More on Upcoming New Cambridge Paragraph Bible

Thanks to Kevin Edgecomb, there's some new information on when the smaller editions of the New Cambridge Paragraph Bible might appear in 2008. Kevin posted this reply to his inquiry from Chris Wright, the Publishing Manager for Bibles at Cambridge University Press:

We do intend to publish the New Cambridge Paragraph Bible in smaller formats using the updated text, and have said as much informally to various people, but we have not yet committed to a definite schedule or publication date. Given the current state of our publishing commitments, and the completion of the editorial process, I do now see an opportunity arising next year so I would hope to bring these out during the second half or towards the end of 2008.

That confirms what I reported in October, when the word was "the second half of 2008." I'm looking forward to the smaller NCPB, no matter when it comes. As I hear more, I'll pass it along.