TNIV Reference Bible Rebound by Mechling

Jeremie Wade sent me a detailed write-up and a host of pictures of his TNIV Reference Bible, rebound by Mechling Bookbindery. The fact that the TNIV Reference Bible features a Smyth-sewn binding makes it an ideal candidate for a rebinding, so Jeremie had the bonded leather cover stripped off in favor of Chocolate Katsina goatskin. Let's take a look at the results! Jeremie writes: I'm a long time reader (but lurker!) of your blog. I wanted to share a rebind experience with you.

I'm a big fan of the TNIV but haven't found a good edition (I'm not alone in this). But the new single-column, cross-reference edition is great. It's not as compact as I'd like, but that isn't a show-stopper.

My plan all along when purchasing this edition of the TNIV was to have it rebound. With a lot of research and help (Matt Morales!) I mailed off my TNIV to Mechling Book Bindery for a nice new paint job.

Here's what I asked of Mechling:

1. Deluxe Package (includes goatskin, leather lined cover, raised bands). The deluxe package also comes with two ribbons. I asked for three and upon seeing the bill, I noticed he didn't charge me for the 3rd ribbon! Great guy, that Al Mechling...gotta love him.

2. I requested a brown leather goatskin. But instead of the standard goatskin, I also asked to upgrade the leather. Al advised that I should get a Chocolate Katsina goatskin. You can view the leathers here.

3. The original bible had a silver gilt to it. Silver + Brown = Not so good. Sooo I asked him to trim it off. I would have LOVED for Mechling to re-gilt it, but it was not an option.

4. I also asked for "TNIV" and "Mechling Bookbindery" on the side.

So, the final product can be seen in some photos below. The worst thing about the rebind is the lack of gilt and being able to see where the blade trimmed the page edges. You'll see the striations in some of the photos. I really tried to capture it in the pics.

Overall, I love the Bible, it is very flexible and very durable. I've handled a Mechling rebind with the standard goatskin, and I have to say this Katsina upgrade was the best choice I made. The photos do not do it justice. I'd recommend the leather to anyone.

And now the photos:













Thanks, Jeremie, for sharing the results of your project!