Adding a Ribbon to Your Bible

Why moan and complain about the lack of ribbons in your Bible when you can take a page from Matt Blair's book and add them yourself? Matt, who blogs at The Foolish Galatian, has created a photo tutorial demonstrating his method, which involves a pencil, epoxy, some ribbon, and scissors. Check it out:Adding Ribbons to Your Bible You may be wondering why anyone would need more than a single ribbon, so here's a quick explanation of the multi-ribbon craze. If you're reading your Bible front to back, or you only use your ribbon to mark a single passage (say, the text for a particular sermon), then one will do fine. But suppose you adopt a reading plan that involves daily excerpts from the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Psalms? You'll need three ribbons to mark each place. Prayer books and breviaries, which send readings back and forth in search of the various parts of a single service -- order, psalter, collect, lectionary readings, etc. -- have long sported multiple ribbons, often of various colors, but until relatively recently, it was unusual to find a Bible with more than a single ribbon. Now, having two is considered a luxury, but the optimal number seems to be three (OT, NT, Psalms). With Matt's help, you can now add ribbons to your heart's content!