Under the Influence, Part 2: Jesus Saenz

SaenzstackThis could be the start of something. Yesterday I posted a photo of Mark Strobel's stack of Bibles purchased "under the Bertrand influence," and that prompted another frequent commenter, Jesus Saenz, to chime in with the following:

"I first ran across your blog while looking for information on the 1599 Geneva Bible from Tolle Legge. Since then I have bought a Deluxe Heirloom Reference ESV calfskin, Cambridge Pitt Minion NASB goatskin, Cambridge Cameo KJV Morocco leather, R L Allan Reference ESV Highland goatskin, In Touch Ministries Wide Margin NASB calfskin, Single Column Reference ESV calfskin, Thinline Cordovan ESV calfskin."

After I overcame my astonishment at the length of this list, I begged for a photo, and now I'm happy to share it with you. The beautiful thing is, I'm guessing no one here has picked up so many high-end editions so quickly, and that means whenever friends or a significant other insist you have a Bible-buying problem, you can now point to Jesus Saenz's stack of goodies. Your expenses will seem moderate in comparison!

From top to bottom, here's the run down.

(1) Cambridge Pitt Minion NASB goatskin (2) Cambridge Cameo KJV Morocco (3) Lockman Wide Margin NASB blue calfskin (4) Crossway Deluxe Heirloom ESV calfskin (5) Crossway Single Column Reference ESV calfskin (6) R L Allan Reference ESV Highland goatskin (7) Crossway Thinline Cordovan ESV calfskin (8) Lockman Wide Margin NASB black calfskin

I'm especially taken by that Cambridge bound in morocco, second from the top. Of course, Jesus, now that you have black covered, it's time to add a little bit of red -- and build on the brown, too.

So here's an open invitation. If you'd like to snap a photo of your Bibles to share with the group, I'll be happy to post it. I can't be held responsible, however, for any spending frenzies that result -- especially during the holiday season. Thanks for sharing the collection with us, Jesus!