Noteworthy Collection TNIV New Testament

0310939496When the Journaling Bible came out with its Moleskine-inspired look, I figured it wouldn't be long before others appeared. Yesterday, David Swain tipped me off to the "Noteworthy Collection," a new edition of the TNIV New Testament coming out in August. It's a Moleskine-style format (6.63 x 3.13) complete with elastic strap and accordion pocket in back, featuring a single column text setting on one side of the spread, and a black page for notes on the other. They'll be available in bonded leather -- black, burgundy and tan. I've pre-ordered a tan one and will review it when they come out.This strikes me as a particularly clever approach, combining the "blank Bible" concept with its interleaved pages, and the elastic strap and accordion pocket of the Moleskine. It's a shame they won't be offering a hardback, or polyurethane covers instead of bonded leather. But there's good news for TNIV readers who don't like the odd font choice featured in so many editions. The PDF page proofs reveal that a less "scripty" serif font has been chosen for the typesetting. I don't think I've ever seen a New Testament with interleaved pages for note-taking. Whether it will work depends a great deal on the quality of paper. With a wide margin, any notes that bleed through show up in the margin on the opposite page, but with an interleaved edition, they'll mar the text itself. You probably wouldn't want to take many notes on cheap paper. But if the bleed-through is addressed, I could see this being a very clever format. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.