Upcoming Personal Size Reference ESVs

The ESV Blog, in publishing a round-up of Personal Size Reference reviews, hints at a couple of upcoming options:

"Concerning the request for a calfskin edition of this Bible, you shouldn’t expect one this year (2008). However, on Amazon you can find a couple of otherwise-unannounced Personal Size Reference Bibles that are coming out this summer if you do some digging."

So I did some digging and came up with two new TruTone covers: the "Navy/Khaki/Pearl, Horizontal Design" and the "Forest/Tan, Trail Design." They both look tastefully restrained in comparison to a lot of youth-oriented Bibles. Looks like June 30 is the release date, but you can pre-order by following the links. If I missed any, let me know! Apparently I also have the distinction of having authored "the über-review, with 3,500 words and twenty-one pictures." If you haven't seen it already, be sure to check it out: Personal Size Reference ESV.