I'm supposed to be writing a novel right now, which is why I've updated the site four times in one day. Procrastination is the mother of blogging. But you enjoy the benefits! How about a few more?FAQ Page At long last, I have added an FAQ page for new readers, covering everything from advice on buying or rebinding a Bible to the blog's history and inner workings. I tried to cover all the recurring questions, but I'm sure I left some things out. If you think of anything I should address in the FAQ, let me know in the comments. Search Feature First there was a search feature, then there wasn't, and now it's back. In fact, there are two. The first is powered by Technorati, but it doesn't seem to search the comments. The second is powered by Google, but until the site is properly indexed (which could take a few days) it won't turn up much. I did a search for goatskin, for example, and got one hit. Whichever one works best in the long run will stay. For Publishers I've also added a page specifically For Publishers. There are a growing number of industry people reading the blog, and this addresses questions they might have about reviews, photos and that sort of thing.