated out of the Original Tongues:And With The Former Translations Diligently Compared And Revised By His Majesty’s Special Command;Authorized King James Version. Printed at the University Press;New York and Toronto;India Paper.It is very old, over 72 yrs. old., if there is anyone who might like to own it. You may contact me at julie102671@verizon.net.

  276. I think the black leather colour would be the best suite for the holy bible. Thanks for sharing the post.Hope to buy one soon.

  277. I would like to find a KJV Pitt Minion in the green French Morocco binding at a reasonable price. Must be unmarked and in excellent condition.
    Contact me at gkterry at yahoo dot com

  278. LD, these give some interesting shopping links of modern settings of the Lutherbibel. Note the leather ones can exceed 100 euros:
    http://www.lutherbibel.com/ (the Chagall edition looks interesting!)
    http://www.bibelonline.de/Gedruckte-Bibelausgaben/Lutherbibeln (even a couple Dwarsliggers!)
    Note the Lutherbibel is a bit like the KJV used to be…numerous updates would be made to the text to keep it somewhat modernized, but it was still known as the Lutherbibel. If you really want the “original” 1534 edition, you might want to consider a facsimile. This was gorgeous, but is out of print and hard to find:
    Were you aware of Crossway’s parallel edition of the Lutherbibel and the ESV? The type is a little small but if your German is a little “schwach” like mine, it’s a good way to enjoy Luther’s text.

  279. For sale: NIV C – Black Goatskin Leather, very lightly used, no marks.
    Asking $80
    bkrewson at pbu dot edu

  280. Hello. I am looking for an NASB MacArthur study bible in black lambskin leather. If you know where I can get one, pleas let me know since they are out of print from Grace to You. E-mail: niketennis4life@hotmail.com. Thank you.

  281. I’d like to trade one of my KJV Cambridge Clarions (I have the brown calf and the black calfsplit) for the New Cambridge Paragraph Bible with Apocrypha Personal Size Black Calfskin KJ595:TA if someone is interested. Thanks!– richardhetke at gmail.com

  282. Wanted: I’m looking for a NIV (1984 version) preferably with cross-references for my husband. (like the Allan’s Bold Print Reference edition, or the Allan’s cross reference with Concordance). Or Cambridge Readers Edition (Single Column), also NIV 1984. Thank You! email Ejhruby AT Lycos DOT com

  283. Hi there Duane, my name is Peter and I am a Pastor in Fresno California. I prepare my sermons and deliver them from a manuscript. I would like to rather preach from notes I write in my bible but there are no bibles big enough for me to do so. I have an enormous bible called the exegesis parallel bible that totals 1946 pages (White, 8.5” x 9”, 20lb double sided paper), 9” x 11” leather binding with a 2” spine). It is made of calf skin leather and very malleable. This would make an excellent albeit large and heavy (I don’t mind) bible large enough to write my sermon notes in and preach from, if not for the fact it has very tiny margins .
    Hi there Mark, my name is Peter and I am a Pastor in Fresno California. I prepare my sermons and deliver them from a manuscript. I would like to rather preach from notes I write in my bible but there are no bibles big enough for me to do so. I have an enormous bible called the exegesis parallel bible that totals 1946 pages (White, 8.5” x 9”, 20lb double sided paper), 9” x 11” leather binding with a 2” spine). It is made of calf skin leather and very malleable. This would make an excellent albeit large and heavy (I don’t mind) bible large enough to write my sermon notes in and preach from, if not for the fact it has very tiny margins .
    Here’s my question for you Mark: I would like to have a company such as yours build me a special bible with these same dimensions, with every other page being blank, which would probably add another thousand pages to it, and another 500 pagers blank at the back of the book. I would like the translation to be the English Standard Version alone (no notes; no cross references; no middle columns). I would like the print to be large and easy to read, between 12-14 font). I would like the margins to 1” on each side and on the top and bottom. No dictionary, bibliography or anything like that in the back. Its not for study, but will only be used solely from preaching from it. I would also like the words of Jesus to be in red. I’d like the cover to Read: Pastor Pete’s Preaching Bible in gold leaf and on the spine as well. I would also like 4 ribbons (red, green, blue and black) attached to the spine or binding. I am looking for two of these specialty Bibles made for me. Can you do this for me and if so what is the cost estimate for the project. Is there any special permission needed from the people that make the ESV bible? Is there anything I will need to do further, if you accept this commission? Olease get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thanks Duane, Pastor Pete

    Gently used, Pristine Condition, still have the original box with instructions and flyleaf papers.
    If interested, please email me so I may send pics.
    John T. Hill – pastor@tbcmurfreesboro.com

  285. I’m looking for an original-sized (not the currently-produced personal size; I have that) New Cambridge Paragraph Bible with the Apocrypha bound in leather (not the hardcover: I have that) with the gilt edges, as displayed on the bottom in Mark’s picture here: http://jmarkbertrand.typepad.com/.a/6a00e3981f1e398833016305f73ee6970d-popup
    I have Bibles available for trade, if that’s what’s interesting, although the decent editions (i.e. not hardcover or bonded leather) that I’m willing to part with are solely KJV, with the exception of a single “genuine leather” NKJV and a “renaissance leather” ESVSB. I also have cash money, which is preferable. Name a price short of a king’s ransom, although if it could ransom an heir apparent, it is likely reasonable 😉

  286. Hi, I’m looking for an Allan Atlantic Blue Calfskin Long Primer with Blue under Gold artgilting. Does anyone have one for sale or auction?

  287. I’m looking for a Allan NASB SCR in black goatskin. Anybody looking to part with one?

  288. Greetings. I just wanted to give all of the R.L. Allan fans out there advance notice that on Monday I will be auctioning one of the R.L. Allan Longprimer Diamond Jubilee’s on Ebay. There were only 60 of these made and each is individually serial numbered.
    Here is the description from Bibles Direct:
    Keep a lookout on Ebay if interested.

  289. Any thoughts on ESV’s new Single Column bible–the Heritage? I can’t find anything on it anywhere, it must have just been announced

  290. It is a great idea to present so much information for printers and publishers.

  291. What do you know about the Forgotten Books of the Bible? My friend showed me his app he created. Many of my friends don’t know much about it, until one friend showed me an app he created. Check it out and let me know what you think?

  292. scottii, those you note are apocryphal books with a small A. As to their authenticity or literary and/or spiritual value, that’s best left to other blogs. However the deuterocanonical Apocrypha (note upper case A), as well as “Catholic” editions of the canon, do get quite a bit of mention here.

  293. Is there anyone out there that can help me find a Nelson wide margin NKJV Bible? The one I’m looking for was plublished for a short period of time back in the 90’s. It has the thumb tabs to enable you to quickly find the various books and it was leather bound. It may have had a slightly larger print as well. If you can help me and a fellow pastor find one of these, I would greatly appreciate it.

  294. If I choose to have a Bible rebound with leather, do you have a recommendation on which type of leather is best? Thank you very much.

  295. Hello I am selling two very nice RL Allan bibles. I bought both a year ago, and they have been sitting on my bookshelf, barely read and in like new condition. A black ESV Reader’s and a black Longprimer. I am asking $130 each. I would be happy to email pictures to anyone interested. Thanks much! tnowicki2 at gmail dot com.

  296. I am new to this blog and I am REALLY enjoying it. Thanks to Mark I have ordered a Clarion, and have sent two Blbles off to Leonard’s for rebinding. I have never had a ‘nice’ Bible before and now there is no turning back. My question is – does anybody know where I can find a NICE New Testament? I have one that my grandpa gave me. It is published by Eyre and Spottiswoode Limited. It measures 4.5″x7.5″xless than .5″
    The only problem is it is KJV. I would like something similar in size in NASB, ESV, or NKJV, if possible. NIV would be acceptable, but not desireable. A quality leather cover, or course. Any ideas/suggections????

  297. Hey friends, I have been a reader of this blog for quite a while, and I have started a rebinding business of my own. I have UBS Greek New Testament Readers Edition that I have rebound myself and am looking to sell. It was a hard cover with a sewn binding that had been replaced with a dark brown, sole cowhide with two blue ribbons. If you are interested, please email me at Cameroncrick@gmail.com for pictures. I am seeking it at cost for $80 in order to circulate some of the Bibles that I have done (which is now over 60)
    Grace to you all! Cameron

  298. Hello! I am looking to buy an Allen NIV Bold Print Reference Edition. EvangelicalBible is out of stock and they won’t be available until sometime this summer. Unfortunately, I was hoping to get one for my father for Father’s Day (June 16.) If anyone has a like-new in box Bible with no markings that they’d like to sell, please let me know. I’m happy to pay a small premium over the new price. Thanks! ~TM

  299. Ted – I can sell you an Allan NIV1 – Black Highland Goatskin leather. It’s the one on their website that is currently out of stock. It is not the forthcoming bold edition (due out in August), but as you can see from their site, the text is dark and quite readable. You can get me at wkrewson at gmail dot com.

  300. According to R.L. Allan’s website both the Black and Brown are available. I couldn’t wait either so, I just ordered the Brown from EV Bible and it was in stock. Apparently EV hasn’t had time to update their website, but the NIV is in stock, just not the bold print, since it’s release date isn’t until August. According to Nicholas Gray from R.L. Allan the new bold print NIV will have the same paper as the Classic, but with a larger and bolder font. The NIV Classic Reference I refer to is the same edition Mark reviewed last year.

  301. William K. and Norm: Thanks to both of you for your responses. Unfortunately, I really need a largish print (~10 pt.) Bible for my father as he is in his 80’s. I’ll either wait for the new Allens to be in stock, or I may just settle for a Zondervan Large-Print Thinline.

  302. Ted,
    I understand, I have problems with some 10 pt. editions, which is why I’m curious to see the 2011 NIV Bold print. Here’s a couple of Zondervan 2011 editions in a Large Print 10.5 font, both have good reviews and one is advertised with premium leather with references, the other in top grain cowhide with no references. If I had it to do over I would have purchased the bible in the top link.

  303. WANTED:
    I’ve contacted Allan and evangelical bible and they are all sold out. If anyone would like to sell their copy feel free to contact me.

  304. If anyone is interested, I just listed two really nice Bibles on eBay.
    They are (1) an Apple Red Water Buffalo Calfskin Vintage Cambridge Cameo NIB and (2) a one of a kind RL Allan ESV3 in Chocolate Brown (it was a prototype that I bought directly from RL Allan in 2009).

  305. JTR, how can the Cameo be both water buffalo AND calfskin? Does it say water buffalo on the inner front cover? Is that the right box for the bible?

  306. Bill, the inside cover of the Bible is imprinted with the words “Water Buffalo Calfskin Leather Lined” in gold. The box just says Calfskin. I believe that is how they came when Cambridge made them many years ago.

  307. Ted if your still interested in the NIV Bold in black this gentleman has one available:
    I have one of these bibles for sell if anyone is interested. I bought this bible as soon as I read this blog post back in 2008. I haven’t used the bible, its just remained in the box. I hate for such a beautiful edition to just sit in the box. If anyone is interested, send me an email justinrodman@me.com

  308. I ended up NOT purchasing the Bible from Rodman, so I assume that it is still for sale.

  309. Hello,
    I would like to sell my Schuyler KJV in black Cantara Goatskin. It is new, but has writing covering both sides of one flyleaf page in the beginning of the Bible. Also the presentation page is filled out. Otherwise this Bible is in perfect new condition besides the writing. There is no writing in the text at all. This Bible is new and in perfect shape. I purchased it earlier this year. I am asking $125.00. Please post a comment here if interested and we can exchange information for me to sell it to you. Thank you, Nathan

  310. I am interested in selling my Allan NASB in Red Goatskin. This is the Single Column verse format from a couple years ago. I’ve had it out of the box a few times, but have not marked in it or caused any noticeable wear on the pages. Truthfully, I just saw that Allan has re-released the NASB with the actual wider margins that Lockman originally intended. It seems that Allan cut the pages down a bit to bind this version when I purchased it, and for that reason I never took to using it regularly, though it does make for a good handling size, I must admit. And the red looks amazing. It has been kept in the original box, and I would categorize it as “near-perfect”. I will look through it to make sure I am describing it accurately. I’d like to get at least $200 for it. If interested, please send me an e-mail at cspenner@rcn.com. Photos available, of course.

  311. I would like to sell my Cambridge ESV Wide Margin in black goatskin (black letter edition). I’ve read from it probably a half dozen times in the span of a couple of years, and it’s been left in the box the rest of the time, so it looks brand new. No markings, no damage, and looks like it’s never come out of the box. I’m using a Cambridge Clarion and love the single column format, so it’s time this Wide Margin found a home where it will actually be read. I’d like $175 for it (shipping included, unless it needs to be overnighted). You can email me at (barringer_a at hotmail dot com).

  312. Our of print KJV Nelson Signature Series calfskin Bible for sale! This is the slimline edition. Check out the link if interested 🙂 thanks and God Bless

  313. I am selling several Bibles. Let me know if you have an interest:

    1. A very old Nelson Genuine Leather RSV (black). From all appearances, it is unused and still in the box. Very old (I am guessing 70s). No marks, writings, etc. It is a Duke University presentation Bible upon graduation. Smaller size but not a “compact”. $50

    2. TNIV Renaissance Fine Leather (Black) from Zondervan. No marks, writing, etc. Full size Bible. Unused but no box. $40

    3. NRSV Cambridge French Morocco (black). Excellent condition. Names in front on presentation page. Other than that, no writing or markings. Smaller Bible but not a “compact” edition. No box. Very good condition. $60

    4. NLT Tyndale Genuine Leather. Excellent condition. (black). No writing, underlining etc. Full size Bible. $40.

    5. NIV Large Print by Zondervan. Pristine. I purchased and had Leonards rebind it in Deerskin. Supple and beautiful. Brown with three purple ribbons. $150

    6. Holman 400th Anniversary KJV. Brand new in box. Price was $99.99 and is out of stock everywhere. $80.00

    7. HCSB Large Print Ultra Thin (pretty sure this one is the Legacy series with very supple black leather). Never used but no longer has box so I cannot call it new. Excellent condition with no writings, markings, etc. $70

    ALL OF THESE WILL BE SHIPPED USPS PRIORITY FOR AN ADDITIONAL $6.00 Let me know if you have any questions. kyle hedrick at comcast dot net.

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