Cambridge ESV Pitt Minion Update: Brown Goatskin and More

Last week, I shared some details about Cambridge's upcoming editions of the English Standard Version, thanks to David Dewey, who chatted with the folks from Cambridge at the Christian Resources Exhibition. The discussion afterward raised some questions, and Brian Vos, the director of Bibles and E-commerce for Baker Publishing Group, which distributes Cambridge Bibles in the US, offered some extra details and a correction. Here's what he said (with emphasis added by me):

The ESV Pitt Minion will be available in brown goatskin with black-letter text, rather than calfskin as noted in the entry. Based on the comments, this will be welcome news. And the July or August date is when the Pitt Minion will release in the UK, but the official release date in the US is October. We will ship them as soon as we have them in the US, but there is a significant shipping time to consider. The four editions will be black goatskin with red letter, brown goatskin with black letter, burgundy French Morocco with red letter, and two-tone tan/burgundy with black letter text. The goatskin editions will have art-gilt edges.

Naturally, I'm lining up for the brown goatskin, and will post lots of photos once I get it. Special thanks to Brian for sharing the good news.