Upcoming Editions from Cambridge: 2008-09

Next week, I'll be reviewing a recent offering from Cambridge, the NASB Pitt Minion wide margin edition bound in goatskin. In the meantime, I have some news to pass along about future editions from Cambridge. (My thanks to Chris Wright and Brian Vos for the information.)First, some new editions that are solidly on the schedule. In early 2008, Cambridge will release its first ever edition of the NKJV. It will be a Pitt Minion setting available in goatskin and French Morocco leather. Cambridge will also be publishing a beautiful edition of the popular NIV Study Bible in 2008 -- Spring, according to the site. This one will be available in black or burgundy goatskin, which ought to make it one of the most luxurious study Bibles on the market. Now for some editions with less definite timetables. I'd heard rumors about this, and now it's confirmed: Cambridge will be producing its own editions of the English Standard Version. First, there will be a Pitt Minion edition, and then a wide margin based on the same setting. That means, if you're ultimate dream is an ESV wide margin in goatskin with a binding you can trust, true bliss is just around the corner. (And you'll want to tune it for next week's NASB wide margin review, which will give you an idea what to expect.) As I said, the timeframes on the ESV are less definite. They could be released as early as the Fall 2008, or as late as Spring 2009, depending on the progress of the new typesetting. Also, for fans of the New Cambridge Paragraph Bible, there's some good news. Cambridge intends to publish a smaller format of the NCPB, and the planning on this should take place in the next few months. Again, the timetable is uncertain, but it's possible we could see a new edition "in the second half of 2008." I'd like to thank Cambridge for passing on the information, and emphasize that, with the exception of the editions already listed on the CambridgeBibles.com site, the time factors involved are not set in stone. Still, it's nice to know what's in the pipeline for 2008 - 2009!