The Form of the (Good) Book @ The Master's Artist

As some of you already know, I blog most Fridays at The Master's Artist, a group blog about faith and art, and today I introduced my friends over there to the Bible Design & Binding Blog. So first, let me welcome new visitors coming to us via The Master's Artist. I'd also like to invite readers with an interest in the arts to click over and check out the Master's Artist. You might be particularly interested in my post about this place:The Form of the (Good) Book I could try and explain better what The Master's Artist is, but fortunately Greg Wolfe, the editor of Image, already did that. Last month in Christianity Today, he called it "an excellent example of a group blog, a true community of like-minded but highly individual writers. . . . Topics range from the state of Christian publishing to craft issues to lyrical meditations on writing as a spiritual discipline." What do they call it when two communities get together and cross-pollinate? Oh, yeah. Synergy. Let's have some of that!