Contacting Abba Bibles

In case some of you missed this in the comments, I wanted to call your attention to this information left by Lorena Villeda de Barrón from Abba Bibles. She thanks Cristian Franco -- as do we all! -- for sharing his rebound Bibles with us, and the provides information for those of you wishing to contact Abba Bibles. Here's the full message:

"Cristian, We really appreciated all your effort to show the people our work. Abba Bibles is ministry that hire mainly single mothers and special people also. It’s a blessing of our God ´to serve all of you. Our website is under construction, but you can be in touch with us by e-mail as Cristian Franco informs you. God bless you, Lorena Villeda de Barrón Abba bibles International Projects Phone 5255-5672-9679 / Fax 5255- 5243-8418. Joshua 1:8"

Needless to say, if any of you do have a Bible rebound by Abba Bibles, I expect some photos!