The NET Bible Compact Edition and the Tyndale Select NLT

If you're a fan of the NET Bible, you probably know this already, but recently announced the availability of the new Compact Edition, which is available in traditional black and burgundy, as well as red and black "Amazona" (with croc print with snap closure) and "SuppleMax (tm) Tan." The bindings are sewn, and introductory prices begin at a very reasonable $14.95. According to the specs on the site, the type size is 8 pt. and instead of the original 60,000+ translators' notes, you get a condensed set of 7,722.At the other end of the price spectrum, Tyndale has released the Tyndale Select NLT, a deluxe edition of the New Living Translation bound in calfskin with a Smyth-sewn binding and 9.8 pt type. I haven't had a chance to look at one of these yet, but I have seen the bonded leather box it comes in, which is quite nice. Follow the link above and you can download a PDF brochure that includes a few close-ups of the product, including a nice view of the cover's grain. The Tyndale Select NLT retails for $135. Most publishers offering Bibles in this price range don't give you much to go on visually when ordering online, so it's nice to see the brochure made available on the product page.