Dave Doyle recently sent his Reader's Edition of the Greek New Testament to Mechling for rebinding, and he was kind enough to write about the experience and share some photos. Let's take a look: Doyle Mechling 4

Dave writes:

"When the Reader’s Edition of the UBS Greek New Testament was announced I knew that I wanted a copy. My Greek has gotten rusty since Seminary despite all my efforts to keep it healthy and happy. At least this way I could struggle myself through a passage, so I pre-ordered it from Amazon and waited.

"When it arrived I was pleased with everything but the cover as it was the standard UBS burgundy cardboard. But I knew that I didn’t have to settle for that cardboard cover as I’ve been ruined by Mark Bertrand. I knew about rebinding! I searched the web for options, read the blogs and settled on Mechling as they had all the options I wanted."

Doyle Mechling 6

"The Bible arrived on a Monday and on Tuesday it was on its way to Chicora, PA. I received it back the following Thursday – a very quick turn around. I had chosen the “Deluxe Leather Bible Binding Package.” You can check the website for details.

"The bottom line is that I’m pleased with the job they did and would do it again. But it’s not exactly as I expected."

Doyle Mechling 5

"Here are the details. While advertising a very flexible (floppy) cover it is no where near the floppyness of the Premium Calfskin Crossway ESV Single Column Reference Bible. You can see from the pictures that the ESV is much more flexible than the Mechling. That means when you lay the Bible down and are working from the edges (I’m preaching through Revelation currently) the ESV stays open without a problem while the Mechling tends to close if something isn’t placed on it. Perhaps this will improve over time as the leather breaks in – I suspect it will."

Doyle Mechling 3

"The cover feels like a middle point between the cheap feeling leather covers of the ESV 'genuine leather' editions and the suppleness of the Allen or Premium Calfskin ESVs. It’s thicker and has great grain."

Doyle Mechling 1

"The quality of the binding work is incredible. Here Mechling gets top marks – the spine stamping, the raised bands, the ribbons are all perfect. I’m pleased that the ribbons are as long as they are – no problem getting them around the pages (Crossway could take note here and make their ribbons longer)."

Doyle Mechling 7

"I’m glad I did this and know that I’ll be using this Bible for many years."

-- Dave Doyle

Doyle Mechling 8

Thanks, Dave, for sharing the results of your project. I appreciate the great photos, too. I should note for the record, though, that I actually love those little burgundy hardbacks -- they open flat!