Welcome, New Readers!

Traffic doubled last week during my frenzy of reviewing, so I want to welcome new readers and let everyone know that there's more good stuff on the way. In the meantime, a couple of photos:John 11-12 Above: The Personal Size Reference ESV with Black TruTone cover. I've been using the Personal Size Reference ESV for daily reading since it arrived, and it just gets better and better. The TruTone feels great in the hand, and this form factor is perfect for reading. I'm getting used to the ration of type-size to column width. I'd prefer the type to be larger, but this is perfectly usable and I can appreciate the trade-offs involved in achieving a compact edition like this. Oxford BCP Above: Oxford's combined NRSV and Book of Common Prayer. I've also been experimenting with a new camera lens, a 50 mm prime that I have to manual focus. The image above isn't tack-sharp, but I'm getting the hang of it. You'll be seeing more of the results in future reviews.