Christmas Guide to Buying a Bible: First Things


First Things has published my Christmas Guide to Buying a Bible: 2015 Supplement to offer options to anyone on the hunt for gift-giving ideas. Follow the link to see which Bibles I chose — and to share your own recommendations in the comments!

For the most part, I found myself emphasizing reader-friendly editions — no surprise — especially highly giftable ones. Some of my suggestions are Bibles I’ve written about here in the past, and some are new. Enjoy the list … and have a merry Christmas!


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  1. Thanks for the list Mark. Bible Exchange also did one and I think it was summing up the best esv options for the year.

    I wholeheartedly agree on the Clarion and also the ESV Readers Edition. I’ve given two Readers away for Christmas this year partly becaue of the price but also becaue it’s one of my favorites.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I just ordered QTY 2 of The Jesus Story. Is this a project still in the works, or are they in stock and shipping already?

    • Mine just arrived in the mail today. I hadn’t heard about it, but I ordered it when I read this posting.

        • I know this reply is to an old post, but I just received an update about it. The Jesus Story is still available, and is currently on sale for $25 in a pre-Easter promotion.

          I’ve had a copy (my only purchase of a kickstarter product) for awhile now, and I really like this little volume. It’s very nicely done. I’m pleased with it in every way and may order another for a gift.

  3. I agree on much of the list. I love my ESV Clarion, ESV Reader’s Bible, and ESV Psalter and use all frequently. However, while being a “single column” guy for a few years, I’ve found that I really enjoy my ESV Quentel for my daily morning reading. There’s something about the typesetting that makes it insanely readable and aids my comprehension in the morning, which makes it a true pleasure to use as I get my daily caffeine infusion. I’ve been using it almost exclusively for that purpose ever since I got it this fall, and I suspect that it will age extremely well with me as I get older (currently a relatively unripe 27 years!). If I were making a list like this, the Quentel would be a very worthy inclusion.

    • Hi Trisha;
      I wonder what the price will be on the 6-volume set? I’m patiently waiting for my Bibliotheca which should be within the next couple of months, according to the latest update.
      I would be ok with having this Crossway edition on my shelf as well 🙂
      I am in favour of splitting the bible up into volumes, it allows for thicker paper and easier to handle, especially when your not trying to study and cross reference passages.

      • Yeah I’m not sure– I’m hoping they will sell them separately as well since I already have the reader’s gospels 🙂

  4. Mark, thanks so much for the blog. I love books (vs digital). However, I have been buying most of my books digitally due to the savings in cost. A bible is a different story though. I would ALWAYS rather hold a paper book, but with a bible, it is almost a MUST. After Christmas I decided I wanted a smaller bible to carry to church. I wanted KJV (i’m not a KJV only guy, but I just enjoy reading it more than others), red letter, quality leather, and large print would be nice (even though i knew i couldn’t get that in a bible smaller than medium in size). The other issue was cost – I’ve been recuperating from a long hospital stay and the bank account isn’t quite what it once was. 🙂 After reading a TON of your posts, and lots and lots of responses, I ended up at Local Church Bible Publishers. For those that may not know, LCBP publishes bibles at cost as a ministry. I ended up with a “110S1B RL Hand Size Text Center Column Reference Black 1 Piece (Signature) “Red Letter”.” (Signature is their top of the line option) Basically, every thing I wanted except the large print, for $64 (including shipping to Alaska!).

    Thanks so much for the info, thanks for the blog, and thanks for pointing out affordable options for those times when it is necessary. (I still look forward to one of those Goat Skin babies. :-))


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