The Most Interesting Man in the (Bible Production) World?

I was embarrassed by the title of Michael Johnson’s interview with me — “Bible Publishing’s Most Influential Person?” — because I’m definitely not the most influential person in Bible publishing. Fortunately an industry insider tweaked the accolade a bit, saying I’m Bible production’s “most interesting person.” That I can live with. Last Halloween I couldn’t decide between going as Capt. Haddock from Tintin or the Most Interesting Man in the World (“I don’t always read physical Bibles, but when I do, I prefer goatskin bindings”). Next year I’ll know which to choose. Michael asked all sorts of good questions, so I encourage you to follow the link, read the interview, and let me know what your think!

Also, check out this brief note about the ESV Reader’s Bible and The Psalms ESV from Alan Jacobs, who graciously links to Bible Design Blog. I’ve been a longtime fan of Jacobs since hearing him on Mars Hill Audio years ago. Follow his blog, and more importantly, read his books.



14 Comments on “The Most Interesting Man in the (Bible Production) World?

  1. “The Incarnation, baby!” Is perhaps the funniest thing I’ve read all week.

  2. This is your brand! Run with it! I truly want to see a J. Mark Bertrand signature edition Bible – your dream format from start to finish. Create your “holy grail.” You have a platform of people that would buy it. If nobody wants to front you, you can Kickstarter it!

    • I’m with Justin! I would buy that, and I would pay in advance through Kickstarter!

  3. All I can say is that one month ago I was looking for a good quality Bible that was not to be found locally and came across bibledesignblog. Today I am $2,000 less in my savings account but have many great gifts to give others including my Pastor’s and multiple Bible’s that I will be reading and growing from each day. Thanks J. Mark Bertrand for your time and effort to detail. It is interesting that Crossway now has a bunch of goatskin editions forthcoming, people are paying attention.

    • That’s absolutely amazing. I wish I was even just a little bit less broke.

    • Mark
      Please consider making a separate blog post highlighting this Bibliotheca project. I think a lot of BDB readers will be interested, but they may not be aware of it if it’s buried in these comments.

      I think this project is actually doing what many of us here are longing for– a Bible that’s designed to be read. Period. I’m not sure about using a self-updated ASV, but I assume he needed to use a public domain version. I understand the choice, and I can live with it.

      that’s the base pledge for the 4 volume cloth set; again, only $75. For those readers here who have dropped double that or more on a Cambridge, Allen, or Schuyler, $75 is reasonable.
      Let me repeat, it’s only a $75 pledge. How much did your thin papered Clarion cost? Is that $230 Allan “Reader’s ESV” really a reading Bible? I digress.

      Here’s the link again so no one misses it

      • Don’t worry, I will. I’m backing it and plan to do everything I can to help make it happen. Look for something next week when I’m back at my computer.

        • I feel like at this point, it seems pretty clear he’s going to hit his goal. I’m curious about stretch goals, now.

          • I didn’t realize that pledges had only been open for 24 hours. At this moment it’s at $32,680 of the needed $37,000. He’ll get there no doubt, probably even by end of day today.

  4. Looks like a good idea. Wish it was a kjv that wasn’t edited though. I wish there was a kjv version of crossways new reader bible 🙁

    • And others: REB and/or NRSV for me. The ESV must be setting a record for number of editions and bindings. Meanwhile, other major translations rumble along in cheap, ugly editions.

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