Allan's ESV Now Available at

I received word this week from Paul at, a site devoted to retailing the English Standard Version, that they will now be offering both the black and tan editions of the ESV from R. L. Allan. They list for $169.99 each, and shipping is free, so you'll save a few dollars over having one imported from the UK.In checking out the site, I found a chart assigning grades (A through F) to the various editions of the ESV, in categories like readability, durability and paper. I don't know that I'd agree with every assessment, but it's interesting to see someone making the effort. There's also a handy font size list for those of you who think 6 pt. type is too small to read! Other than, the only site I'm aware of offering Allan's editions -- apart from, obviously -- is this one in Canada, which offers a couple of Oxford KJVs.