Black-logo-with-wwith-website is an eBay for Bibles. It’s much more than that, too. Paul Tanca and Bobby Hanson, long-time members of our community of Bible enthusiasts, have helped connect a lot of people to the rare and out-of-print Bibles they’re seeking. Their contribution via the Bible Exchange group on Facebook has been a real help. Now they’re taking on a new venture, creating an online hub for fine Bibles the involves hosting auctions, providing educational resources, and even retail sales.

The site launches on March 1.

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to talk to Paul and Bobby a couple of times both about their passion for fine Bibles and their shared desire to serve the growing community of collectors and readers. Hearing their plans, I couldn’t help getting very excited.

Bible Exchange screen shot
I clicked through a beta version of the site and it’s impressive. Taking on eBay sounds ambitious, but their lower fees and custom interface should be a help to sellers, while the knowledge base and the social component will be a plus for buyers. So do yourself a favor and check out Let Paul and Bobby know you’re rooting for them.

7 Comments on “Introducing

  1. I really look forward to this. I enjoy the bible hunter and the bible design blog.

  2. I look forward to spending way too much money because of this website on bibles. Coverdale Bibles that is!

  3. When I go to bible there is no place to buy bibles, only a blog…did they stop selling bibles?

  4. I’ve tried to register and create a password only to going round and round with the registration site and my e-mail to ‘create’ or ‘reset’ a password with no end in site.

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