Carl Hayman's "Scarlet Goat" Project

ThreequarterviewCarl Hayman has mentioned his "Scarlet Goat" project a number of times in the comments section, so I asked if he'd snap some photos and share a write-up of the overall experience. He chose Mechling to do the work, so this should be of interest to anyone contemplating a similar undertaking. I'll turn it over to Carl, then pop back at the end with a remark or two: The Scarlet Goat

This Bible “reborn” comes courtesy of Mechling’s Deluxe Rebinding package. The Bible began life as an Oxford KJV large print, but after only about five years of relatively easy use, it was having signature issues in the first and last signatures.

ComparisonspinesAdditionally, the factory cover, although “genuine leather,” was stiffer than the proverbial British upper lip. I have heard of soldiers’ lives being saved by their pocket-sized Bibles deflecting or slowing bullets. If that be the case, I would’ve been safe from a high velocity armor piercing round! So, I was looking for an upgrade.

Thanks to this site, I was introduced to (and subsequently bought) an Allan’s ESV, and was forever spoiled. Assuming (correctly) that Mark wouldn’t put a bindery link on here unless it was top-notch, I decided to give the folks from PA a whirl.

OpenflatTo say that I am extremely satisfied would be an understatement. First of all, the package comes with a “2 Week Rush,” and I did indeed have it back in two weeks. You have the choice of several cover colors, several different colors for imprinting, the choice of two ribbons in various widths and colors, and some other niceties. Another price-included feature is raised bands on the spine, giving the Bible a classic look. Other options (with a slight price increase) include double horizontal stamped lines at the top and bottom of the spine, and a cross stamped on the cover, both of which I chose.

The scarlet color is beautiful, and contrasts well with the silver imprint. The leather’s grain feels wonderful, and has that wonderful smell associated with quality. The black leather lining is perfect, and looks great contrasted with the scarlet.

SpineThe repairs were done expertly . . . I cannot tell where the signatures were coming apart at all.

I heartily and enthusiastically endorse the Mechling Bookbindery for any of your Bible projects. As for me, I have something blue in mind for my next project, and I assure you it will be going back to the good folks at Mechling.

As an aside, and in case you’re wondering, I call this Bible the Scarlet Goat because that’s how it was referenced on the invoice . . . and once I saw it, the name just stuck.

Thanks, Carl, for the photos and the explanation. I'm glad your experiece with Mechling was so satisfying. As everyone knows, I have a weakness for red, too. My biggest regret about the ESV Thinline I had Mechling rebind way back when is that I didn't specify raised bands on the spine, which I think is essential for the "leather Bible" look. If anyone has questions for Carl about the project, feel free to post them in the comments!