Kenton Steryous Shares His Stack

Kenton Steryous has taken a beautiful photo of some beautiful Bibles: Kenton Steryous 1

From top to bottom, here's a list of what's in the photo, along with Kenton's notes:

NKJV Nelson Signature Pocket in British Tan: As you can see, all of my Bibles are black with the exception of this one, and actually, I got this one for my wife. Once I find something I like, I usually stick with it, and this drives my wife crazy. So naturally she was quite taken with the British Tan. My only complaint with the British Tan is the rather drab nature of the calfskin finish. I actually wish the outside finish was closer to that of the inside lining which is also pictured has a richer, deeper hue to it than the outside matte finish. But it's still very soft and supple.

KJV Nelson Signature Pocket: Same supple cover, but in a very handy and smaller size. This is a somewhat recent purchase, so time will tell how much I actually find myself using it.

KJV Nelson Signature UltraSlim: I think Mark reviewed this very Bible sometime ago, and so I won't add anything, but this is certainly a favorite because of its supple and extremely limp calfskin cover. The sloppiness of the gold imprinting is very common among the Signature Series Bibles, and one of the very few complaints I have with them.

NASB rebound by Mechling: I had this Bible rebound at the same time as the Scofield below, and everything I said above applies to this binding as well.

ESV Allan in Highland Goatskin: Everyone reading this blog is probably very familiar with Allan's ESV. Enough cannot be said about the quality of this binding. Mine is an earlier version with only one ribbon marker. The new tan version that Mark reviewed recently has me wanting to place another order...because of the nice tan color, but also for the simplicity of having a second ribbon marker.

KJV Scofield rebound by Mechling: I don't really use the Scofield anymore, but doesn't everyone have at least one? Or if you don't, your dad or grandfather certainly did. I had this Bible rebound by Mechling before they offered the 'Deluxe' version lined with leather. Mine was bound with goatskin lined with regular black paper over light board. And while the goatskin is superbly soft, there is no limpness or floppiness to it because of the paper lining. I'm interested to try Mechling's new 'Deluxe' method.

KJV Cambridge Cameo Wide Margin: For me, this is the perfect size wide margin Bible. The outside dimensions are 8.75" by 6.5". Small enough to readily take to church and pack away for travel, yet large enough to provide ample margins on the side and bottom for personal notes. The sewn binding is typical Cambridge, with the pages turning smooth and laying very flat. The calfskin cover leaves a little to be desired, however. I understand that Cambridge calfskin can vary from cover to cover. I happened to get one that is very thin and somewhat stiff. This would be without question my dream come true wide margin Bible if it had a softer, more limp cover.

Kenton Steryous 2

Thanks for letting us take a look, Kenton!