Kyle Hedrick decided to have his Oxford 50th Anniversary edition of the RSV rebound by Mechling in scarlet goatskin. Knowing my passion for all things red, he decided to snap some pictures and share. Here's what the new RSV looks like: Hedrick Mechling 4

And here's a better look at the spine:

Hedrick Mechling 9

Some thoughts from Kyle on the stiffness of the binding:

The Bible, as you can see, is much stiffer than I would like. The grain of this particular goatskin is not as supple as the Pitt Minion (although it is a little thicker), and not in the league with the Allen. Also, I understood that on the deluxe package, the lining was to be some type of leather. This lining looks and feels like the run of the mill cheapo stuff. Perhaps this is a leather lining but just feels like the cheapo stuff. Anyway, the Bible is beautiful and, if it breaks in with use, will be well worth the money.

Hedrick Mechling 2

Hedrick Mechling 5

Hedrick Mechling 6

And here's a view of the interior spread. I have one of these RSVs, and I think it's a nice, elegant text setting.

Hedrick Mechling 7

Kyle also snapped an updated photo of his "stack," now that the red RSV has arrived:

Hedrick Mechling 3

Notice The Message there in genuine leather? Like so many people, Kyle is really impressed with the single column design and the supple binding. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, whatever they're drinking at NavPress, I'd like to have a few casks delivered to everybody else.