Mark Strobel Updates His Stack

Mark Strobel started the "stack photo" craze back in November when he shared a photo of Bibles he'd acquired "under the Bertrand influence." Now he's updated the stack, and thrown in some photos of an interesting (and tiny) Book of Common Prayer, and a hard-to-find Cambridge calfskin edition of the NRSV. Let's take a look. Among the pictures you'll find attached are a revised and better quality picture of the "Bertrand Influence" stack. From bottom to top:

--Cambridge Wide Margin with Renaissance Faire Leather Cover --Cambridge Calfskin NRSV --ESV Cordovan Calfskin Classic Thinline --Two ESV Portfolio Thinlines, including the brown one which survived a car accident that the car itself did not survive! --Two editions of the Cambridge NRSV New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs

That's all your influence.

Bertrand Influence Part 2

And then the top three, while not purchases resulting from your blog, include:

--Oxford Pocket NRSV
--Calfskin Oxford NRSV/BCP Combo
--Cambridge Pocket Book of Common Prayer, unknown publication date, but with the prayerbook custodian's certification from 1893.

As for quality books, it's safe to paraphrase St Paul. "Someone planted the seed, Bertrand watered, God gave the growth."

Prayerbook 1893 Scale

Prayerbook 1893 Spread

The other pictures include a couple detail shots of the Cambridge Calfskin and the Cambridge Book of Common Prayer. I don't have particularly large hands, but you get a clear sense of how small this book is.

Cambridge Calkfskin Text

Cambridge Calfskin

Cambridge Calfskin 1

Thanks, Mark, for sharing these photos. I like the look of that NRSV layout -- and as always, I'm loving that combined Oxford BCP/NRSV in red!