A Sneak Peak at Some Not-Yet-Reviewed Editions

Mind if I share a few photos? These are all editions I haven't reviewed here yet -- some of them might make an appearance, though. In the meantime, I figured it wouldn't hurt to have a look! Cambridge Cameo (Calfskin)

Above, a Cambridge Cameo KJV bound in stiff burgundy calfskin. No, I'm not a fan of burgundy in general, but this is one of the most attractive examples I have come across.

Cambridge Cameo (Morocco)

Above, one of the most curious Cambridges on my shelf. The tiger-stripe effect is not a trick of the camera. In person, this looks like a red cover with a wash of black across the grain -- or maybe it was left on the pavement and was dusted in tar. The French Morocco is very supple. I like the way that, on some old Cambridge editions, the words HOLY BIBLE were up and to left instead of centered on the front cover.

LeatherBibles.com ESV 2

Above, a Compact ESV rebound in calfskin by LeatherBibles.com. They don't offer this edition any longer, and for good reason. Not only will it not open flat, but it's reluctant to open more than halfway at all. I suspect this has to do with the small size and the original glued binding. To me, the black accents on tan aren't too pleasing, but the cover itself is quite nice.

LeatherBibles.com ESV 1

Above, another view of the Compact ESV, showing off the semi-yapp edge, which is quite elegant. That edge combined with the small size makes this a good stowaway edition for tucking into a briefcase or bag.

Trinitarian 2

Above, a Trinitarian Bible Society edition, the Pitt Minion Reference Bible, bound in calfskin with vinyl lining and semi-yapp edges. It has two ribbons. I picked this up before Cambridge reintroduced the Pitt Minion KJV. Usually when I see that kind of grain on calfskin, I expect the cover to be stiff (like the first Cameo I showed above). In this case, it's quite flexible. The TBS editions I have all feature art-gilt pages and seem excellent value for money.

Trinitarian 1

Above, another TBS edition, this time a New Brevier Reference Bible in black calf with semi-yapp edges. I'm not fond of the gold bands on the spine, and the cover is a tiny bit stiffer than the Pitt Minion. The ribbons are a bit on the small side, but at least there are two.

That's all for now. I hope you've enjoyed the sneak peak. Remember, you can now click on the images and see larger photos at my Flickr site.