Nothing to Hide: Support BDB and Enjoy a Great Summer Read

Blogging about the physical form of the Good Book doesn't keep the lights on. Fortunately, there's detective fiction. My latest novel about Houston homicide detective Roland March is in bookstores now. It's called Nothing to Hide, and it's the best book in the series, if I do say so myself. Quite a few Bible Design Blog readers have discovered my fiction and enjoyed it immensely. When you buy my books, you get a great read and help support Bible Design Blog at the same time. If you really want to help out, you can buy my books and recommend them to other people. 

To read an excerpt of Nothing to Hide, and order a copy, visit my new website here:

Are the books any good? Obviously, I'm going to say yes. For an outside opinion, consider this: Pattern of Wounds, the book that came out last summer, is now a finalist for the Christy Awards in Best Suspense. If you're not familiar with them, the Christy Awards are the top honor in Christian publishing. Byron Borger of Hearts & Minds Bookstore included Nothing to Hide on his Top 10 list for summer reading, too. (If you want to help two great causes at once, buy the book from Byron!)

Thanks for your time. We will now resume with Bible-related content.

4 Comments on “Nothing to Hide: Support BDB and Enjoy a Great Summer Read

  1. But shouldn’t we start at the beginning with Back on Murder (a mere $5.38 for Kindle)?

  2. I’m curious Mr. J. Mark–do you get more money from an ebook, or from a dead tree edition? Or is it the same? Your writing is amazing: fast-paced, but thoughtful; suspenseful, but “literary”. Quite the feat–rivaled only by GK Chesterton, as far as mysteries go…except, he wasn’t as fast-paced. 🙂

  3. By all means buy them all, Duncan! But each is a standalone book, so reading the first two isn’t necessary to follow the action in the third.
    Thanks for the kind words, Dru, and the comparison to Chesterton. (I recently watched the Father Brown TV series from the early 70s and found it quite good, by the way.) I don’t actually know whether I make more off one type of sale than another, but since authors earn percentages, it’s a good bet the more you pay, the more I make. The main thing, of course, is to read and enjoy the books — and to tell other people about them. 🙂

  4. I desired to leave a little comment to support you Mr. J. Mark- and want you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your author efforts.

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