R. L. Allan Longprimer Commemorative KJV: Photos by Chad

Allan Commemorative Editions, Part 2: If you enjoyed the photos by Jesus Saenz of the R. L. Allan New Classic Readers Commemorative ESV, how about a look at its cousin, the Longprimer Commemorative (aka, the 53COM)? These were sent to me by a reader named Chad:

I got one of the Allan KJV 53COM’s and I took some pics. I read someone say that the color changes in different light, it is true. Sometimes it is brown, other times it is red.

Bible 1 Bible 1a Bible 2 Bible 6 Bible4 Bible5a

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  1. For as stiff as that leather looks, it sure folds well around the text block. Excellent photos! Thanks.

  2. Here’s my best assessment on the Antique Goatskin. Stiff as in inflexible/unbendable? No. Thin as in not soft to the touch/feel? Yes.
    Great pictures of the Longprimer, but what’s the story on the flash cards?

  3. I am curious about the flash cards as well. Anyone one with info about those?

  4. Flash Cards; I don’t know about these, but they look similar to the TMS that the Navigators used to (may still?) have. It stands for Topical Memory System and it looked very much like this. I have one stashed somewhere from many years ago it is a great system for memorizing scripture.. How about it Chad?

    • I am in the process of making a website on Bible memorization. The pictures were of some Bible memorization packs that we are making. Along with the cheap plastic ones we are making high quality leather packs. I am a fan of quality. For years I had used the cheap plastic ones but over time they fall apart so we started making the leather cases that are durable and also look nice. They will be at biblememorization.com

  5. They are Bible memory cards. You can get them for like 5 dollars. I had this Bible and sent it back for a refund, the leather eventually cracked when I opened the cover a few times, and it wasn’t the quality I was expecting. Its crazy but when I received the Allan Longprimer in goatskin a couple of years ago, there was defect in that Bible too. I had a few Cambridge concord’s that were defective as well, and had them replaced. It just befuddles me that we pay so much for a quality Bible and it has defects, not little ones either. I know some will say that happens, but when you receive an Allan were the leather is coming up on the cover (the folded leather on the inside cover), several places; and when you receive a Cambridge Concord with blemishes (gouges, for real) and where the cover is not attached correctly making the wording on the spine off center, and the front cover overlapping the text block by an inch while the rear cover doesn’t completely cover it- you wonder- how could this pass quality control? Also I have another issue? Why does the Concord have a synthetic liner? Oh well I had to rant a little. Some people are over board with their praise on this blog.

  6. I have 3 R.L. Allan bibles along with #22/150 of this Commemorative edition. I love them all very much, but the LongPrimer is the easiest to read and very easy on the eyes when reading for long periods. I really like the color and smooth feel of this Commemorative edition.

  7. Had mine for almost 2 months. By gently rubbing the edges in resembles a highland goat’s curl. A small increase in flexibility and loss of the sheen/slippery feel. I don’t ever think it will be as flexible or soft. I would love to hear as time passes what regular USERS of this Bible think.

    • Not the Com, but I just got a brown LP and are the covers usually as thin and almost “cardboard” feeling? This one seems especially paper like, even crinkly. The inner liner, with just little use is already getting small wrinkles, like a piece of paper would.

  8. This does not bode well–reports of covers that emulate the problems with the 150th commemorative covers. I haven’t handled one of the post-move-to England covers, but in pictures and according to reports of others, it seems like similar stiff easily-wrinkled covers. What’s up here?

  9. I want to purchase a good quality Bible for my son before he goes into the military this summer. I am debating between the King James Thompson Chain Reference Bible and the Allen Longprimer, both with thumb index. I prefer the words of Jesus to be in red, but the Allen Longprimer does not have that. I am not sure of how they compare to the cross references, commentarys, etc. I definitely want a good, durable quality Bible for his travels.
    Thank you.

  10. I have this Bible and love it.

    I am looking for a good folio case. Has anyone found a good one online?

    • Have you seen Saddleback Leather products. I have three of their products; Water Bag, Squared Backpack and Messenger Bag. I carry my Concord Personal KJV and Pitt Minion NASB in the messenger bag. Still plenty of room for other items I need.

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