Bible Yoga in the San Francisco Chronicle, Circa 1917

SF Chronicle (Dec. 1917)It’s no secret I didn’t invent Bible yoga, the trick of bending leather covers (never the spine!) to demonstrate flexibility. I’ve already documented Cambridge’s use of a similar practice back in the 1980s. Thanks to reader Tim Stewart we can move the date back considerably. He came across the advertisement above in a December 1917 issue of the San Francisco Chronicle. A century ago you could have purchased “the best Bible ever made” from that august publication, for the princely sum of $1.78. Personally, I’m skeptical that the diacritical marks of this self-pronouncing edition made difficult words “so simple a child can pronounce them.” Those must have been some interesting children.


5 Comments on “Bible Yoga in the San Francisco Chronicle, Circa 1917

  1. It’d be interesting to see all of the passages they marked with a star, as everyone knows that there’s some disagreement as to what passages are messianic. Does anyone know who produced this Bible?

    Also, $1.85 by mail? I’ll be sending my check right away. If only this offer was still good!

  2. Probably a good thing those prices are still not around for those of us who frequent this site. Can you imagine justifying renting a storage unit for your bibles?

  3. What do you mean “never the spine”? I have bent the spine on he corner of my desk to write something in the inside margin…..

  4. Great post. Does anyone know if this Bible was actually produced by the San Francisco Chronicle? It would be interesting to know if this was unique to them or not.

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