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Book Release
It's official. Pattern of Wounds, the second Roland March novel, was officially released today. You can find it at brick-and-mortar bookstores, and online at places like Amazonand Barnes & Noble, where you can get hard copies or ebooks for the Kindle or Nook. 

    The release of a new book is always exciting. I spend a lot of time checking reviews, answering e-mails, and generally fretting over how the story will be received. In Pattern of Wounds, we get deeper into March's past, understanding a little better how he went from golden boy to pariah. We also delve into our own fascination with evil, and the need to personify it — in this case, in the form of a serial killer. Is there a secret meaning hidden in the pattern of wounds, or are we reading too much into random chance? Read the book and find out.


Free Kindle Edition of Back on Murder
Now that the second Roland March book, Pattern of Wounds, is out, the question is how to introduce more readers to the sometimes-intrepid, always ornery Houston detective. Here's what we're doing: for a limited time, my publisher is giving away the Kindle eBook edition of Back on Murder, the first March novel, for free. We want to introduce March to the widest possible audience and figured this would be a good way to start!
    So click through right now and download the free eBook edition of Back on Murder. And if you don't mind, do me a favor: help spread the word. Let people know about the free book, and if you like it, consider posting a review. March — and I — will be eternally grateful. (Well, come to think of it, he'll probably be surly regardless, but it will make me happy.)

ICRS Appearance
One last thing: I'll be doing a book signing at the upcoming International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta, GA, on Monday July 11 at 1 PM. If you're planning to be there, drop by the Baker Publishing booth during the signing and say hello! I would love to meet Bible Design Blog readers there. Hopefully I will be gleaning some information on upcoming editions to share, too!





22 Comments on “New Book Release + Free Kindle Download

  1. Thanks Mark! I just downloaded Back On Murder for my Kindle. It’s #6 on the top 100 free kindle books right now.

  2. Awesome! I loved Back on Murder; can’t wait to read this new one!

  3. Very much appreciate the Bible reviews;…
    not interested in the murder novels, especially after waiting a month or two for more Bible info.
    Thanks anyway.
    Maybe a link to a new blog on suspense novel design for those interested?
    : )

  4. Please address this:
    The decision of many publishers to out-source printing and binding to low quality companies in foreign countries is of major concern to me.
    Chinese printed Allan Bibles?
    Lockman’s quality going down the drain.
    Supporting countries where Christians are killed and Bibles are illegal???
    Way lower quality to save a few bucks.
    God’s Word deserves much better.

  5. P.S.
    I realize this was discussed briefly in
    -Bleeding Through: The Sorry State of Bible Paper -Dec. 2 ‘o8-
    Previously excellent editions have been whored-out to China and are now very low quality.
    There is no excuse for this.
    I would pay a premium for top-quality thick Bibles; they are, unfortunately,
    becoming very scarce, especially NASB’s.

  6. I share your frustration dbp, but publishers, many of whom are owned by large corporations, are really just in this to make money. If we’re not happy with what they’re offering, we shouldn’t buy it. They’ll get the message soon enough. But it appears folks ARE buying their wares, apparently more concerned with making a fashion statement than buying a readable book. If a few more clergymen let it be known in small groups and casual conversation the concerns expressed in this blog, I’m quite certain things could turn around. As it is now, I’m afraid we have only ourselves to blame.
    Mark, good luck with the new literary offerings. Always good to hear what all you’re up to on your blog. Yeah, some of it doesn’t interest me, but I’m pretty good at ignoring noise.

  7. You said it Bill.
    I am fortunate to have found a Lockman US printed NASB SCR Calfskin a couple of years ago.
    It took many months of searching. Finally found one, by phone, at a small c’b’store in Canada.
    I’m in Virginia.
    They had only one left. Have only found the China sub-pars since. Still searching for a back-up copy
    Ordered a Lockman Ultrathin Calfskin NASB from EB about a month ago thinking they were still printed here in the US. Alas, I was too late; they are now printed and bound in China.
    No comparison to quality of my US SCR.
    EB is wonderful to deal with. Needless to say, I was quite disapointed in having to return it.
    I’m going to give the In Touch Min. calfskin NASB a try next (as they are currently US editions) hoping the infamous crinkled pages won’t be there.
    I’m sure they will be outsourced to China as soon as current stock is sent out from Lockman.
    I would like to build a strong arsenal of high quality NASB’s before Bibles become illegal here in the US.

  8. Oh, dbp, I wouldn’t worry about Bibles becoming illegal as long as folks like Rupert Murdoch are making money off them. I think the worry is that the poor materials and build quality are keeping people from reading them!

  9. Thanks Mark!
    I downloaded, read, and enjoyed Back on Murder. I was pleased to find that it was not a typical “Christian” novel. i.e. Not something I would typically find at my local Jesus Junk and Holy Hardware store.
    Now I am about to begin Pattern of Wounds. Thanks again for the free book and for all the great information on your blog.
    May the Peace of our Lord be with you,
    Jonathan. B. Wiebe

  10. Hey Mark, we are at ICRS. Would be nice to drop by for a quick hello. Will you be staying for the full show till wednesday?

  11. I probably should have said it (commented) sooner, but I really appreciate all the posts on Bibles and your writings. Thank you for the free download too. I had already purchased a physical copy, but it’s always nice to have reading options. I just finished reading Back on Murder and really enjoyed it. My recommendation / review “to help spread the word” is here: Thank you Mark! Please keep up the good work. – Tyler

  12. JMB,
    Congrat’s on your new book success.
    I haven’t read it and probably never will, but all of the best to you.
    Just a note to say you and the time you put into this blog are much appreciated.
    Please use what pull you have to get the Bible publishers to pull their heads out of their wallets
    and produce more quality Bibles like they used to before they got greedy (outsourcing).
    Looks like they (I have already called Lockman) are on the fast road to totally selling out (out of business) if they keep on their current path of downward spiralling quality. I would gladly pay more for high quality Bibles.
    I will NOT buy the sub-quality printings; I’ll print my own Bibles first, or find older used ones.
    Thanks for your support.

  13. Back on topic: Back on Murder. There’s no way to say this really politely, but I had no intention, until I read your most recent post with its zero-cost opportunity to try reading BoM, to read your fiction. Well, tastes are inherently personal, but I have to say: what a wonderful book! It reads like a good movie. I could say more, but I’ll settle for “Great work – thanks!”

  14. Back on the blog title.
    again, Congrat’s…

    Just a note to say you and the spare time you put into this
    ^^^ Bible Design Blog ^^^ are much appreciated.

  15. dbp, I’m pretty sure Mark gets your point. If you don’t like the off topic posts, maybe Mark will give you your money back.

  16. Hi ,
    If you want big collection of great kindle books just visit .

  17. Mark,
    Back on Murder was a great read…so great, in fact, I went out and got Pattern of Wounds this weekend. The story was fast-paced, interesting, and full of memorable characters. On top of all that, nothing offensive or off-putting in the whole story. Proof positive that you don’t need filth to keep a reader’s attention. Kudos to you…and also for the realistic gun handling and knowledge of shooting, and for the little shoutout to the Fenix flashlight.
    I hope you have many more Roland March stories in you.

  18. Thanks for the link, Mark.
    BTW, Pattern of Wounds was great…another page turned that I finished in one day (three flights and two long layovers). Goes without saying that your next book is on my want list. It boggles my mind a bit that I “know” a real author…and a talented one at that.

  19. Thanks again, Carl. It still boggles my mind that I *am* a real author! What can I say? I love what I do … both in my novels and at Bible Design Blog. 🙂

  20. thank you very much for your recommendation. I will download this book once I finished my current read. Judging from your post, I can assume that the story of pattern wounds would make me jump out of my seat and worry about the character’s welfare. Oh how I love to read such stories where the hero must battle with all the odds in the world. I will definitely hurry reading the book I am currently reading to proceed with pattern of wounds. thanks again.

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