On the Radio: Prime Time America @ 4:30 PM (Central)

This is short notice, but if you happen to be a Prime Time America listener, I'm booked to appear on the show today to talk about Rethinking Worldview. It's a live interview, and it should be on the air somewhere around the 4:30 PM mark, give or take. If you're not in the listening area, you can follow the link to the Prime Time America site and listen online.For the binding purists out there, I'm sorry to report that Rethinking Worldview has a glued binding, a paper cover, and no ribbons whatsoever. The page edges aren't art-gilt, either. And I haven't heard even one rumor that R. L. Allan plans to do its own run of the book bound in highland goatskin. The text is, however, set in a single column, so that's something!