“Reverent Joy”: Crossway Launches ReadersBible.org, Releases Video

To mark the official launch of the ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume Set, Crossway has released a new promotional video and a dedicated website: ReadersBible.org.

Introducing the ‘ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume Set’ from Crossway on Vimeo.

The new video includes the earlier scenes from L.E.G.O. I shared in my original post, along with a lot more detail about the design and execution of the set. Fair warning: If you don’t plan to buy one of these Bibles, don’t watch the video. It chronicles every painstaking detail in loving close-ups and captures what Erik Maldre, Crossway’s director of design, describes as the “reverent joy” with which the ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume Set was created.

The ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume Set Complete Series

Part 1: Simply Beautiful

Part 2: Layout & Typography

Part 3: Paper Performance

“Reverent Joy”: Crossway Launches ReadersBible.org, Releases Video

More to come!


8 Comments on ““Reverent Joy”: Crossway Launches ReadersBible.org, Releases Video

  1. While I appreciate the video, it feels exactly like an Apple product video, with Jony Ives and his team sharing their creative approach. Most likely most who will appreciate this set, like myself and you, will never have watched an Apple product video, so perhaps Crossways is save from appearing as a product video plagiarists. But, I am a fan of the new set and have a leather and cloth both on their way!

  2. Thanks for posting this, and I so agree! I’ve had my nose in the reader’s Gospels on and off for several days. I watched the video and visited the website earlier this evening. Now I’ll camp out near my door awaiting the arrival of this beautifully done edition of the Bible.

  3. What doesn’t sit well with me is that it seems that Crossway has completely stolen what Biblioteca has started. Even the video is very similar in style and substance.

  4. Dean, I don’t doubt that the Bibliotheca project may have spurred Crossway to publish these reader’s six-volume sets this year. However, I don’t see that as stealing, or as any bad thing. The more, the better. And to be fair, Crossway had already published a very similarly formatted reader’s Gospels, a single volume reader’s Bible without chapter and verse numbers, and a beautiful regular-book format edition of the Psalms. While Crossway may cost Bibliotheca a very few orders, one could say Crossway’s sets pay a compliment to Bibliotheca.

    Crossway’s sets also fill a consumer want/need, as they are in a different translation from Bibliotheca’s. As the Bible is God’s word, this is not a minor difference. Although I’ve ordered a set from Crossway, personally, I’d love to see Holman or some other company publish a very similar set in the NKJV translation, even though too late for me. I would not consider that stealing from Bibliotheca or from Crossway.

    How many other digital music players and devices have followed the original iPods? The iPod was a great new product. Of course it inspired similar products. That was not stealing, and as long as Crossway or any other publisher doesn’t violate copyrights, they are not stealing, either. Ideas fortunately can’t be patented. (I’m making a big assumption that Crossway’s sets weren’t already on the drawing board. I honestly don’t know. I’m nevertheless giving Bibliotheca a lot of credit for motivating Crossway, perhaps erroneously. It would be interesting to know for sure!)

    The majority of people who bought the Bibliotheca set are not likely to bail at this point, now that Bibliotheca finally seems to be almost ready to ship. As for me, I would not have bought Bibliotheca (because of my uncertainty about the translation) even if any other set had not been available, so Crossway certainly didn’t steal my order.

    Honestly and more importantly, as Christians I think we should be very thankful for the bountiful blessings of so many great editions of God’s holy word that are so readily available to those who can read English. How can any believer not welcome whole-heartedly any reasonably accurate new presentation of the Bible? Perhaps someone who’s never read the Bible will be enticed to do so by that new edition. Please remember the great commission and the purpose of the Bible. In the grand scheme of things, the publishing and binding things aren’t what really matter. If one soul is led to Christ through Bibliotheca, Crossway, Allan, Schuyler, or a comic book edition, that has to be a good thing. We all (pointing a finger back at myself) have to remember this is not just about “books.”

    I’m very interested in reading reviews and comments about Bibliotheca when it’s in the hands of readers. Assuming Adam and his team haven’t butchered the ASV (and I don’t expect they have), I’m hoping it will continue to be a huge success and a blessing to its users. What an amazing accomplishment for a little Kickstarter project! No one can take away from that.

    • All great points and the term stolen isn’t the best choice of words. I was just taken by how similar Crossway’s video is to Bibliotheca’s. That similarity tells me that Crossway definitely moved forward with the multi-volume set as a direct result of Bibliotheca’s success. Or, at the very least they just about copied their video. I would feel better had there been an acknowledgment of what Bibliotheca has done mentioned in the video.

      I also want other publishers to produce their own since there will be people who want a different translation like yourself. For me, I ordered the Bibliotheca set a long time ago in order to support what they were doing and it made so much sense. Ideas I never thought about. I just stopped reading the Bible probably in large part due to the poor design. Bible publishers should have gotten behind this a long time ago.

  5. The minute I hit “Submit”, it dawned on me that there’s at least one predecessor, NIV’s Books of the Bible. I’ve read only a little about that edition, but if I recall correctly it is very similarly formatted. I think it’s been around for a few years now. Perhaps there are others?

  6. I hope a KJV Readers becomes available in the future. This edition looks stunning.

  7. I have a question that is just for curiosity’s sake:

    Are these sets limited editions? The cloth bound sets are readily available at many online retailers for around $100-110, but it’s my understanding the leather bound set is only available from evangelicalbible (at a discount) or directly from Crossway (at list price).

    I receive emails from evangelicalbible, and a recent one stated they have already received and shipped out all of their first three shipments of the leather set, and will receive their fourth shipment on Monday (with an expected price increase of $20). There was no mention of further shipments after that one. Crossway’s own website says the leather set is available in “limited quantities.” For how long are these sets, especially the leather ones, expected to be available?

    These sets are awesome in the true sense of the word. I want everyone to have one! Please say these editions will be available for long time to come. ???

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